Private Car Haulers

Private Car Haulers

Private haulers provide auto transport services for private car owners and are usually owner-operators who run a specific route. They move cars using a single carrier on their own and take a few cars at a time.

A private car hauler can move a wide variety of vehicles, such as sedans, supercars, classic cars, and even boats and motorcycles. Every type of vehicle can be equipped with customized equipment.

What is a Private Car Hauling Company?

Many of us think that the huge truck trailers we see on highways belong to car dealers. But did you know, it’s not only auto dealers who ship cars, even private car haulers do it as well. A private car hauler is a small company or individual that ships cars. The company moves cars on its own with a single carrier.

A private car hauler typically has:

  • Modern trailers
  • GPS car tracker
  • Dedicated equipment for enclosed trucks
  • Hydraulic racking systems
  • Ramps and liftgates

They hire skilled and licensed car transporters to move vehicles safely. All shipping is handled by the company’s customer service professionals, who are skilled in communication, have detailed knowledge of all types of vehicles, and know the shipping process extremely well.

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    Ship Your Car anywhere With a Private Car Hauler

    Private car hauling companies can ship vehicles in any state, including Hawaii and Alaska. Those who prefer to move their cars with them when traveling cross country may find this service ideal.

    Private Car Haulers provide services for:

    • Moving military vehicles to other camps
    • Online car buyers
    • Transporting a snowbird’s vehicle
    • Moving a car to or from a car show
    • Sending a car to a professional athlete
    • Moving a vehicle for a college student
    • Delivering a vehicle to an employee assigned to another city

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    Considerations When Hiring Private Auto Haulers

    You have a variety of options when selecting a private car hauler, but some are better than others. Let’s explore what to look for in a shipping company, how to best approach the process, and how to find the best deal.


    When hiring a private car hauler, the first step is gathering information to get an idea of the cost. This includes information such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle as well as where it is being shipped. The price can also vary depending on the timeframe of delivery.

    It is best to begin the process several weeks before you will need shipping for a private move. A private vehicle mover is a perfect choice for when you need urgent car transportation or fast delivery. There is, however, one thing to remember. These do qualify as specialty services and cost slightly more than regular car transport.


    If you are hiring an auto hauling company, be sure to ask them for their USDOT and MC numbers. This way, you know that they are licensed to haul cars anywhere in the country.

    If the company does not have a DOT/MC number, even if it offers a cheap quote, don’t transact with them. Check to see if the paper they submit to you is valid or fraudulent.

    Customer Service

    A private vehicle hauling company with excellent customer service is ideal. You will be notified a day in advance of the pick-up time. Your vehicle transporter will keep track of your journey and contact you with information about it.

    Car Shipping Options With Private Vehicle Movers

    Two types of carriers are available to you when it comes to moving your vehicle with a private car mover. The first and most common method of transport is via open-air transportIn general, open carriers are the most cost-effective because they allow for multiple vehicles to be moved at once, thus reducing their operating costs. 

    Alternatively, enclosed carriers are smaller, safer, completely enclosed, and carry fewer vehicles at one time. The enclosed cargo area offers less room for vehicles, which is why enclosed trucks transport only one or two cars at a time,

    If you’re considering hiring a private auto transporter, domestic or international, check out our services! We are available to provide you with free estimates 24/7, 365 days a year! Call us at 888-802-8250 today.


    A Private Car Hauler’s Benefits

    • Direct Access to Driver – One of the benefits of working with a private hauler is being able to deal directly with the driver.  With nobody in your way, you can directly contact the driver to ask where your vehicle is, when they will arrive, update them on your availability, etc.
    • The Best Option for Short-Distance Transport – Every day, carriers drive a few hundred miles to and from your area. Then you’ll have a better chance of being picked up quickly. For those, it might be possible to have it delivered the same day or the next day.
    • 100% Payment at Delivery – There is no deposit. Since you are not paying a company to find the carrier for you, you do not need to pay before the vehicle is delivered. You just pay them cash at the delivery location or by certified funds.

    Private Car Haulers have Some Disadvantages

    • Routes and Availability are Limited – Private haulers typically cover a smaller area. Most private car haulers travel within 500 miles. They may not even travel out of state because of that reason. There is also a possibility that they will not be in your area for a couple of days. However, auto transport brokers can quickly find a carrier.
    • References and Reviews are Limited – Private haulers may run their trucks by passing out business cards, providing their cell phone numbers, and perhaps posting a local listing with just a street view on search engines. They are not likely to have many reviews since they run their business differently. As far as auto transport companies are concerned, you can find reviews on their websites and relevant third-party websites.
    • No Contract or Agreement Signed Before Transport – The hauler will usually give you a price, but it may only be something they tell you over the phone. There is no contract in advance. They just don’t do it. A bill of lading is all that they need to meet their requirement. In this document, the pickup and dropoff conditions are noted, and the price may be included or not. These are typically very basic.
    • Undisclosed Fees – They might charge you a fee they don’t disclose upfront. The vehicle may not be delivered on time if it is larger than described. A lot of personal items can add weight to your bag. Non-running cars may result in higher car shipping costs. When you receive your vehicle, they may reveal the information to you.

    If you work with an experienced and reputable auto transport company, these issues are taken care of in advance.

    If a company wants to protect its customers, it will have protections in its contract with the carrier. As such, they must alert the company and customer of any increase due to the size or condition of the vehicle, the number of personal items, etc., or abandon the pickup without charging.

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