The REAL reasons that Cause delay in shipping (of your auto transport)

Some real reasons that cause delay in shipping

What are the real reasons causing delays in shipping cars? As you know, being on the road has its factors that sometimes are out of our hands to control. That’s just a simple fact that every vehicle owner knows and has to deal with.

If you live in a busy major city, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

However, as a car shipping company, we do know these factors and how to work around them to lessen the chances of delayed shipping or altering the time frames during your auto transport.


Key Highlights

  • Guaranteed car delivery dates for auto transport aren’t realistic, but communication is key to managing delays.
  • Common causes of auto transport delays include issues with other deliveries, weather, truck breakdowns, and driving regulations.
  • Understanding these delays can help improve communication and preparation for your car shipment.


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Although auto-transport-guaranteed-delivery dates are not a thing we can commit to, we at AutoStar Transport Express are aware of this and prefer to work with high-quality carriers that take their time frames seriously.

In other words, since drivers sometimes have to work with situations that are out of their reach, we work with estimated dates that our reliable carriers provide.

How do we find these kinds of drivers?

Time frames of the auto transport - car waiting in traffic

Well, we’ve been in the business for a while now and we’ve partnered up with auto transport carriers. Not all of them work the same and this fact has led us to develop a carrier network; we keep in touch with the owners and drivers so that we’re able to see what kind of carrier is fit for this job.

Quality is meaningful and we measure that in different ways when it comes to working with auto transport carriers.

By the history of t

How do we measure that?

By the history of their previous transports. We choose our drivers and enjoy working with carriers that mostly maintain one thing, and surprisingly it isn’t only their time management skills.

What is it?

Communication skills! Good carriers, who know and understand when they are out of options to pick up or deliver the vehicle on time, know that the least we ask of them is for communication to keep our customers up-to-date.

Okay okay, but why is my transport taking longer than expected?

Why is my vehicle delayed in shipping?

What’s taking so long for the driver to arrive?

Why didn’t the driver arrive in the time frame we agreed?

Why is my driver a day late for the pickup?


We understand that changing plans to arrange the pickup or delivery of the vehicle may not always be something you can easily work with.

And you might be wondering:

… but why is there a delay in shipping with the timing of the transport?

As a company that’s seen the industry change over the last 10 years, we know and understand why our customers would be worried.

And we know that on-time auto transport is our goal; that’s every customer’s wish and that’s what we strive for when picking a carrier.

But there are unexpected events that happen along the road that the driver has to deal with.

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Delays in Shipping of the other orders

The majority of the carriers that we work with are constantly hauling many vehicles, which means that there are other pickups and delivery contacts in the auto transport process.

Drivers estimate the time frames that it would take and make room for unpredictable moments.

Traffic and weather conditions

As we mentioned before, traffic is inevitable. So are weather conditions; especially if the drivers need to drive with more precautions to avoid any accidents and protect their vehicles.

Truck breakdowns and mechanical issues

Nobody likes them, but they happen. When it does happen, most of the time carriers can resolve the issue quickly, which only causes a slight delay.

Driving laws

The transport industry has gone through some changes that strictly monitor the driver’s hours of service for car shipping.

Each truck has its electronic logging device now and with that, they are tracked for the amount of time they used to complete the job. Since carriers provide their supporting documents to the FMSCA about this, it’s not something they can simply ignore.

What does this mean to you?

Drivers must stop and rest and that’s something they cannot workaround. With many years of experience, we are well aware of the issues with the nature of this industry and do our best to provide quality service through communication with our customers.

If you have read this far, you deserve a gold star for being cool-headed and sticking with us. Understanding the mishaps that affect the time frames in car shipping can help improve communication and your preparations.

For more details on preparations, feel free to review what you need to know about the car delivery to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, right here.

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In conclusion, while on-time delivery is always the goal, unexpected events can cause delays in auto transport. These can range from managing other pickups and deliveries for the carrier to unpredictable weather conditions or even breakdowns. The industry’s regulations on driver hours of service also play a role, ensuring driver safety but sometimes impacting timelines.

Here at AutoStar Transport Express, we understand the frustration delays can cause. By partnering with reliable carriers who prioritize communication, we strive to keep you informed throughout the process. For a smoother car shipping experience, familiarize yourself with vehicle preparation tips to avoid further delays. Remember, knowledge and clear communication are key! Contact us today to learn more and get started on your worry-free car shipping journey.


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