How to Ship a Car

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    How to ship a car

    No matter if you’re moving across the country, buying a car online from a private party or a dealer from another state, or just heading south for the winter, one thing is certain: you’re about to ship your car. Not sure how to ship a car across country

    Here at AutoStar Transport Express, our car shipping professionals offer a comprehensive guide on how to ship a car that covers everything you need to know.

    What’s Car Transport

    Basically, you hire a car shipping company that helps you transfer your vehicle to the destination, usually to a faraway place, or it can be the state next to yours. The shipping company makes sure that your car reaches the destination safe and sound.

    Generally, there are two methods of transporting your car.  You can either book an enclosed carrier which is ideal for the car’s protection, and the other is shipping in an open carrier. An enclosed carrier usually costs 30 to 40% more than the latter. 

    Shipping Options

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    How Much Does it Cost to Have a Car Transported?
    how to ship a car

    Multiple factors come into consideration when it comes to shipping a vehicle. It depends on how much comfort you want for your vehicle.

    There are plenty of options for choosing the service that best suits your budget and affordability. The car shipping rates vary with the distance, vehicle type, kind of service you hire, and other factors.

    The average cost to ship a car internationally will definitely be higher than the local delivery.

    Some Factors to Help You Calculate Your Car Shipping Cost

    Shipping a car and making an estimation will include multiple factors. For example, the number of miles from the pick-up point, the size and type of vehicle, the season when most people travel or least, plus time of the year, the kind of terrain that comes on the way, and more.

    Distancedistance is the factor to estimate the cost of shipping

    Again, it depends upon how many miles away you want your car to be delivered. The more the number of miles, the more cash you will spend. Total distance is a significant element when figuring out expenses.

    Longer routes for the most part lead to a higher overall car shipping cost, however, it includes a discounted cost per mile for increased distances.

    Vehicle Condition

    The cost to ship your car also varies with the vehicle’s condition and shape. If it’s in a wonderful running condition, it will cost you less compared to if it is dysfunctional or not functional, or it does not properly roll or has braking issues, and or it will not steep properly.

    It will require a winch and different kinds of tools to be stacked onto the transporter trailer, which will increase the cost of shipment.

    Vehicle Make & Model

    We ask for the exact vehicle specifications because the truck driver has to know how much space will be needed for your auto transport. Longer and taller cars require additional vehicle transport adjustments, which may slightly increase car shipping costs.

    Vehicle modifications like larger tires and roof racks can also increase the cost of auto transport. In order for the driver to learn how much space will be needed for the transport company, we would require to know the exact specifics regarding your vehicle.

    Oversized vehicles and vehicles with high roofs mean special arrangements, adjustments, and modifications in the design will incur more cost.

    Auto Transport Type

    Your car is an essential part of your life which takes you to places. We all have some kind of attachment to this machine. Although most people choose to have their cars shipped in an open carrier, it cannot guarantee 100% safety as weather and terrain can play their part.

    We recommend car protection boxes (enclosed car transportation services). It’s a shield against rough weather conditions and debris etc. Yes, it will cost you more, but it ensures your peace of mind?

    Shipping Cost and Time Variations

    The shipping date also affects the shipping cost when you book a car shipping service. It would be best if you book as early as you can once you’re sure about your plans. That’s when you should begin googling for an auto transport company. Request a car shipping quote.

    Region & Route

    Shipping to and from suburban areas tends to cost more than it does to big cities. Popular routes are usually not as expensive and with a lot of open carriers, willing to transport your vehicle.

    If your route happens to be in a remote area, carriers think twice about going there and estimate their price according to how far out it is from their current route.

    Do Seasons Matter

    They do.

    Summer and spring is the time when people love to go places. That means there are more car transfers happening during these months. Prices go higher during this time. Summers are safer to drive long distances for the truckers carrying vehicles.

    During the winter, roads get blocked, and slippery roads make it hard for the vehicles to move faster, so it takes more time to reach the destination.

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    How to Get a Car Transport Quote?

    Most shippers display their phone numbers or Live Chat windows on their web pages. It’s pretty easy to just call them or Live Chat with them. There’s always somebody ready to take your call or answer the chat questions. Simply explain you want your car shipped from a particular location to another one.

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    Why the Car Shipping Cost is Different

    Have you ever noticed at an airport when the departure board changes gate numbers so fast? That can be quite confusing for some passengers. And so does the car pricing.

    • Bookings go through a bidding process

    Tips for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company

    The best car shipping services are the ones that resolutely help you get your vehicle(s) to arrive at the destination with a coordinator that assists with the pickup and delivery process.

    But you’ve got many choices and many details to go through before selecting your car transport company. To make the best decisions, your best bet is to understand the following:

    1. Avoid offers that seem too good to be true

    You will find out that vehicle transport rates vary from company to company. Make sure that you know about all the costs that you will pay and the purpose to avoid the hidden charges dilemma. Compare the prices given by various companies.

    You will get a quote from the shipping company for free. This makes it easy for you to see what suits your budget the best. Lower prices can mean poor service, delayed delivery, and pick-up, or any inconvenience which may occur. Or they pick up your car when it suits them.

    2. Check out your shipping company

    Do not rely on verbal agreements, please. The company has to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They have a registered number which they will provide you with if asked. It’s easy to verify that number from the government website. Simply, speak in writing with the auto transporter.

    3. Get everything in writingKeep the copy of written document

    It is advisable to have a copy of the document that you sign with the company that has the policies written on that. That paper serves as a legal document in case the company treats you unfairly.

    4. Documents (keep them handy)

    A car transport company will require you to show them the certificate of insurance, registration, and proof that the car is yours before they pick it up for shipping.

    They also inspect the vehicle before shipping. It’s important to be present while the inspection is being done. You will need to do a second inspection at the time of delivery. This will give a chance to report any damage done during the shipping process.

    5. Empty your car

    Shipping companies do take any responsibility for the safety of the ‘stuff’ inside the car if you place any. It can go missing on the way, or if the carrier gets pulled over for inspection by the department of transport, they could confiscate any items found in the vehicle, and or the carrier can be fined. Most companies will want your car emptied prior to transporting that.

    The loaded car will increase the weight and the cost of course which you don’t want.

    6. Insure your vehicle is covered

    Make sure that your auto insurance company covers your car when it’s in the transportation phase. Please don’t assume it does. Ask.  Some insurance companies may ask you to produce a form of notification from the car shipping company.

    7. Brokers and carriers for shipping a car

    In this industry, there are two types of companies: brokers and carriers. A carrier is a car transport driver or company that transports our shoppers’ cars. In other words, they are continuously on the road and assist us in the actual moving of your vehicle.

    Brokers are the ones who understand the customers’ needs, do the research, and make the connection between the drivers and auto transporter. They walk along with the customer from start to finish while assisting the driver with any documentation or information that needs to be sent to any party involved in the transport process.

    Both operate cohesively to transport your vehicle safely and work amid the variables that present themselves in the shipping process.

    Suggested Resources: For more information about choosing a company, see this comprehensive guide on how to choose an auto transport company.

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    In a Nutshell

    Find a legit car shipping company.

    Compare prices with various auto transport companies. Do your maths and see what clicks with your choice.

    Clarify things, minor/major things regarding shipping procedure, insurance, safety precautions, etc.

    Make a move!

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