Car Shipping

Car shipping

What is Car Shipping?

People move their cars for different reasons. There may be a change in work or life that forces them to change cities or areas. 

Many people move seasonally for vacations, fares, exhibitions, or other events. Snowbirds move temporarily to enjoy the snow. 

People who buy or sell their car to someone living in another city also use car shipping to transport their car. It may be feasible to drive your car all the way but it doesn’t make sense for long distances. 

People who buy cars from online used car sites like Carvana, eBay Motors, etc., also need to get their cars shipped. 

Car shipping topic also applies to other auto shipping areas like truck shipping, RV shipping, motorcycle shipping, ATV shipping, vintage or classic car shipping, and boat shipping. 


Overview of the Auto Transport Industry

The auto transport industry moves vehicles and boats from one place to another. 

The size of the auto transport industry in 2022 is $10.8 billion with a 3.4% annual growth. 

Let’s see how the auto transport industry works. This knowledge will help you deal with your car shipping company more effectively. 

How does the Car Shipping Process Work?

Wondering how car shipping work! a typical car shipping process work in these steps:

  • The customer collects and confirms all details about car shipping including dates, places, times, and car details (make, model, modification, etc). 
  • The customer requests car shipping quotes from auto transport companies
  • The selected auto transport company confirms the pickup date and time, and the customer gets the contact information of the car carrier driver to facilitate car pickup. 
  • The customer prepares the car for pickup by removing personal items, taking pictures of the car, and keeping the necessary documents ready. 
  • Before pickup, customers get a copy of the Bill of Lading for the car shipping. 
  • Customers can get a car location by using either the car shipping company’s GPS tracking or they can contact the customer support team of the company. 
  • Upon car delivery, the customer needs to sign the Bill of Lading and check the status of the car by matching before and after pictures. If the car was damaged in transit, the customer will be compensated with an insurance claim. 

The car shipping process is somewhat complex. It has many parts and pieces from customer request quote to car delivery or insurance claims for transit damage. 

Carriers, Brokers, and Marketplace

There are three players in the auto transport business. Let’s discuss each. 

Car Carriers 

It is when the owner of the car carrier offers car shipping services directly to the market. Many truck owners prefer booking car shipping orders directly. 

These companies offer better customer experience with quick communication, lower rates, and personalized experience. 

However, they don’t work around the year and some car carriers may charge hidden fees outside the agreement.


They work with both car carriers and car shipping customers. A customer contacts a broker and books car shipping. The broker then finds and assigns the job to a car carrier.  

A car shipping broker can offer car shipping for 365 days. They can offer a wide range of shipping services for almost all types of vehicles, good customer support, and damage claims. 

However, brokers can be costly.


Shipping marketplaces like UShip creates a meeting point for auto transport companies and car shippers. UShip is one of the top examples of auto transport marketplaces. 

You can have more freedom when it comes to car shipping prices. Both car carriers and brokers are available on most shipping marketplaces. You can get better rates and you can read reviews about the car shipper. 

However, you’ll pay the marketplace fee for using it.



Is It Worth It To Ship A Car?

How is shipping your car with a car shipping company better than driving it yourself? Here are five advantages of shipping your car with an auto transport company. 

  • Shipping your Car is Safer: Car shippers are safer for you. Car carriers operate in a network with better support. When you are driving your car yourself to the destination, you may face a hard time dealing with human or machine error. 
  • Car Shipping is Cheaper: Car shipping is a cheaper option to relocate your car. When considering your time, fuel cost, car wear and tear, and journey expenses shipping your car instead of driving is the most suitable option. 
  • Save Mileage and Car Wear: When you drive your car to another state, or across the country, you put mileage and cause car wear and tear. For car shipping to a long distance, using an auto transport company is the best way. 
  • Car Shipping is Easy and Simple: When you select an auto transport company, you save a lot of headaches. Simply hand it over to a reliable car transport company like AutoStar Transport Express and get it transported with peace of mind. 
  • Only Option for Taking Inoperable but Valued Car: When you have a valued car that you don’t want to leave and it does not run, an auto transport company is your only choice. 

Shipping your car vs driving it yourself

Advantages of Shipping Your Car Instead of Driving or Buying a New One

When you move to another city or state for work or living, you may be tempted to sell your old car and buy a new one in your new city. If you have a beater or a car that has already lost a chunk of its worth in depreciation, selling your old car is a sound plan. 

However, when you have a classic or vintage car, or your car is one of your most loved possessions, selling is not an option. Either you’ll drive it to the new city or hire a reliable car shipping company like AutoStar Transport Express for moving your car to the new place. 

Moreover, some may think that shipping your car to a new place is risky, which is not the case. 

Driving your car to your destination is also not a great solution either. You will first have to spare time to drive your car all the way or you’ll ask a friend or family to drive it for you. Either way, you’ll put mileage on the car, spend money for gas, and may also pay the driver. 

Driving your car to your destination is suitable when you can reach your destination on the same day. 

Almost all car shipping companies offer insurance. You take pictures before your car is loaded and you compare these images with your delivered car’s condition at the destination. If the car was damaged in transit, you’ll get compensated with insurance. 

Types of Car Shipping

We will discuss car shipping/auto shipping jargon here. We aim to help you understand car shipping, its components, and how you can ship your car quickly and easily 

Open Car Shipping & Closed Car Shipping

You can ship your car in an open trailer or a closed trailer. 

You can send your car using open car shipping where your car is exposed to weather, road debris, and other transit damages. Open car transport is the cheapest option for moving your car.

Your car is transported inside a container in closed car shipping. This is a costly way to ship your car as it gives greater protection to your car against dirt or accidental damage. 

Enclosed car transport is suitable for classic cars, luxury cars, or high-value antique cars.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Auto transport companies offer door-to-door car shipping services when your house is easily accessible and you live in an area of service. 

The car carrier driver will call you before time and pick up the car from your doorstep. 

If access to your house is hard, the driver will request you to bring the car to a nearby open parking lot for easier pickup. 

Same way, the car carrier will deliver the car to your doorstep or a nearby parking lot. 

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

Some car shipping companies offer terminal-to-terminal car shipping services. 

You are required to bring your car to the car shipping company terminal for pickup and you’ll collect your car from the company’s terminal at your destination. 

Door to Terminal or Terminal to Door?

Here is a simple tip to decide if you will use a terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door car shipping service.

Check the car shipping company terminal location. If the terminal is located in your city and your destination city is near your home, go for the terminal to terminal car shipping. If your home is far from the car shipping company terminal, go for door-to-door car shipping.

Cross-Country Car Shipping

When you are shipping your car to the other side of the country, be prepared for the long transit times and high car shipping costs.

Your car will collect a lot of dust and road debris when you are shipping it cross-country on an open car carrier. If you have a luxury or classic car, an enclosed car carrier may be better. 

The cost may be between $1,500-$2,500 for most cross-country car shipping jobs. You can check the exact price with a car shipping calculator below.

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    State-To-State Vehicle Transport

    Many car carriers run multiple routes. Chances are your pickup and delivery locations are closer to cities. If so, you may get your car picked up early and you can also get a good deal. 

    The cost and time depend on the car’s specifications, time, car carrier type, and month of the year. Autostar Transport Express is known for providing the most reliable and secure state to state car transportation services.

    International Car Shipping

    You can ship your car internationally via sea, air, or by road. Be ready to pay a high premium for shipping your car internationally. 

    We only recommend shipping your car internationally if it is a luxury, classic, or very valued possession.

    AutoStar Transport Express offers international car shipping to US regions including:

    Contact us today for an international car shipping quote. 

    Types of car shipping

    How do I get a Car Transport Quote?

    You can ask for a car shipping quote through the car shipping company’s website or by calling their customer support. Most companies offer quick quotes. 

    Being specific with details will help you get a good car transport quote. Make sure you have this information about your vehicle and shipping before you request a quote. 

    • Car Pick up and Delivery dates 
    • Pickup and delivery place with zip codes 
    • Open car carrier or enclosed car carrier 
    • Vehicle details including make, model, any modification, etc. 
    • Is your car operable or inoperable (starts and drives or only rolls, breaks, and steers.)

    How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

    The cost of shipping a car depends on many factors and the real price can only be known when you are going to ship your car. However, we will give you the average cost per mile so you can estimate the cost. 

    The average cost is $1.50 per mile for 300 miles or less, $1.25 per mile for 300-600 miles, and $0.78 per mile for over 1000. 

    Please note that these are only overall averages and the actual car shipping quote will be different as there are fees and other charges for every company. 

    Pro Tip: For more information about the car shipping cost, check out our page on how much does it cost to ship a car?

    Do you want to know how much it will cost to ship your car? Request a free quote today.

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      What Factors can Change your car Shipping Quote?

      A car shipping quote is affected by the following factors. Let’s explore how each factor can change the car shipping quote for you. 

      • Distance: Travel distance is an obvious factor that determines the car shipping price. The longer the car shipping distance, the more it will cost. The per-mile car shipping cost reduces for longer distances. 
      • Time of the year:  When you ship your car during the busy season, you’ll have to pay more.  The busiest months of the year for auto shipping are January, June, July, and August.
        January is the month of snowbirds. June, July, and August are the favorite months for people moving for work or living. Students also ship their cars to colleges/universities in August. The car shipping price is comparatively low in the other months of the year. 
      • Car Shipping Route: If you are shipping your car from a big city to a big city, your car shipping price will be low. When you are shipping from or sending your car to a small town or a rural area, the car shipping price will be high.
        The reason behind this is, car carriers move often on busy routes, highways, and motorways. They don’t have to take a detour or make a special route to deliver your vehicle. Whereas, for small towns and rural areas, car carriers have to take a special route for that delivery which increases expenses and costs.
      • Car Size/Weight: The car size determines the space it will capture on the car carrier.  If you have a small hatchback, your car shipping bill will be less than that of a large SUV or truck. 
      • Car Condition: If your car is operable your car shipping cost will be less.  An operable car starts, steers, and stops. In short, a car in order is an operable car.  If the car shipping company has to use equipment to pick up and deliver your car, it will cost you more.
      • Open or Closed Car Transport: Shipping your car via open car carriers is cheaper. Your car is exposed to weather and road debris but that is a bargain for the low price.  Closed car transport is expensive and used for classic or luxury cars. Your car travels inside a container and mostly reaches its destination safely. 
      • Car Insurance: All car carriers offer liability insurance as they are required by the law to do so. However, you may want to get cargo insurance if you want extra protection for your car. Mostly, there is no need to buy cargo insurance and liability insurance covers most transit damages.


      Did you know?

      You can have extra insurance coverage for car shipping if you are not satisfied with car carrier insurance. Ask your broker to know more.


      what factors can change your car shipping quote

      How to Save on Car Shipping?

      Saving money on your car shipping needs planning. Risking your car safety or getting late car delivery is not a great tradeoff for low car shipping prices. 

      We have researched for you some ways you can use to save on your car shipping. 

      • Timing and Month of the Year: The time of year for car shipping will affect your car shipping quote. Summer months (June, July, and August) are the busiest. Snowbirds move in November and April. Except for these, the car shipping rates stay normal.  If you are planning a relocation, consider choosing a month other than these to save on shipping your car. 
      • Terminal-to-Terminal Car Transport: When you opt for terminal-to-terminal car transport, the car shipping company won’t add car pickup and car delivery charges. You will save on car shipping with terminal-to-terminal car shipping instead of door-to-door. 
      • Be Flexible with Car Shipping Dates: You can determine the dates for car shipping as you want. However, fixing dates can add to the cost. If you can be flexible with the day and date of car pickup and delivery, you can save money. 
      • Select Open Car Carriers: Shipping your car with an open car carrier is relatively cheap. Enclosed car carriers cost considerably more than open ones. 
      • Look for Discounts: Most car shipping companies offer different discounts like veteran discounts, senior citizen discounts, student discounts, and multiple car shipping discounts. See if your auto transport company offers discounts and use them. 
      • Shop Around and Bargain: Get car shipping quotes from many companies. Ask for discounts. Compare their quotes. Read reviews for your shortlisted companies. Check for the below factors and choose the one offering the best car shipping experience at affordable rates

      how to save on cars shipping

      How much Time Does it Take to Ship Your Car?

      The car shipping time varies by the distance it will travel. 

      Here are the estimates of the transit time for car shipping by AutoStar Transport Express. These transit time estimates are for reference only and the actual time depends on these factors:

      • Time of the year 
      • Car carrier availability 
      • Car shipping route 
      • Weather forecast for pickup or delivery location 
      • Any unforeseen circumstances 
      Coast to Coast7 - 10 days
      3/4 Cross Country5 - 7 days
      1/2 Cross Country3 - 5 days
      North to South / South to North3 - 5 days
      Interstate and/or the Neighboring States1 - 3 days
      With in the Same State1 - 3 days

      Here is a complete guide on how long it takes to ship a car.

      How do you Choose the Best Car Shipping Company?

      When you have made up your mind to ship your car, you’ll start searching for the best car shipping companies that can get the job done. 

      Here, we’ll help you vet car shipping companies and choose the one that is worth your business. Let’s dig deeper. 


      Car shipping prices are one of the most important decision criteria for car shipping companies. Many people decide on two factors, price and transit time. 

      Cast a wide net in the beginning. Ask for car shipping quotes from many companies. Compare all quotes side by side. 

      The prices should be transparent. Hidden fees in the car shipping process can amount to a considerable sum. 

      Look for the price lock feature in the quote. Price lock is when a company gives a fixed price that doesn’t change in the given time window. Many companies give price estimates and don’t lock their prices.  This leaves room for hidden fees, etc. 

      Many companies offer a variety of discounts like military discounts, multiple car discounts, etc. These discounts can help you lower the cost. 

      Did you know:

      You can get a discount when you ship more than one car with AutoStar. Join a friend or ship all family cars with AutoStar to get the best discount.

      AutoStar Transport Express offers a variety of discounts for veterans, military personnel, seniors, students, and seasonal discounts.

      How do car shipping companies’ reviews help?

      Car shipping companies’ reviews mostly talk about price, customer support, and car transit time. About the price, see what past customers say about the price and if there were any hidden fees applied later.


      Range of Services

      The range of auto shipping services means the breadth of the service portfolio and the extent of areas served.

      You may find most companies match your auto-shipping requirement unless you are shipping a boat.  However, some car shipping companies may not offer services outside the mainland USA. 

      If you are sending your car to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or internationally, look for a company like AutoStar Transport Express that ships vehicles worldwide. 

      Safe Transit Guarantee

      The chief motive for using car shipping is to safely transport your car to a new place. If your car gets damaged during transit, that hardly serves the car shipping purpose. 

      Most car shipping companies offer insurance. That means if your vehicle gets damaged during transit, you’ll be compensated for the loss. 

      How do reviews help?

      Read reviews to see how a company ships a car and if they frequently damage cars in transit or not. If you see many reviews mentioning car damage during transit, notice that red flag.

      Also, search how reviewers say a company handles damage insurance claims. Company delaying or denying transit damage insurance claims is another red flag.


      Car Tracking

      Car tracking lets you know where your car is at any given moment. 

      A car shipping company may claim that they offer car tracking but you’ll have to call customer support every time to ask for the car’s location. 

      Some car shipping companies offer GPS tracking. You can see the location of your car in real-time.

      How do reviews help?

      Many reviewers discuss the car tracking service of the car shipping company. However, customers talk about car tracking mostly when the car delivery is late.


      Customer Support

      A good car shipping experience is linked to quality customer support. You will contact customer support for questions including price information, tracking information, car pickup or delivery time, and damages claim. 

      How do reviews help?

      Customer support is one of the most discussed topics in reviews. Customers always share their experiences with the car shipping company’s customer support. They also mention the support agent’s name to appreciate good service.

      Want to know if the car shipping companies’ reviews are real or fake? Check out our guide on “How to Spot Fake Transport Reviews”.


      how do you choose the best car shipping company

      Why Prefer AutoStar Transport Express?

      AutoStar Transport Express is a veteran car shipping company with over 15 years in the business. We have served all 50 states and moved all types of vehicles from city to city and state to state. 

      AutoStar Transport Express enjoys customers’ confidence with over a thousand reviews on review platforms including Google, Facebook, TransportReviews, and BBB.

      AutoStar Transport Express’s auto shipping portfolio includes shipping cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, classic cars, and luxury cars. 

      We offer free car shipping quotes without any obligation. Contact us today and get your car shipping done with peace of mind. 

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        How to Prepare your Car for Shipping?

        First, ready your car documents for car shipping. You’ll have to prove that you are the rightful owner of the car. 

        Second, remove your personal belongings from the car. Many car shipping companies don’t allow shipping of your personal belongings.

        However, AutoStar Transport Express allows personal belongings of up to 100 pounds. The only condition is, to keep it out of the sight of the driver and keep your things in the trunk. If there is any other personal belonging in the dashboard, remove it. 

        Third, take photos of your car to make proof of your car’s condition before you ship it. Take photos of your car from all angles and make sure to note any existing damages. This exercise will help you claim any transit damage during car shipping.

        Pro Tip: Here is the complete guide on how to prepare a car for auto shipping.

        Documents Required To Ship A Car

        Here is a breakdown of the documents used in shipping a car. Only two documents are always required. You’ll always need to have a Bill of Lading or BOL. However, the document requirements change for every car shipping company. 

        • Bill of lading – Always required 
        • Insurance terms and conditions – Always require 
        • Lienholder authorization – company preference / Hawaii car shipping may need this 
        • Absent owner authorization – company preference /Hawaii car shipping may need this 
        • Title and registration – (company preference)
        • Proof of insurance – (company preference)
        • Photo ID -(company preference)

        What to Do After Car Delivery?

        When receiving a car delivery, make sure you perform these three actions as soon as possible. 

        Quick Inspection

        Inspect your vehicle condition and compare it with the photos you took at the car pickup time. This will help you determine if your car was damaged in any way during transit. 

        Don’t consider dirt or road debris as damage if your car was shipped on an open car carrier. Also, take pictures at the delivery too so that you have proof of car damage for the insurance claim.

        If there is any damage, make sure you contact the car shipping company within 24 hours. 

        Bill of Lading 

        If there is damage to your, get it noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL) before you sign it. Also, keep a copy of the bill of lading as proof of car delivery. 

        Make Payment 

        Clear your bill with the auto transport company. See how the company receives payments and makes the payment accordingly. 

        What to do after car delivery

        Holidays, Christmas, and New Year Car Shipping Guide

        Shipping a car during vacation is a challenge. You may get delayed delivery, higher rates, or simply no response from the car shipping company. 

        Our tips will help you decide if and how you can ship your car during the holidays. 

        1. Avoid the Day after Thanksgiving 

        Auto shipping companies are closed on the day after Thanksgiving. It will be hard for you to reach a dispatcher. It is better if you start car shipping booking on the next working day. 

        2. Don’t Book in the Dead Week

        Most car carrier drivers are on leave for the last week of the year. The week between Christmas and New Year, or dead week, should be avoided as you will have to pay higher fees and face delayed car delivery. 

        3. Avoid 3-day Weekend

        Monday holidays make a 3-day weekend. These holidays include Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day. You will get late delivery if you book right before a 3-day weekend. 

        4. Book Car Shipping in Advance 

        When you book car shipping right at the time, you expose yourself to higher rates and possible delay in car shipping. Always book car shipping about 2 weeks in advance. 

        5. Be Flexible 

        The auto shipping industry gets affected by holidays, road closures, bad weather, and many other factors that are mostly out of control. Be flexible in your planning and build a margin for any contingencies. 

        Holidays Christmas & new year car shipping guide

        How Emily Shipped her car from New York to Los Angeles

        (This story is fictional and only for illustration purposes. Any resemblance will be accidental)

        Emily is 32 years young single month working in New York as a corporate lawyer with a focus on high-tech. She is moving to Los Angeles to further her career and she wants to take her 2020 Lexus ES with her. 

        Let’s see how she will move her car to Los Angeles using a car shipping company. 

        Step 1: Emily’s Sedan Needs Urgent Car Shipping

        Emily has a sedan. She can’t drive her car down to Los Angeles so she’ll hire a car shipping company to transport her car across the nation. 

        She needs her car as soon as possible in Los Angeles as she uses her car daily for commuting to work. So time is important for her. 

        Step 2: Emily’s Search for Car Shipping Quotes

        Emily requests car shipping quotes from major car shipping companies. She shares her requirements including her car details, the ideal date for car pickup from New York, and the deadline by which she needs her car in Los Angeles. 

        Emily decides on open-car shipping instead of closed-car shipping. 

        She received a quote from 6 of the 8 companies she sent requests. 

        Step 3: Companies Shortlisted by Emily

        Emily has shortlisted 4 car shipping companies that offered:

        • Competitive Prices 
        • Locked prices that won’t change in the given window 
        • Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates

        Step 4: Emily’s Review Check of Shortlisted Car Shipping Companies

        Emily looks into the customer reviews for all 4 shortlisted companies to see if the companies:

        • Offer good customer support 
        • Keeps their pickup and delivery date promises 
        • The time it takes for the car shipping companies to move a car 
        • Take care of the vehicles they ship 

        She starts with customer reviews at TransportReviews as they don’t let anyone post a review without their order information. The other platforms she uses for reading customer reviews include Google, Facebook, BBB, and Yelp. 

        Step 5: AutoStar Transport: Emily’s Choice for Car Shipping

        Emily selects AutoStar Transport for shipping her car to Los Angeles. Yasmin from AutoStar Transport Express helps Emily prepare her car for pickup by 

        • checking the fuel tank and lowering it to ¼ capacity 
        • removing personal belongings (or putting them in the trunk)
        • taking pictures of her car from all angles
        • keeping all necessary documents at hand. 

        Step 6: Emily’s Car Pickup

        On the agreed day of car pickup, the car carrier driver calls Emily before the scheduled pickup time and picks up the car. 

        Step 7: Tracking Emily’s Car Location

        Emily has reached Los Angeles but her car has not. Being in a hurry, she contacts the AutoStar Transport Express team to track the car’s location. Yasmin from AutoStar Transport Express confirms that her car is in transit and will be delivered on the afternoon of the promised delivery day. 

        Step 8: Emily Recieves Her Car

        Emily receives her car on the delivery day, checks her car for any transit damages by comparing her car with the photos she took at the time of car pickup, signs the bill of lading, and receives her car. 

        Common Car Shipping Problems and Pitfalls and How to Avoid

        When shipping your car through an auto transport company, beware of these possible pitfalls. 

        • Car Delivery can be Late: Many factors can affect the car delivery date and time. You’ll need to be flexible about that. 
        • Incorrect or Incomplete Quotes: The lowest rate you get for your car shipping will come with hidden fees. There is a possible margin of error even when you are dealing with a reputed car shipping company. You can decrease the chances of incorrect or incomplete quotes by writing down all details in depth and working with a trusted company. 
        • Customer Support Problems: The car shipping company can make mistakes in communicating with you and the car carrier. This human error can cause late delivery, extra cost, and frustration. 
        • Costly for Rural Areas: When you are shipping your car to an area far from highways and cities, you will have to pay a premium. 
        • Damage in Transit: Cars can get damaged in transit. Be sure to take pictures before loading your car and match the car’s condition using the same pictures when taking delivery. If you see the damage, get compensated with the insurance that the car shipping company provides. 
        • Bait and Switch Scams: When you get a too-good-to-be-true shipping quote for your car shipping, beware. This can be a bait-and-switch scam where they book at lower rates, load your car, and demand hidden fees that were never declared. You’ll have to pay the fee to get your car. 

        Car Shipping FAQs

        How much does it cost to ship a car? / What is the cost of shipping a car?

        The cost of shipping your car depends on the distance, the route, the vehicle size, the vehicle condition,  and the time of the year. However, the exact cost of your car shipping will be different for every situation. Please request a free car shipping quote today to get prices for your vehicle shipping. 

        How to ship a car to another state?

        Follow these simple steps to ship your car to another state. 

        1. Decide on a date for shipping your car 
        2. Get a free quote from your car shipping company for the required dates 
        3. Prepare your car by removing your personal items and keeping car ownership proof
        4. Take detailed images of the car before shipping for transit damage claim
        5. Be present for car pickup and delivery 
        6. Inspect your car and compare it with the images before shipping 
        7. Sign the Bill of Lading and get your car 
        How much does to ship a car cross country?

        The quote for your car shipping depends on the distance, the route, the vehicle size, the vehicle condition,  and the time of the year. 

        The average cost of car shipping per mile for long routes is $0.78 per mile. So, an estimated cost for shipping a car from New York to Los Angeles for a distance of almost 2800 miles can be anywhere between $2100-$2500. 

        How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

        Be ready to spend anywhere around $1,400-$3,500 for shipping a car to Hawaii. The actual cost will depend on the car shipping company, your car details, pick-up location, and the Hawaii port for delivery, among other factors. 

        How much to ship a car from Hawaii to California?

        Be ready to spend anywhere between $1400-$2300 for shipping a car from Hawaii to California. The port of car loading and where you take care of delivery hugely impact your Hawaii car shipping prices. 

        Can a dealership ship a car to another dealership?

        Yes, if you are buying a car from a dealership that is far away, they can deliver it to you for an additional cost. 

        You can also get your car by using dealer trade. In this, your local car dealership will book and arrange your car from another dealership and the other dealership will ship it to your car dealership. You will be dealing with your local car dealership all along. 

        How much to ship a car to Puerto Rico?

        Not all car shipping companies will ship your car to Puerto Rico, but AutoStar Transport Express does. 

        The cost of shipping your car to Puerto Rico can be between $1,400-$3,200 depending on your location, car details, and time of the year of shipping your car. 

        How do you choose a good car shipping company?

        You can select a car shipping company for your next vehicle transport by looking at these factors of your shortlisted car shipping companies. 

        • Prices should be reasonable. A too-low price may be a scam or they have hidden fees; a too-high fee is a straightforward ripoff. The car shipping quotes should have a difference of around $200. 
        • The company should have a wide range of services i.e., they ship cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, etc. This helps you make sure that the company has an established system of vehicle shipping. 
        • The company doesn’t have a reputation for damaging vehicles in transit. See-through reviews for this. Also, make sure the company has insurance to cover any accidents. 
        • You should be able to use Car Tracking. Either the car shipping company has GPS or their customer support is responsible for such requests. 
        • Good customer support is the crux of customer experience. Check reviews to see how good customer support is. 
        Is car shipping with an auto transport company safe?

        Car shipping with a reliable auto transport company like AutoStar Transport Express is safe. Not only are the carriers in good condition and the drivers are skilled, but also the car shipping is protected by insurance. If any damage happens to the car during transit, you will get compensated with the insurance. 

        What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

        Shipping your car via open car carriers is the cheapest way to transport your car

        How do I make payment for my auto transport?

        When shipping your car with AutoStar Transport Express, you can make payments easily with these methods. 

        • Credit Card + C.O.D
        • Credit Card 
        • Direct Deposit 
        • Wire Transfer
        • PayPal
        Can I track my car while in transport online?

        Most car shipping companies give easy tracking for your car shipping. Some may even give you GPS tracking of the car carrier truck. You can also track your car by contacting auto transport customer support. 

        What is the enclosed transport cost for shipping my car?

        The enclosed car transport method uses an enclosed container for shipping your vehicles. This car shipping method saves your car from dirt, debris, weather, scratches, etc. 

        Enclosed car shipping is suggested for luxury, classic, and vintage cars.

        Do I need to be present for pickup and delivery?

        If you cannot be present at the car pickup and delivery, appoint a representative. Talk to your car shipper and tell them about your representative for the car pickup and delivery. 

        Your representative must be of legal age as they will be required to sign the Bill of Lading and verify car’s condition before pickup and after delivery. 

        Can I ship my items in my vehicle?

        Some car shipping companies like AutoStar Transport Express allow you to ship some personal items with the car. However, your personal belongings should be out of sight. 

        How much gas should I have in my vehicle during transit?

        You should not have more than 1/4th of the gas tank capacity before shipping your car. 

        Can I ship my vehicle if it isn’t running?

        Yes, you can ship a vehicle that is not running. The car shipping industry term for such cars is ‘inoperable vehicle’. However, shipping such a vehicle costs more. 

        Can I ship a modified vehicle?

        Yes, you can ship a vehicle that is not running. The car shipping industry term for such cars is ‘inoperable vehicle’. However, shipping such a vehicle costs more. 

        What Is A Car Transport Bol?

        A bill of lading, or BOL, is the agreement between you and the car carrier. It provides the necessary information to the car carrier driver for processing the car shipping and preparing the invoice correctly. 

        A car transport BOL is the most important document in the auto transport process. 

        How do I get a car shipping estimate?

        You can get an instant car shipping estimate by contacting AutoStar Transport Express or by filling out this form. Get an instant car shipping quote today

        Are there discounts for auto transport?

        Auto transport companies offer a variety of discounts for their customers. The discounts include:

        • Veteran discount
        • Senior citizen discount 
        • Student Discount 
        • Seasonal discounts

        Make sure to ask about discounts when you get a car shipping quote.

        Do I need car shipping insurance to ship my car?

        All car shipping companies are required by law to carry liability insurance. That means the car shipping customer will be compensated by the car shipping company if the car gets damaged in transit. However, for additional protection and peace of mind, you can buy cargo insurance (which is not needed in most of cases). When you have cargo insurance, you will pay high car transportation insurance costs.

        You may need to consider auto transport insurance when you are shipping your car overseas.

        What is the auto transport insurance cost?

        The auto transport insurance cost is zero for you if you are satisfied with the liability insurance your car shipper is providing. However, you may want to buy auto shipping insurance or cargo insurance, if you are shipping your vehicle overseas. The cost of cargo insurance depends on factors including car specifications, distance traveled, mode of car transportation, etc.

        How do I find auto transport damage codes?

        The auto transport damage codes help identify and report vehicle damages. You can find auto transport damage codes here.


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