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Our knowledge of the ever-changing market and relationships with the best in the business make sure you don’t pay a penny more than your transport is worth and also that you don’t waste time with lowball discount auto transport prices that will never move your vehicle. We always look for the right balance between economical and quality car shipping.

What needs to be considered in vehicle shipping pricing?

The car shipping industry comes down to supply and demand for trucks and fuel prices. We know the market inside and out to ensure you an affordable auto transport. Each and every car shipping quote we send out has been put together by one of our real-life experts who knows how to read the market and offer a good, fair deal to both our Client and our partner car carrier. This ensures that our vehicles get on the road with a quality transporter. What needs to be considered in determining the price:

  • The Route – Trucks are constantly circling the country and the most common routes give us the most options for trucks. We will have plenty of carrier options for vehicles moving between transport hubs like Los Angeles, Miami and New York.  There are fewer options for vehicles moving from remote or uncommon locations.  We map out every route carefully so as to give you realistic expectations about time and price.
  • Your vehicle – How heavy is it? How much space will it take up on the carrier?  Has it been modified?  All of these factors affect pricing.  A small sedan takes up less space and burns less fuel for the trucker than a large SUV and pricing needs to reflect this.
  • The Season – Certain routes like between the Northeast and Florida get saturated at certain times of the year when everyone is in search of the best weather! When there is more demand for truck space, pricing need to be competitive for carriers to be interested in transporting your vehicle.
  • Your Schedule – The car shipping industry works in windows of time, as it is not a taxi service. When a transport needs to be expedited, pricing must be competitive in order to secure a carrier quickly!

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Car Transportation Pricing