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Top 10 Auto Transport Companies

10 Best Auto Transport Companies for 2021

If you need to ship a car across the country, to your new university, or to a military base, choosing the right auto transport company can streamline the process. A car shipping company must be reputable, quick, and endorsed by many satisfied customers on top of being affordable when searching for auto transport services. If you do your research you...

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shipping a leased car to Hawaii

Can You Ship a Car That is Financed

Can I Ship a Leased Car to Hawaii Having a Financed car generally doesn’t disallow you from shipping it. You can take it anywhere in the United States, However, if you are shipping your car to Hawaii or Alaska you’ll need a copy of the authenticated letter and possibly more information provided by the lien holder.  Required Documents for Shipping...

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Places to Buy Classic Cars

Where to Buy Classic Cars and Vintage Cars Online?

There are a great many reasons for buying a classic car or vintage car: love for the history of a specific brand, the experience of driving an old car, and the possible investment potential that many best vintage cars can offer. No doubt the classic and vintage cars buying and selling a business is one of the profitable businesses in...

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Moving to Hawaii and shipping your car: cars on the road in Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii? Is it better to buy a car in Hawaii or ship it

Did you know that more than 40 million Americans move every year? For some people, moving is a great way to get a new beginning or take on a new job. Dreaming of a life with warm breezes, agreeable neighbors, and seashores right in your backyard? If so, Hawaii may be the spot for you! So, you’re planning to move...

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autostar transport

Why Choose Autostar Transport Express

In today’s hectic lifestyle where most human beings are busy multi-tasking, the idea of transporting a car to a different place can haunt you. People move all the time, and so do their vehicles. You might want to move to a new city or a state for any reason; a new job, relocation, an excursion trip, or just for spending...

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars around the World

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars around the World

There’s nothing we like more than appreciating the sophistication and caliber of a high-end luxury car. Many of us aspire to drive a sleek and premium vehicle, and why would you not want to? Your choice of vehicle, from its shape and color to its performance and extra features, speaks volumes about the person behind the wheel. (more…)

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The Start of a New Era

The Start of a New Era!

Yes, the start of a new era. Autostar is going through some big changes at the moment. Over the last nearly 5 years we've been finding our feet, learning to walk and now we're truly breaking into a strong stride! (more…)

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Transport broker

What You Need to Know when Choosing Transport Brokers and Carriers

If you’re trying to find loopholes when you’re transporting your vehicle(s) for a cheap price, you’re going about it the wrong way. (more…)

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choosing transport company

How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

Imagine this scenario for a sec, You’ve found your dream job in your favorite city, and you have already started packing up. You’re so excited with all kinds of imaginations emerging in your mind and the butterflies in the stomach…maybe it’s too much! …..and at the same time, you might be a bit concerned about your car transfer. You might...

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Car shipping: Receive your vehicle upon delivery. Upclose image of a wheel of a vintage car

3 things you must do upon your vehicle delivery

The best part of the transport experience? Receiving your vehicle! But you want to make sure you follow the correct steps to make sure the process is as smooth as possible, right? So, what should you do upon your vehicle delivery? (more…)

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HOW TO SHIP A Inoperable Vehicles

How to Transport a Car that Doesn’t Run to and from Hawaii

You might have purchased a lemon car that needs some love. Maybe you have a jalopy that’s loaded with sentimental value and you want to restore it. Or, you simply need to get your vehicle repaired for a minor issue. Nonetheless, you know that your Non-operational vehicle needs to be transported and you’re looking for reliable options. Shipping an Inoperable...

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tipping car transport drivers

How Much Should You tip to Movers?

Does your driver deserve to be tipped or not? that is the question. When it comes to auto shipping, knowing who to tip and how much is a complicated matter. As in most service-based industries, tipping is linked to service and the quality of service is usually what we want. Although tipping your movers is optional, we recommend it if they...

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college or university kid's back in the center of the picture, buildings on the left and cars parked on the right,student auto transport

5 ways to make your college kid’s life easier [Car Shipping]

Transitioning into adulthood is no easy task. And as supportive parents/guardians, we want to educate our kids as best as possible so they can succeed in becoming productive members of society. But it’s not like you're starting from scratch. Over the years, you’ve made them more aware of how important it is to have a sense of responsibility. And now...

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car carrier

What Is the Difference between Open and Enclosed Car Carrier?

What are open and enclosed carriers, and which one do I need? If you are making up your mind about moving to a new state or across the country? If so, you may want to have your vehicle shipped instead of driving it yourself. Right now, there are two car shipping options available – open and enclosed. When shipping a...

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door-to-door auto transport services

Help! Why won’t my driver pickup/deliver my car to my door?

When it comes to transport your car, you have the choice of selecting the location from where you want your car to be picked up or delivered. You spoke to a transport coordinator and they said they got everything to set up your car transport. They got a carrier who’s insured, reliable, for a good price and with door-to-door auto...

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Man holding coffee next to car,car shippers

Important thing that all car shippers need to know

If there’s anything that we can all agree on is that everything goes that much better when you’re prepared. And in an industry where volatility plays a significant role in the logistics of the service, the success of the transport happens when preparation meets opportunity. Save yourself the trouble and learn from the top 3 do’s and don’ts that we...

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Luxury and exotic car transport

How to Ship Luxury and Exotic Cars to or from Hawaii Safely

Hawaii is not the same as any other state in America. It is obvious that it is the only state that is purely made of islands and is likewise the only state that can’t be driven to. When an individual with a luxury vehicle intends to move to Hawaii, the first thing that probably enters his thoughts is how to...

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Man on top of jeep_ request a quote for car shipping to or from Hawaii

What’s the best way to request a quote to ship my car to and from Hawaii

Getting the best car shipping service to and from Hawaii can get anyone feeling frantic with worry. And if you’ve researched a bit, you’ll see that a common practice is to request a quote from a general car transport landing page. However, you’ll just get random transport companies who will nag you for your information at random times of the...

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Skoda felicia roaster's yellow booty (luxury, classic, and exotic cars transport )

How to ship luxury, exotic, and classic cars to and from Hawaii

One of the easiest ways to spring up a conversation teeming with emotions with our luxury/classic car-owning customers is by asking how they feel about their vehicles. The emotional attachment is so real, some might call it irrational! If that’s you, then you can probably relate to the following: the unsolicited pictures people take of your car when you're out for a...

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Road, the sand and the shore

Snowbirds Season – The Role of Auto Transport Company

What's Snowbird About?  A snowbird is someone who likes to travel according to seasonal changes. To be specific, it's when the person tries to stay in warm weather by traveling to the Sun Belt (the southern states, Mexico, or the Caribbean) before winter arrives. (more…)

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Top 15 benefits of car shipping

Top 15 Benefits of Car Shipping

Hiring a car transport company can benefit you in multiple ways. First, it is pain-free. Car movers (most of them) are highly skilled and professional individuals with years of car shipping experience. They take care of everything for your vehicle transfer. Here is a run-down list of some of the benefits of car transportation. [lwptoc] You Can Focus On Important...

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