How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

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    How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car Across the Country?

    How much does it cost to ship a car

    Almost everyone asks the same question when it comes to vehicle transport.

    How much does it cost to ship a car?

    A number of factors determine the car shipping cost, such as the size, model and condition of the car, as well as the total travel distance and transport type.

    However, you should plan on spending about $600 – $900 for short distances, and up to $1,600 for long distances. For a heavier truck, however, it could be a little higher. These numbers above are only estimates – not exact figures.

    While we can give a rough estimate for the cost of shipping a car, we can’t give an exact figure until we see all the factors involved. So, we always recommend going for a custom quote for car shipping.

    You can also jump directly to specific cost information.

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      How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Across the Country

      The average cost of shipping a sedan car from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA, a distance of 2,730 miles, is

      • Average Cost         $1,575 (Average Rate)
      • Highest Cost          $1,850 (Enclosed Auto Transport)
      • Lowest Cost           $1320 (Open Auto Transport)

      Here are some estimates of some of the most popular auto transport and car shipping routes for a standard sedan in good condition.

      Albany, NYAustin, TX1845 miles$1,290
      Fort Lauderdale, FL
      Washington DC
      1036 miles$932
      Los Angeles, CATulsa, OK1432 miles$1,290
      Miami, FL
      New York City, NY1280 miles$1,150
      New York, NYSan Francisco, CA2906 miles$1,595
      Rome, GA
      San Antonio, TX
      980 miles$1.176
      Sacramento, CA
      Seattle, WA
      753 miles$903
      San Diego, CA
      Dallas, TX1358 miles$1,220

      Prices are estimated and based on small sedans. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and maritime rates.

      How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Size

      Two factors influence the cost of shipping a car the most: size and weight. A larger vehicle takes up more space on a transporter, which means less space for other cars. Larger vehicles also weigh more, which means the transporter can carry fewer vehicles.

      Therefore, smaller cars, such as the Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta, and Honda Fit will cost much less to ship than oversized vehicles, such as the SUV / Trucks, and Cargo Vans.

      Cost of Shipping a Car vs SUV and Truck

      The cheapest type of vehicle to ship is a car since they take up the least space on a trailer and weigh the least. Most big auto transporters can carry six to ten standard sedans.

      However, if SUVs or trucks are bigger, and hauling trucks reduce their overall hauling capacity, they need to charge more for them.

      Likewise, even a vehicle that is small in dimensions but weighs more than the standard vehicles reduces the number of vehicles that can be carried. Secondly, heavier vehicles require more fuel to move them.

      Because of this, they must charge SUVs and Trucks more to make up for the loss of revenue from not being able to transport additional vehicles.

      An example of what it costs to ship a car, SUV, and Truck in the U.S.

      300 Miles$450$600$800
      700 Miles$880$1,030$1,230
      1,200 Miles$1,080$1,230$1,430

      Prices are calculated by comparing the costs of 3 different vehicle sizes. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and maritime rates.

      Want to Know the Exact Cost to Ship a Car?

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        How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Distance

        To estimate the cost of shipping a car by mile, Simple multiply the total travel distance by the approximate cost per mile provided in the table below.

        Typically, the average cost to ship a car per mile for 500 to 1,000 miles costs $1.20 per mile. Shorter trips are more expensive per mile. The size of the vehicle, the distance, the time of year, and the mode of transportation all affect the car shipping price.

        No of MilesCost Per MileSample Pricing
        1-200 Miles$2150-miles: $300
        200-500 Miles$1.50450-miles: $675
        500-1000 Miles$1.20900-miles: $1080
        1000-1500 Miles$0.901400-miles: $1260
        1500-2000 Miles$0.701900-miles: $1330
        More than 2,000 miles$0.552300-miles: $1265

        Prices are calculated by comparing different distances. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and location.

        How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Transport Type

        When transporting a vehicle of any type, you need to decide whether to use open or closed transport. In general, we recommend enclosed transport for classic or very expensive vehicles valued at or over $50,000.

        An open carrier is always the cheapest way to ship your car.

        Compared to enclosed auto transport, enclosed car transport is about 35-50% more expensive per trip for the same car type and distance traveled.

        DistanceOpen TransportEnclosed Transport
        400 Miles$600$800
        900 Miles$1080$1510
        1400 Miles$1200$1770
        1900 Miles$1300$1830
        2300 Miles$1265$1770

        Prices are calculated by comparing two different types of transport. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and location.

        Want to Know the Exact Cost to Ship a Car?

        Use out car shipping calculator or call our dedicated car shipping specialists at 888-802-8250 to get an instant and free  auto shipping quote.

        Factors that Affect the Cost of Shipping a Car

        Check out the following factors and see how they impact your final price for auto transport. By doing so, you’ll know whether a shipping quote is fair or not.

        Make and Model

        The make and model of your car may affect the price of shipping – particularly if you’re shipping a luxury, classic, or modified vehicle.

        High-end vehicles typically require special attention and services, resulting in an increase in the auto shipping cost. It is also more costly to transport trucks, SUVs, and vans than sedans and compact cars due to their weight and size.

        Sample Car Shipping Rates for Two Different Vehicles

        • The cost of shipping a sedan from the east to the west coast = $1,200
        • The cost of shipping an SUV or pick-up truck from the east to the west coast = $1,350
        Trip Distance

        Distance plays a significant role in the average cost to ship a car. A car that needs to be transported a long distance will cost you more to ship.

        Fuel, tolls, and labor costs quickly add up when you travel hundreds (or thousands) of miles.

        Car Shipping Rates for Two Distances

        • The cost of shipping a car 400 miles = $600
        • The cost of shipping a car 900 miles = $1,080

        For example, the cost to ship a car from Florida to new york is cheaper than the cost to ship a car from Florida to California because of the difference in the distance.

        Vehicle Condition

        A vehicle must be able to steer, roll, and brake efficiently in order to be loaded onto a  trailer. When your car doesn’t have these capabilities, you’ll need a winch or other equipment to get it into place.

        For Example:

        You will incur additional costs if your car is not running. If it:

        • Neither Steering nor braking; + $100
        • Needs to be forklifted or winched onto a truck; + $200 to $500 depending on the size

        AutoStar Transport Express has a decade of experience in long distance towing. Our Experts can transport any type of non-running vehicle. But, as we just mentioned… this must be specified before we begin to do the booking!.

        Transport Type

        The kind of transportation service you choose will impact the vehicle shipping cost.  Open auto transport is the most common and economical transport method on the road today. An open trailer has no walls.

        A vehicle is exposed to the elements when it is hauled “out in the open”. A trailer with four weather-proof walls is an enclosed car carrier.

        Only a small number of carriers have enclosed trailers, which means finding them is hard and the cost is higher. Enclosed trailers can cost twice as much as open trailers. This option is the best option if you have a vintage, antique, exotic, or race-quality vehicle.

        For Example:

        • Using an open carrier option, the shipping cost for a car across-country (2,750 miles) averages around $1350, and enclosed transport can cost up to $1,890.
        Time of Year

        The summer and spring are the best times to go on vacation. Therefore, there are more car transfers during these months. Prices go higher during this time.

        As an example, if you need your car transported from Massachusetts to Florida during the winter when all snowbirds moved south, then be prepared to pay a more expensive price. You can expect to pay elevated prices on certain routes if you transport your car in spring or summer.

        Vehicle Size

        Transporting larger vehicles costs more since they require more space.

        As they say in the transport business, the bigger the load, the bigger the price.

        Want to know precisely the cost, go to our car shipping cost calculator.

        You have tight and specific time frames

        If you want your car picked up or delivered within a short period of time, the cost will increase. Below are the additional charges that can be incurred for expedited car shipping:

        • Sedan Car –  $200
        • Large SUV – $250
        • Full-Size Truck – $350
        Fuel Prices

        The price of fuel fluctuates constantly and varies from region to region. The biggest variable expense in auto transport is fuel, and it affects your car shipping cost.

        Rescheduled Vehicle Transport

        If a driver has been assigned to pick up your vehicle, and the pickup contact did not make themselves available, the driver may charge a dry-run fee or a rescheduling fee. The same can be said for delivery.

        Last-minute changes can affect car shipping prices

        Important details such as needing to jump-start the vehicle(s), no keys, inoperable vehicle(s), modifications, and items in the vehicle that are left out because of forgetfulness or to get a car shipping for a cheaper price will affect your experience.

        If the driver is not able to take it, you might end up paying a rescheduling fee. It’s always best to avoid this so that we can confirm these details with the carriers and drivers.

        The removal Or addition of a vehicle

        If your broker confirmed car transport for your order which includes more than one vehicle and then for whatever reason you have to add or remove a vehicle, it will affect car shipping costs.

        Adding vehicles generally results in a discount.

         The level of service needed

        Compared with terminal-to-terminal transportation, door-to-door car shipping costs a little more, but it is far more convenient. You might have to travel several hundred miles to get to a terminal if you use a terminal-to-terminal carrier.

        This may result in additional travel costs for you. Additionally, if the vehicle stays in the terminal for a prolonged period, terminal storage fees may accumulate.

        How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Car Overseas?

        The average cost of shipping a car internationally can range from $12,00 to $4,000 depending on the travel distance and type of vehicle.

        Get an instant quote using our car shipping calculator if you want to know the exact cost of shipping your car overseas. Chat online, or call 888-802-8250.

        Cheapest Way To Ship A Car?

        You will always find open car carriers to be more cost-effective for your moving needs. You can also ship your car terminal-to-terminal rather than door-to-door car shipping. So during drop-off and pick-up, you’ll have to arrange transportation from and to the terminal.

        However, this inconvenience will result in savings. You should also consider the cost of using a terminal-to-terminal service. These include storage expenses, transportation expenses, and gas costs.

        However, if you live close to an access terminal, this may be the best and cheapest choice for you.

        Learn more about what is the cheapest way to ship a car.

        How to Save Money When Shipping a Vehicle

        Several factors impact the cost of shipping a car that you cannot control. But there are many things you can do to save money when shipping a car.

        The following tips can help you save money on your car transport:

        • Choosing an open service provider
        • Shipping a running car
        • Utilizing discounts
        • Shipping in the off-season
        • Getting multiple quotes.

        You’ve got a car to ship, we’ve got a way to help you!

        Request a quote right now to get more details on how we can get your vehicle transported!

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          Alternative Car Shipping Methods and Their Costs

          While using a car transporter is the most common way to ship a car, there are alternative methods available, each with its own advantages and limitations.

          • Train Shipping: Shipping your car via train can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option, but it might be slower and less flexible than other methods.
          • Driveaway Services: A professional driver can transport your car to its destination, saving you the hassle of arranging other transportation methods. This option, however, may not suit those who prefer minimal wear and tear on their vehicle or those with high-end cars that require extra protection.
          • Port-to-Port Shipping: For transporting your car across or around large bodies of water, port-to-port shipping can be a viable option. The average cost of shipping a vehicle from port to port is less expensive than door to port or port to door shipping.
          • Tow Dolly: A tow dolly is a two-wheeled trailer that supports your car’s front wheels, allowing you to tow the vehicle with another car or truck. This method can be cost-effective, especially for shorter distances. However using a tow dolly may add wear and tear to the car being towed, as its rear wheels remain in contact with the road.
          • Air Freight Shipping:
            Air freight might be an appealing option for international moves, but the cost can be prohibitive. In many cases, the expense of shipping a car via air freight can surpass the vehicle’s actual value.

          By exploring these alternative car shipping methods, you can better understand the costs and limitations associated with each, allowing you to make an informed decision for your vehicle transportation needs.

          How Seasonality Affects Car Shipping Costs

          Seasonality plays a significant role in car shipping costs, with prices fluctuating throughout the year. By understanding how each month is affected by various factors such as demand, weather, and holidays, you can make informed decisions and potentially save money when shipping your car.

          Auto Transport in Winter


          With the holiday season in full swing, there’s an increased demand for car shipping services, leading to higher prices. Additionally, the risk of delays due to winter storms and road closures can further impact costs.


          As the new year begins, many people relocate for job opportunities, leading to increased demand for car shipping services. Snow and ice may still be a factor, potentially causing delays and higher costs.


          While demand may start to decrease in February, winter weather conditions can still lead to delays and higher shipping costs, especially in colder regions.

          Auto Transport in Spring


          As the weather starts to warm up, car shipping demand increases. Spring break and college students relocating can contribute to higher prices during this month.


          Car shipping demand remains high in April as families and individuals continue to relocate. The improving weather conditions may help to minimize delays, but prices will likely still be higher than in the winter months.


          The end of the school year and the beginning of summer can lead to a spike in car shipping demand. Expect higher prices and potential delays due to increased demand.

          Auto Transport in Summer


          The start of summer marks the peak car shipping season, with high demand and increased prices. The favorable weather conditions and greater availability of carriers can help to expedite shipping times.


          July continues to see high demand for car shipping services, with families relocating and taking advantage of summer vacations. Prices remain elevated during this month.


          As the summer winds down, demand for car shipping may start to decrease slightly, but prices will likely remain high due to the lingering peak season demand.

          Auto Transport in Fall


          Fall marks the beginning of the off-peak season for car shipping. As demand decreases, prices begin to drop, making this an ideal time to ship your car if you’re looking to save money.


          Car shipping demand continues to decrease in October, with lower prices and fewer delays. The cooler weather and reduced demand make this month an excellent time for car shipping.


          As the holiday season approaches, demand for car shipping may begin to increase again, especially towards the end of the month. However, prices are generally still lower than in the peak season.


          Is it cheaper to ship a car in the winter or summer?

          It is generally cheaper to ship a car in the winter due to lower demand, although winter weather conditions can lead to delays and higher costs in some cases.

          Can I save money by being flexible with my pick-up and drop-off dates?

          Yes, being flexible with your dates can help you take advantage of lower prices and carrier availability.

          Is it cheaper to drive or ship a car across the country?

          It depends on factors such as fuel costs, lodging expenses, and vehicle wear and tear. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to ship a car, while in others, driving could be the more economical choice.

          What information do I need to use the online car shipping calculator?

          To use an online car shipping calculator, you’ll typically need to provide the pick-up and drop-off locations, vehicle make and model, desired shipping dates, and your contact information.

          Do I have an obligation to pay car shipping costs if I use the online car shipping calculator?

          No, using an online car shipping calculator is typically a free service, and you are under no obligation to pay for any shipping services unless you decide to book with a specific company.

          How can I save money on shipping a car?

          To save money on shipping a car, consider using an open carrier, booking well in advance, being flexible with your shipping dates, and comparing quotes from multiple companies.

          How much does it cost to ship a car per mile?

          The cost to ship a car per mile can vary from $0.55 to $2 per mile. Factors such as vehicle size, distance, route, and seasonality can impact the cost.

          Do car shipping costs go up if I have a larger vehicle?

          Yes, car shipping costs can increase if you have a larger vehicle. For example, shipping rates may be around $920 for a sedan, $1,070 for an SUV, and $1,270 for a truck.


          1. Hey, I read your blog. A lot of Information that most brokers don’t provide but you have it covered, Now, I have an idea of transportation costs because of you. However, There was one question that I had in my mind, Is there any Auto Transport Insurance provided by you? or not? Please clarify.
            I hope that you will reply to my question. Thank You.

            • Hey, Mia
              It’s great to hear your positive review. To answer your question, the transport companies that we work with provide insurance.
              However, damage during transport is very rare, but we believe in being safe over sorry. Our carriers are fully insured with Zero Dollar Deductibles for our clients. Your insurance is held by your particular carrier company and copies are kept on file with us.
              AutoStar Transport Express takes protecting you one step further by becoming Certificate Holders with select carriers. In this way, we can help start your claim quickly and show our commitment to you.
              If you need more information related to insurance, you can check our Car Shipping FAQs or directly Contact us.

          2. While calculating the shipping cost, I think we should check their customer service first. We can call them and ask about transit times and any additional changes.

            I have recently shipped my car from Maryland to California. I searched many car transportation companies and decided to go with Autostart Transport Express due to the good price of $1275 and instant quotation.

            If you are trying to understand the car shipping cost, you can try instant quotation to have the best price for a specific location.

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