Victoria Ruiz

A wanderer at heart, Victoria keeps taking her RAM 1500 to new places. She has been working in the auto transport industry for 7+ years. As an evangelist for Auto Star Transport (and as a friend who transports her vehicle), Victoria loves helping Auto Star Transport customers with help guides and insights. She is nowhere to be found when she is not in the office.
car shipping

Car Shipping | One Place Resource Solution for Your Car Shipping Needs

What is Car Shipping? People move their cars for different reasons. There may be a change in work or life that forces them to change cities or areas.  Many people move seasonally for vacations, fares, exhibitions, or other events. Snowbirds move temporarily to enjoy the snow.  People who buy or sell their car to someone living in another city also...

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Tow dolly va car trailer vs auto transport

Tow Dolly vs Car Trailer vs Auto Transport – Which is Best for Me?

Do you need to move a car from one location to your new home? If so, there are several options for moving vehicles from one place to another. Driving yourself certainly appears to be a cheap and simple solution. However, a major disadvantage is the amount of wear and tear that a road trip will create. If you don't want to...

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What is the Central Dispatch Load Board

What is Central Dispatch & How Does it Work?

Every day, thousands of auto transport company owners, drivers, and dispatchers search the internet for new loads to book. Central Dispatch Load Board is without a doubt the best in the car shipping industry for finding vehicles. It is widely used and trusted by brokers, dealers, manufacturers, and more, making it a widely used and trusted solution for auto transportation....

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AAA Long Distance Towing

How Reliable is AAA When it Comes to Long-Distance Towing?

How Far Does AAA Tow? Towing distances range from three miles to two hundred miles, depending on which membership plan you have. Here are the towing distances included with each AAA membership tier: The AAA Classic involves three to 5 miles of towing With AAA Plus, you can tow up to 100 miles With AAA Premier, you can tow up...

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Cheapest State to Buy a Car

Cheapest State to Buy a Car

Here are the 5 best and cheapest states to buy a new or used car: New Hampshire Florida Oregon North Carolina Missouri Ohio New Hampshire is the overall cheapest state to buy a car. New Hampshire has relatively low unexpected fees for purchasing a car. You can save on upfront costs through the lack of state sales taxes and low...

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Modes of Car Transportation

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car?

Are you considering moving to a new city, a place, or a town? You may be thinking of what is the cheapest way to ship a car to the place where you are/will be. Well, there are plenty of the cheapest car shipping options available to you when it comes to vehicle transport. Let’s check out a few…. The most...

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How to Register a Car in Hawaii

How to Register a Car in Hawaii

Whether you are moving to Hawaii, permanently living in a new county within the state, or purchasing a vehicle in Hawaii, you must register a vehicle with the Hawaii Department of Transportation. You must register your vehicle in the county where you live. You have 30 days to register your car if you are a new resident of Hawaii. In...

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Rules For Shipping a Car to Hawaii

Rules For Shipping A Car To Hawaii

Shipping a car to Hawaii is easier than many think. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you should be aware of before moving to or from Hawaii. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about those rules for shipping a car to/from Hawaii, in order to be better prepared. Rules for shipping a Car...

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How Much to Ship a Car To or From Puerto Rico

The Cost of Shipping a Car to Puerto Rico

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico? When getting your car shipped to Puerto Rico, you may be concerned about the cost. While the cost to ship a car overseas usually exceeds that of transport from place to place within the continental U.S. the shipping process is not nearly as difficult or as expensive as...

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Can I Take My Financed Car To Puerto Rico

Can I Ship a Financed Car to Puerto Rico

Can I Take My Financed Car To Puerto Rico? Shipping a financed car is generally not prohibited anywhere in the United States. However, if you are shipping a car to Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii you'll need a copy of the authenticated letter and possibly more information from the lienholder. The authenticated letter must state that you can ship the...

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Puerto Rican License Plate

How to Get Puerto Rican License Plates For Your Vehicle

Does Puerto Rico Issue Its Own License Plate? In 1906, Puerto Rico became the first U.S. territory to require its residents to register their motor vehicles and display Puerto Rican license plates. Since 1976, only rear license plates have been required. The License Plate Requirements in Puerto Rico License plates in Puerto Rico are as easy to obtain as they...

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Difference Between Towing and Shipping a Car

What is the Difference Between a Towing and an Auto Transport Company?

Sometimes a drive in the car is not feasible when your car needs maintenance or you might be moving to another state for a new job promotion. In these situations, as well as others, you will need assistance moving your vehicle. Car towing and car shipping are the two most commonly used options. While people sometimes confuse towing with auto-hauling,...

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Private Car Hauler

Private Car Haulers

Private haulers provide auto transport services for private car owners and are usually owner-operators who run a specific route. They move cars using a single carrier on their own and take a few cars at a time. A private car hauler can move a wide variety of vehicles, such as sedans, supercars, classic cars, and even boats and motorcycles. Every...

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Private Car Transport Companies

10 Best Private Car Transport Companies for 2022

Lots of people think that truck trailers on highways belong to car dealers when they see them. However, did you know that not only auto dealers transport cars but private car owners as well? Whether you need to ship a single car or multiple cars, you can easily hire a private car hauler. This includes efficiency, safety, and avoiding wear...

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Car Dealerships in Puerto Rico

Top Car Auctions in Anchorage Alaska – Buying a Car in Alaska

A lot of people consider buying a used car in Alaska, but don't want to buy a stolen car. How can I be sure the seller isn't cheating me? Is buying from a private seller safe? I will discuss all things related to purchasing a car in this article, from the top Alaska auto auction to useful tips on buying...

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Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping Guide

Terminal to Terminal car shipping means that the customer must drop off a vehicle at the terminal nearest the pickup location, then pick it up at the terminal closest to the delivery location. A terminal-to-terminal car shipping service is used by high-volume auto shipping companies and is a more cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle. [lwptoc] What is an Auto...

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Top 10 Auto Transport Companies

10 Best Auto Transport Companies for 2022

If you need to ship a car across the country, to your new university, or to a military base, choosing the right auto transport company can streamline the process. A car shipping company must be reputable, quick, and endorsed by many satisfied customers on top of being affordable when searching for auto transport services. If you do your research you...

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shipping a leased car to Hawaii

Can You Ship a Car That is Financed to Hawaii

Can I Ship a Leased Car to Hawaii Having a Financed car generally doesn’t disallow you from shipping it. You can take it anywhere in the United States, however, if you are shipping your car to Hawaii or Alaska you’ll need a copy of the authenticated letter and possibly more information provided by the lien holder.  Required Documents for Shipping...

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autostar transport

Why Choose Autostar Transport Express

In today’s hectic lifestyle where most human beings are busy multi-tasking, the idea of transporting a car to a different place can haunt you. People move all the time, and so do their vehicles. You might want to move to a new city or a state for any reason; a new job, relocation, an excursion trip, or just for spending...

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Transport broker

What You Need to Know when Choosing Transport Brokers and Carriers

If you’re trying to find loopholes when you’re transporting your vehicle(s) for a cheap price, you’re going about it the wrong way. (more…)

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Car shipping: Receive your vehicle upon delivery. Upclose image of a wheel of a vintage car

3 Things you Should do Upon Your Vehicle Delivery

The best part of the transport experience? Receiving your vehicle! But you want to make sure you follow the correct steps to make sure the process is as smooth as possible, right? So, what should you do upon your vehicle delivery? (more…)

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