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    Car Transport State to State is Safe, Fast, and Affordable

    Need to ship a car to another state? Then look no further. With over 14+ years of experience shipping cars to other states, AutoStar Transport Express has established a reputation as a responsible state-to-state auto transport company

    We at AutoStar Transport Express believe that transporting your car should be a carefree and effortless process, beginning with our quick response to your quote request, and ending with our careful and direct delivery of your vehicle.

    To deliver the most seamless door-to-door car shipping experience to our customers, we partner with a wealth of reliable partners in all states of America. No matter if you need to ship a car across the country or from state to state, Auto Star Transport Express is the most convenient, safest, and cost-effective way to do so.

    We ship Thousands of vehicles every week from state to state. Get a state-to-state car shipping quote or give us a call at 888-802-8250 We will make your state-to-state auto transport experience luxurious and personalized.

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      Why People Choose us for State-to-State Car Shipping

      You can set up your order and transport cars from state to state in no time with our step-by-step process. Find out why AutoStar Transport Express has ranked no 1 State to State car transport company in the nation.

      • Trusted Shipping Partners: We partner with the best trucking and car shipping companies in the United States. Over 3,000 carriers have worked with us, but we maintain a list of 600 preferred carriers that we work with regularly.
      • Experienced: Over 14+ Years of experience shipping cars from state to state, AutoStar Transport Express moves over 100 cars a day, but still gives each customer the personal attention they expect. Because of this, we have received 1000+ car shipping reviews from satisfied customers.
      • Flexible Timing: Booking as far in advance as possible is the ideal situation. We can also arrange urgent car shipping outside of your city.
      • Personalized Customer Service: Our team of advisors works hard to ensure you work with the best car shipping company. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our friendly customer service department. You’ll enjoy easy pickup and delivery, ongoing tracking updates, and call-in support at 888-802-8250.
      • Custom Solution for All Types of Vehicles: Whether it’s a Nissan Frontier or a Rolls-Royce, we ship all types of vehicles nationwide, door-to-door and door-to-dorm. The fact that we provide safe, dependable service to our clients sets us apart from other companies.

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      Ship a car to another stateHow to Ship a Car from one State to another

      A car can be transported from one state to another using several methods: a tow dolly or trailer, a professional driver, driving yourself, or by train. However, state-to-state auto transport is the best, quickest, simplest, and most convenient method.

      Methods of Transporting a Vehicle

      There may be someone who wants to ship their car to another country or state, while another person may want to move their car locally. Hence, there are different options. Before shipping your car, you must consider the means of transport.

      There are two ways to transport a car.

      Open-Air Transport: When shipping a car over a short distance, you should use an open carrier car shipping because it is extremely cost-effective.
      The enclosed Transport:  Your car is shipped in a container using this method. For shipping a very expensive car, you should consider enclosed shipping. Compared to open-air farming, this method is expensive however, it is much safer than the open-air method.

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      How Much for Shipping a Car to Another State

      Multiple factors are considered when estimating the cost to ship a car to another state: the number of miles from the pickup point, the size and type of vehicle, plus time of the year, the kind of terrain that comes on the way, and more.

      If you want to know the exact estimate for shipping your car to another state, Use our online calculator to get a free and instant quote.

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      How Long to Ship a Car to Another State

      State-to-state car shipping takes 1-6 calendar days from the time a car is picked up to when it is delivered. Typically, a driver covers about 500 miles per day. Typically, the first available pickup date is 2-7 business days after the order is placed, and express vehicle transport can usually be arranged within 24 to 72 hours.

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      3 Easy Steps to Ship a Car to Another State


      Step 1. Get a quote and book your order

      We will inform you of the charges involved after you ask for a car shipping quote. Compare our pricing and services to those of other companies. Our prices are very competitive, as you may see.

      A full price is given at the time of quotation, and there are no hidden expenses. You are not required to obtain a quote if you ask us, and we can provide door-to-door car dealership transportation.

      Step 2. We pick up your vehicle

      Set a convenient time and place for your trucker to pick up the vehicle. When the trucker arrives, you’ll inspect the vehicle and sign a Bill of Lading. The trucker will transport your car to its final destination. At any moment during transportation, you may receive an update on its location.

      Step 3. Receive Your Vehicle

      With our door-to-door auto shipping solution, your vehicle will reach its destination without any problems. We also include comprehensive insurance and a money-back guarantee in the offer.


      Preparing Your Car for Interstate Transportation

      To ensure smooth transport, prepare your car before it hits the road. The auto transport company will be able to tell you specifically what you need to do before pickup, but you should prepare these steps either way:

      • Verify that your fuel gauge is no more than one-quarter full.
      • Remove all items from your car. Your car may have to be completely empty or the company may just have a weight limit that you must adhere to.
      • Take everything out of your car, even those that are not weighty, such as important papers and standalone GPS devices in the glove box.
      • Make sure that your car’s tires are inflated and in good condition.
      • Check your car’s battery to ensure that it is fully charged.

      It’s also a good idea to inspect your car closely for any existing damage and take pictures from all angles. In this way, if it is damaged on the road, you will have proof that the damage was not preexisting and can go through the appropriate insurance channels to get reimbursed.

      The costs to move a vehicle from one state to another are determined by the following factors:

      Vehicle (Make and Model)

      When you move a car across state lines, you must provide precise vehicle specifications. The transportation company needs to know how much room is necessary. Longer, taller, and specialized vehicles may cost more.

      Car shipping Discount

      Check with our shipping consultants to see if you qualify for any discounts.


      The cost of car transportation services state to state varies considerably depending on the season. Transporting a vehicle across state lines during the holidays might be costly.

      Type of auto transport

      The most popular and cheapest method to transport a vehicle is by van, which is open-air transportation. Enclosed auto transport gives better protection because the transport trailer is encircled on all sides. This raises the price, but it provides you complete peace of mind if your automobile is unusual, premium, custom, antique, or classic.

      Car Pick-up date

      You’re more likely to receive a reasonable price if you can be flexible with the vehicle pick-up date. If you book in advance, you’ll definitely get the best deal on shipping your automobile across state lines.

      Car shipping distance

      Longer distances tend to cost more overall when you ship a car to another state, although there is generally a reduced cost per mile.

      Vehicle condition

      If your car is operating, you will receive a better shipping deal to move it from one state to another. If your vehicle doesn’t have these features, you’ll need a winch or other equipment to position it which adds to the cost.

      Car shipping route

      This has to do with the routes that the carrier will take when transporting a car from one state to another. Increased congestion in populous areas might affect shipping expenses. Other elements include inclement weather, road work, and road conditions.

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      For more information on our state-to-state car transport & car delivery service get in touch today at 888-802-8250 or request a free quote below.

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        Want To Know More?

        For more information on our state-to-state car transport & car delivery service get in touch today on 888-802-8250 or request a free quote below.

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        All 50 states are covered by our nationwide vehicle transport service.

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