What is Auto Transport and Vehicle Shipping?

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    What Is Auto Transport?

    Auto transport, also known as vehicle shipping or car shipping, refers to the process of moving a vehicle from one point to another on a truck specially designed for that purpose.

    Here, we will discuss auto transport, auto transport cost, and choosing an auto transport company.

    Auto Transport Work

    How Does Auto Transport Work

    Are you looking for a reliable car shipping company? We are ready to provide you with the best car shipping experience. Schedule your shipment online or contact us right away.

    Here is what we do to ship cars safely and on time

    Step 1. Get a Quote and Place your Order:

    Get an instant car shipping quote online by filling out the form, sending an email to info@autostartransport.com, or calling 888-802-8250 to speak with an agent. Please compare our prices and delivery services. You will find our prices to be very competitive.

    Once you are ready to ship your car with us, contact us to schedule a car pickup. We will find a perfect car carrier for your vehicle from our 30000+ insured and vetted truckers. Our carriers are all fully insured, so every quote includes full coverage insurance with no deductible.

    As soon as we arrange the carrier for you, we will let you know the pickup time and date, the tracking number, and the name of the truck driver.

    We do not require advance payments. The deposit will only be charged once we find a driver and the vehicle is picked up.

    Step 2: Get Your Car Ready

    Getting your car ready for transportation takes some work, but it is well worth it. Car transport preparation should include the following factors:

    • The vehicle should have no more than 1/4 tank of gas
    • Perform any maintenance that needs to be done.
    • Collect all relevant documents, such as insurance, a title, and a driver’s license.
    • Take pictures of any existing damage to your car and clean it from the inside out.
    • Remove any valuables or personal items from the car.
    • Here you can find more tips on vehicle preparation.
    • Make two sets of keys for your car. Keep a backup copy and give the first to the transport company during the hand-off.

    Here is a detailed guide on some useful tips to prepare your car before car shipping.

    Step 3: Car Pick Up and Track

    Set up a convenient pickup time and location with your trucker. When the driver arrives, both of you will inspect the vehicle and sign a Bill of Lading.

    Although you are not required to be present at the pickup time, we strongly recommend that someone of your choice be present to hand over the keys and sign the Bill of Lading.

    Drivers will pick up and drive your car to its destination from your doorstep. A tracking update is available at any time during the car transportation.

    Step 4: Receive Your Vehicle

    With our door-to-door car shipping service, your car will arrive safely at its destination. As soon as your truck is close to home, your trucker will let you know and you can meet them in your driveway (or an agreed-upon location nearby).

    To accept your delivery, you’ll simply sign the Bill of Lading after carefully inspecting everything. You’re done!

    Open Transport vs. Enclosed Transport

    We offer open transportation to most of our customers. With open-transportation car shipping, you get the best value while still receiving world-class, safe transportation.

    This is the cheapest and most common method of shipping a vehicle. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, so we always offer enclosed transportation.

    It is recommended to ship enclosed most vehicles, including classics, vintage vehicles, and other luxury vehicles if you are looking for extra protection.  Click here to compare enclosed vs open car shipping.

    How to Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

    To determine whether a car transportation company is reliable, you can check their registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) of the Department of Transportation.

    Any legitimate auto transport company can provide you with their six-digit MC (Motor Carrier) Docket number and seven-digit USDOT number.

    In order to find an auto transport company near you, you can begin researching providers online. Check out review sites such as BBB, Google, Yelp, and Transport Reviews to find out more about auto transport companies in your area.

    A reputable company should be able to answer simple, straightforward questions quickly. To assist you, here are a few quick tips to use when searching for a reliable auto shipper.

    Here are 6 signs of a reliable auto transport company:

    • They provide instant quotes
    • The company does not hide online reviews
    • They don’t oversell
    • They provide several types of car transportation
    • They are willing to answer any questions you may have
    • Their pricing is upfront and they don’t hide fees or costs.

    How Much Does Auto Transport Cost?

    Several factors determine the car shipping cost, including the model and weight of the car, as well as the distance and mode of transportation. Nevertheless, plan to spend between $600 and $900 for short distances and up to $1,600 for long-distance car shipping.

    Almost all (legitimate) auto transport companies will provide you with a free quote.

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      FAQs About Auto Transport

      Do you need any special documents to ship your vehicle? (License, ownership, etc.) ?

      The answer is NO. if you are moving from one residence to another within the continental U.S. No license, title, or registration is required. If you are transporting internationally, we will inform you about which paperwork is required based on the country of delivery.

      Is it necessary to be present at pickup and delivery times?

      Although you aren’t required to be present, we strongly suggest someone on your behalf sign the Bill of Lading (inspection report) with the driver upon pickup or delivery.

      Do I need to book in advance?

      The best time to work with us is about a week in advance, but if your vehicle is ready today we can start looking to find a reputable carrier to ship your vehicle!

      Do you have any hidden fees?

      No – Our quote includes all transportation costs. You will receive a quote that includes pickup, delivery, insurance, and taxes.

      Can I put things in the vehicle?

      Officially, the FMCSA and D.O.T. prohibit this. However, a common practice allows 50-100 pounds of weight in the trunk or out of sight. Your carrier has the final say, though, as carrying anything other than motor vehicles might result in hefty fines and lengthy inspections.