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Military Car ShippingThe term military auto shipping can refer to transporting vehicles for military personnel or to shipping military vehicles themselves. Every car transporter will be able to ship vehicles for military members, but not all can transport military vehicles. Luckily, we here at AutoStar Transport Express can do both!

Providing safe and reliable military auto transport services across the country for both Active and retired is one of our specialties. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service, fast shipping, and safe pickup and delivery of POV or any kind of military vehicle at reasonable military car shipping rates.

Vehicles can be transported to and from all 50 states as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas U.S. territories.

As a licensed and bonded company, we are allowed to operate everywhere in the country, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

It makes no difference if you are moving across town or across the world, we are here to make things as simple as possible. Get a military vehicle shipping quote or give us a call at 888-802-8250.  We will make your Military auto shipping luxury and personalized.

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    Why We Are The Best Military Vehicle Transporters

    We provide a hassle-free and economical Military car delivery service. That is why AutoStar Transport Express has become one of the leading military auto shipping companies in the country.

    • Safe Military Car Shipping: Our company is licensed and bonded with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and we have 1000 + 5-star Positive Reviews by satisfied customers on Transport Reviews and Better Business Bureau for military auto transport service. Still, we strive every day to be the best MIlitary Car Shipping shipping company.
    • High compliance standards: Our partners are thoroughly screened to ensure they’re highly rated, fully insured, and ready to assist you. You can trust us to treat you like it’s our own.
    • Customer Service Professionals: We give you a personalized, accurate update whenever you wish during the vehicle transport process. We are always happy to assist you if you need help. Call us now at 888-802-8250.
    • Additional Baggage Allowed: POV military car shipping allows you to keep one suitcase or box in the trunk of your car at no extra charge. Up to 100 lbs of personal items can be transported in your vehicle as long as they are secured in the trunk.
    • Real-Time Tracking: Our professional team tracks your vehicle at every step of the shipping process and provides you with personal, accurate status updates.

     Successful Military Car Shipping Testimonial

    Autostar transport left me 100% happy they will definitely be the ones I call next time I need my vehicle transported. Communication was 10/10 with the company and with the driver. The ETA was also accurate and my car was very well taken care of on its trip. Thanks autostar!! Emmanuel M

    Does The Military Ship Your Car For Free?

    Your car can be towed for free by the military if you are an active member of the military and have received permanent change of station (PCS) orders. The Department of Defense states that it only pays for one person operating vehicle (POV) to be shipped.

    Is There A Military Discount For Shipping A Car?

    The military discount is available for shipping a car, but it is only available to active duty or retired military. The discount could range from 10% to 20% depending on the current market conditions and the mileage of the shipment.

    You must inform our customer service department that you are a member of the military before you book for a military shipping discount. For more information, we suggest you speak to a representative.

    In What Ways Do Military Personnel Move?

    There are several moving options available to military personnel when they receive their PCS orders. If the government pays movers for your move, then it is considered a Government Managed Move. Personally Procured Move (PPM) refers to a move made with the assistance of another person or by the self. When you do everything yourself, it’s called PPM-self. PPM-assisted refers to hiring someone else to do your work.

    How Our Military Vehicle Shipping Services Work

    Our four-step process makes your auto transportation hassle-free 

    1. Get Military Car shipping Quote and Book Your Order: We will provide you instant quotes, and book your order by, Email or call us at 888-802-8250
    2. Prepare Your Vehicle: Check for more on vehicle preparation tips
    3. Cart Pick Up and Tracking: We will pick up the vehicle and drive it to the destination. During transit, you can contact us at any time for a tracking update.
    4. 4. Receive your Military Vehicle: Your military vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep safely with our door-to-door service

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    Which Type of Vehicle Do We Transport?

    We can successfully ship almost any type of POV vehicle, including vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, 4X4, ATVs, motorcycles, or anything else.

    We can also ship any kind of military vehicle you might need! Whether it’s a large military jeep, Main battle tank, Infantry fighting vehicles, Armored personnel carriers, Armored combat support vehicles, light armored vehicles, Light utility vehicles, a humvee, or any other type of armed force vehicle, chances are we can move it for you at a reasonable price.

    Shipping Options

    It is possible to ship vehicles on open trailers, enclosed trailers, and even flatbed transport trucks, depending on what you want to ship. 

    Most often, open transportation services are the most cost-effective and cheaper options. Enclosed auto transport is often recommended for expensive vehicles that aren’t driven every day. 

    However, enclosed transportation generally takes longer to find than open transportation. The last type of shipping service, flatbed shipping, is available on-demand for large or heavy vehicles.

    No matter which option you select, your vehicle will be protected by various safety devices and be insured during the duration of the shipping process.

    How Much Does Military PCS Vehicle Shipping Cost?

    Military car transport costs are determined by several factors. Among them are the design and model of the vehicle to be transported, distance traveled, timeframe for delivery, type of transport chosen, vehicle condition, location, and time of year. Our military car shipping rates are highly competitive. 

    Typically, shipping a vehicle more than 1,000 miles costs $0.60 per mile. Shorter trips are more expensive per mile. For example, trips less than 500 miles cost about $1 per mile. 

    No of MilesCost Per MileSample Pricing
    1-500 Miles&1300-miles: $300
    500-1000 Miles$0.751000-miles: $750
    1000-2000 Miles$0.601500-miles: $900
    More than 2,000 miles$0.502000-miles: $1000

    All of the Military Auto Shipping shipping rates listed here are estimates based on road conditions, weather, and traffic, which will impact the actual amount of miles completed in a day.

    Check out our cost-to-ship page for more information about military car shipping rates. For actual military car shipping quotes, use our online calculator. For more assistance, you can reach us through Live Chat or by phone at 888-802-8250.

    Door to Door Pickup and Delivery

    Shipping a military vehicle across the state or country requires special skills. We possess these skills. Our door-to-door moving service is designed to make relocations easier for active and retired military personal.

    Many companies that ship for military members can pick up and deliver at military bases. But the commanding officer has to approve it. Don’t make pickups or deliveries at the base without permission. 

    You may also meet carrier companies outside the base. If the transport truck is unable to enter the base but the commanding officer allows it to happen outside, this is an excellent alternative. You can also have your vehicle shipped to and from your home if you need it.

    International Military PCS Vehicle Shipping Services

    AutoStar Transport Express specializes in both domestic and international military vehicle shipping, ensuring that your POV is handled in the most convenient, safe, and economical manner.

    To ensure that you receive the best service possible, AutoStar Transport Express works with the best international shipping partners. We Haul, cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, 4X4, ATVs, motorcycles to and from the following locations:

    How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Transport

    Your POV is a big investment, so you want to make sure they are protected at all times. It may be hard for you to trust a shipping company with such a valuable asset. Our number one priority is your peace of mind, and we go to great lengths to provide it.

    Take the proper precautions and prepare your POV to be shipped before the carrier arrives. In order to do that, prepare your Vehicle beforehand. You can follow the following tips to ensure a smooth Military Vehicle shipment:

    • Clean your vehicle, inside and out, and record the picture of your vehicle
    • Disable alarms and anti-theft devices
    • All vehicles may have one-fourth (1/4) tank of fuel
    • Eliminate and secure the loose parts of the vehicle
    • Make sure the keys are available
    • No personal belongings will be accepted with the exception of factory hardware.
    • Check the Radiator, Battery, and Tires
    • Address Engine & Mechanical Problems

    Check out our shipping preparation page for more information about vehicle shipping preparation.

    Military Car Shipping FAQs

    Can you deliver to my military base if I am not there?

    It is possible. To ensure a stress-free shipment, our customer support team will work closely with you to meet your exact specifications.

    Will I be charged extra for modifying my vehicle?

    If your vehicle is modified, there may be additional charges for military PCS vehicle shipping. Often, modified vehicles require more room on a carrier’s truck and extra equipment accommodations are needed.

    Do you need any documents for a military relocation?

    Make your military relocation less stressful by ensuring all your documents are in good order. Here are the things you will need:

    • Travel voucher
    • Application for DITY Move and Counseling Checklist
    • The PCS travel order
    • You will need 2 certified weight tickets: one for the gross weight, one for the empty weight.
    • Copy of your paid rental agreement
    • A copy of your POV vehicle registration
    • OPE: Common Operating Personal Expenses

    Is there a way to ship personal items along with a military car shipment?

    During delivery, you may ship personal items up to 100 pounds in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle. All items must be packed in one box or suitcase. If, however, your vehicle is being shipped to/from Hawaii, personal items cannot be put inside it.

    Where Do you Want to Ship Your Military Vehicle?

    Alabama Georgia Maine Nevada OregonU.S. Virgin Islands
    Alaska Hawaii Maryland New Hampshire Pennsylvania Vermont
    Arkansas Idaho Massachusetts New JerseyPuerto Rico Virginia
    Arizona Illinois Michigan New Mexico Rhode IslandWashington
    California Indiana MinnesotaNew York
    South Carolina West Virginia
    Colorado Iowa Mississippi North Dakota South Dakota Wisconsin
    Connecticut Kansas Missouri North Carolina Tennessee Wyoming
    Delaware Kentucky Montana Ohio Texas
    Florida LouisianaNebraska Oklahoma Utah

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