Attention Snowbirds: is the risk of driving across the country worth it?

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Attention Snowbirds: is the risk of driving across the country worth it?

Attention Snowbirds: is the risk of driving across the country worth it?

Once the signs of winter begin to show up, many seasonal travelers prepare themselves for the winter route in search of summer. And if you’re reading this, we can assume you’re a part of this group as well. As you’re planning out the logistics for the trip, you’re probably investigating a couple of things to make everything as comfortable as possible. With this in mind, what should be the number one priority in the midst of all the preparation?

Your health.

You are trying to maximize life through new adventures while being cautious with your health. But what if you’re planning your vacation includes driving across the country?

Of course, there’s always a risk when it comes to driving. But how much is too much?

Know your limits

Making time for memorable adventures becomes more precious as time goes by. And the best way to keep them happening is by committing to two things:

  • taking care of your health
  • planning the next adventure with time in advance

However, it’s important to be aware and understand your limits before anything or anyone abruptly intervenes. If not, a considerably sour moment is imminent.

So, what does this mean for our community of snowbirds?

Get your medical checkups and take a driving test before your winter vacation

Health is vital, that’s something we can all agree on. And knowing the state that your health is in will give you more depth into the activities that you can focus on, especially during your winter vacation.

Is it safe for you to start a new exercise program or activity? What are the kinds of food that you should avoid? Do you need assistance with any activities of daily living such as getting dressed, preparing food, shopping, managing money or driving/using transportation?

These are the questions that will help determine what activities you can engage in.

Now, if you’re planning to take a road trip across the country, be sure that you’re in healthy conditions for the long drive and that you’re not driving alone. Driving requires a number of different cognitive skills; they include visual-processing, focused-attention, memory, inhibition, hand-eye coordination, response time, among others.

Since you need good cognitive skills to drive safely and comfortably, it’s crucial to keep these skills in check by performing vision, written and driving tests every couple of years, especially if you’ve been having frequent doubts about your driving skills.

It might feel like a harsh reality to confront but relief takes over when you think about the real-life threats that you can avoid for yourself and other drivers on the road.

Nonetheless, for snowbirds who are looking for a more pleasant trip with less stress, they tend to look for reliable transport companies that will ship their vehicle (whether it’s a sedan or an RV) to the location they’re going.

Planning for your trip

Most “snowbirds” prefer arranging everything: mapping our where they will travel, reserving the place where they will stay, having their medical insurance up-to-date, packing up all their essentials, setting their alarm watch to take their medication, etc.

Furthermore, snowbirds enjoy driving only the necessary amount within the locations where they’ll be spending time. Which doesn’t seem like a bad idea; after all, enjoying the warm weather during the winter and taking pleasure in your favorite activities is what it’s all about.

That being said, there are many snowbirds who prefer to reach out to reliable transport companies that can help them transport their vehicles. Thus, they can focus on making their arrangements for a safe and comfortable trip.

Can you really afford not to? 

Well, no. For one thing, planning and preparing for a long trip can turn into a nightmare if you don’t pack properly… it’s a lot more important when you’re traveling for more than a month!

That being said, as a recommendation, you can always outsource any tasks that can complicate your travels, such as your car transport. Plan your trip while we take care of your transport so you can take care of the fun part of the trip. Fill out the information below to get started today!

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