Snowbirds Season – The Role of Auto Transport Company

Snowbirds season

What’s Snowbird About? 

A snowbird is someone who likes to travel according to seasonal changes. To be specific, it’s when the person tries to stay in warm weather by traveling to the Sun Belt (the southern states, Mexico, or the Caribbean) before winter arrives.

The majority of the people who travel during this time are baby boomers, businessmen, and basically anyone who can travel to cure their seasonal affective disorder (yes, it’s a real disorder).

For snowbirds, avoiding winter is a way to keep healthy habits without being stuck inside because of the weather and to avoid injuries. In fact, most of our customers report that they have better health rather than poor health.

And it will only become more common. A study published by the University of Florida estimated that by 2025, 26% of Florida’s population will be an older adult population (65+ years). But of course, not all snowbirds go to Florida; it just happens to be that many of them do flock there. If you’re a snowbird looking for seamless auto transport services, consider our vehicle transport company, your reliable partner in ensuring a smooth transition to your warm-weather destination.

Road, the sand and the shore

Snowbirds Prefer to Hire Auto Transport Services

Autumn is the perfect time for snowbirds to travel south and traveling with their vehicles is a must. Instead of driving the vehicles themselves, snowbirds prefer booking their flights and outsourcing the snowbirds auto transport process to us.

If you’re a snowbird and have any questions about car shipping or snowmobile auto transport, give us a call; no commitment is required. Our top-rated team of professional transport coordinators is here to help you make the best choices according to your needs.

Call now and ask about booking your return trip before the summer to get a head start on that! 

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