What’s The Bill of Lading in Auto Transport? (SUPER auto transport tip!)

What’s The Bill of Lading in Auto Transport? (SUPER auto transport tip!)

Ohhh yay, more paperwork… said no one.

But believe us, this is an important document for the auto transport that you’ll want to make sure you have.

So if you’re really down to know about one of the essential things you need to know about your car transport, keep reading.

What’s the Bill of Lading Car Transport?

It’s not gonna be another receipt you throw away… in fact, this will save you drama for whenever you need to have your proof of the transport.

Apart from being a receipt, it’s a contract between the parties involved in the transport.

If you’re the kind of person who throws out receipts, make sure you don’t do that with your contracts… ever!

What does a BOL look like?

Essentially, it shows the name of the carrier, pickup and delivery information which includes the locations, contacts for each (pickup/delivery) to sign & the dates, the driver, the vehicle information, and space to mention the conditions of the vehicle before pickup and after car delivery.

Who issues the auto transport bill of lading?

The driver/carrier company

Why do I need proof of transport?

You’ll want to know who did your car shipping, and the conditions of the vehicle before pick up and after delivery.

Any major expense that you’ve had for your vehicle should be kept, it’s a silent but important rule (think: tax deductions, budgeting, in rare cases for any changes or damages, etc).

SUPER tip.

Do NOT sign the BOL nor accept the vehicle if there are any discrepancies!

Be sure to read the BOL before you sign it to ensure that the details are accurate. If not, call the company you booked with ASAP.

… Request it!

Many carriers are now using the electronic bill of ladings for it to be emailed to you upon pickup and delivery!

This is especially important when you’re receiving your vehicle upon delivery. If you’re not sure what to do upon delivery either, we got you covered right here.

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