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    Snowbird car shipping experts

    Snowbird Car
    Shipping Experts

    Do you need a Snowbird auto transport service to ship your car or RV across the country? Look no further! With over 10,000 reviews and counting, we are a reliable choice for hassle-free car shipping services. We have a network of 20,000+ enclosed and open carriers to deliver your car anywhere. We take care of all the paperwork. We can secure competitive rates and fast snowbird car shipping. Whether you’re relocating, purchasing a vehicle or need it to be transported, our experienced team will make the car shipping process easy.
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    Why Choose Us?

    Our car shipping service ensures fast and secure Snowbird car transportation.

    Live Tracking Updates

    Live Tracking Updates

    Our vehicle relocation company provides you with real-time information and updates about the status and location of your vehicle during the auto transport process.

    Transport Options

    Transport Options

    We support all auto transport options including open car transport, enclosed car transport, terminal-to-terminal, and door-to-door auto transport for all types of vehicles.

    10,000+ Positive Reviews

    10,000+ Positive Reviews

    Don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers rave about our personalized service, competitive rates, and timely delivery.

    Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide Coverage

    We offer nationwide car shipping solutions to meet your specific needs for car shipping across the U.S. and internationally including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

    Competitive Pricing

    Competitive Pricing

    We understand the value of your money. Our pricing is transparent and competitive.

    Timely Delivery

    Timely Delivery

    We understand that time is valuable. Our efficient logistics and reliable carriers ensure that your car is transported promptly.

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    How do our snowbird car transport services work?

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    Our Auto Transport Process

    What is Snowbird Auto Transport?

    What is Snowbird
    Auto Transport?

    Snowbird auto transport refers to a seasonal car shipping service catering to individuals who migrate to Florida from the southern states annually to escape harsh winter conditions. Snowbirds, typically retirees, move from colder regions to warmer destinations during winter and return in the spring. Snowbird car shipping saves time, money, wear and tear, and hassle.

    Who could make use of
    Snowbird car transport solutions?

    Individuals seeking a winter escape down south can benefit from Snowbird auto transport services. Our offerings are ideal for those desiring convenient travel without driving, making short trips hassle-free. Additionally, if you plan to acquire a new vehicle while away, snowbird car transport enables you to bring it back home seamlessly.

    Who could make use of Snowbird car transport solutions?

    How much does Snowbird auto transport cost?

    How much does
    Snowbird auto transport cost?

    Snowbirds’ car transport costs are determined by several factors. Among them are the design and model of the vehicle to be transported, distance traveled, timeframe for delivery, type of transport chosen, vehicle condition, location, and time of year. Our Snowbird’s car shipping rates are highly competitive.
    Typically, shipping a vehicle more than 1,000 miles costs $0.60 per mile. Shorter trips are more expensive per mile. For example, trips less than 500 miles cost about $1 per mile.

    Cost Estimation for Snowbird Auto Transport

    Here are some examples of distances in miles with cost ranges

    No of MilesCost Per MileSample Pricing
    1-200 Miles$2150-miles: $300
    200-500 Miles$1.50450-miles: $675
    500-1000 Miles$1.20900-miles: $1080
    1000-1500 Miles$0.901400-miles: $1260
    1500-2000 Miles$0.701900-miles: $1330
    More than 2,000 miles$0.552300-miles: $1265

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    Is Snowbird auto transport
    better than driving?

    Snowbird auto transport can be more convenient than driving, saving time and preserving your vehicle’s condition. It’s especially beneficial for long distances, inclement weather, and older drivers. Evaluate cost, time, and personal preference to decide the best option for you.

    Is Snowbird auto transport better than driving?

    Benefits of Snowbirds Auto Transport

    Benefits of
    Snowbirds Auto Transport

    • Convenience: Avoid long drives and travel stress.
    • Vehicle Preservation: Prevent wear and tear on your vehicle.
    • Weather Safety: Escape inclement conditions during travel.
    • Time Savings: Arrive quicker and refreshed.
    • Cost-Effective: Consider fuel, lodging, and vehicle wear costs.
    • Flexibility: Focus on leisure, not road stress.
    • Enclosed Car Transport: Should you possess a luxury, high-end, rare, or distinctive vehicle, you can opt for our enclosed snowbird car transport service.
    • Expertise: Professionals ensure secure, efficient transport.
    • Peace of Mind: Your vehicle’s safety is prioritized during transit.
    • Elderly-Friendly: Ideal for older travelers or those with health concerns.
    • Explore More: Immediate destination exploration upon arrival.
    • Personal Items Shipping: You can ship one suitcase or securely packed box weighing up to 100 pounds in your trunk for free, but there are restrictions on what you can ship.

    Which car shipping
    service do snowbirds prefer?

    For snowbirds who possess custom, classic, antique, or luxury vehicles, our enclosed auto transport service is strongly advised. While slightly pricier, it guarantees protection from elements and road debris.

    Additionally, our Hawaii snowbird car shipping service enjoys high demand, catering to those seeking a southern escape from northern inclement weather.

    Which car shipping service do snowbirds prefer?

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