How Much Should You tip to Movers?

How Much Should You tip to Movers?

Does your driver deserve to be tipped or not? that is the question. When it comes to car shipping, knowing who to tip and how much to tip Car transport driver is a complicated matter.

As in most service-based industries, tipping is linked to service and the quality of service is usually what we want. Although tipping your movers is optional, we recommend it if they did a great job it’s nice to let the driver know they did a great job.

So to make the decision easier for you, here are common car shipping questions to help you when tipping car transport drivers or decide whether your driver deserves to be tipped or not. 

1. Did he touch base with you before arriving?

Communication is important! Since this experience is subject to a game of circumstances, your driver will want to make sure you’re available when he arrives.

2. Was he professional and courteous?

The way the driver made you feel after the conversation is a good sign of courtesy. Did he address your questions properly and with respect? Then that’s a good driver right there.

3. Did he inspect your vehicle properly?

Professional drivers know that their customers deeply care about their vehicles and are honest about the way they treat your vehicles.

4. Did he deliver your vehicle in the same conditions as when it was picked up?

If he did an inspection and returned it back in its original conditions, that’s good service!

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5. Did he try to deliver the vehicle as close to you as possible?

Drivers do have to be mindful of their loads at all times. However, good drivers try their best to get as close to the delivery location and make sure you are okay with it.

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If the majority of the answers for these questions were “yes”, then tipping your driver isn’t a bad idea. So now the question is how much to tip auto transport driver?


That obviously depends on you, but if you’re looking for numbers, tip 10%–20% of your complete bill for long-distance movers and 5%–10% for short distance movers.

Short answer: no, Tipping your movers is optional. But when you get 5-star service from your movers, we recommend you tip as a way of saying thanks.

Some car shipping companies have a tip line on the transport bill for you to pay with a credit card, however, we prescribe you always tip in real money to guarantee every individual on the moving crew gets their fair share.

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