Is it Better to Hire Someone to Drive my Car Across the Country?

Is it better to hire someone to drive my car across country

Cars are shipped all around the world and within the country as more and more people are relying upon personal vehicles.

Many reasons may lead you to ship a car cross country. Buying a new car online, relocating because of a promotion, or going south for the winter might have caught your eye. All of these are valid reasons.

When you need to move your car across the country, you may decide to drive it yourself. You’re likely to hire someone to drive your car cross country if driving yourself isn’t an option. However, you might want to see what suits you more; driving or having your car shipped.

So in this article, we will discuss all your options. When you understand what each of your options has to offer, you’ll be able to make a better decision.

Should I Drive My Car Across Country?

People consider driving their own vehicles will be more affordable than hiring an expert driver or shipping a car across the country, however, the receipts add up when you’re road tripping.

You’ll need to pay for gas, food, and lodging. You may find that the miles you pile up now transform into maintenance costs later on.

Frankly speaking, driving your own car across the nation can be stressful. Because of a great deal of traffic, you’ll hit, the missed turns that will drive you insane, and all the other little inconveniences that make road tripping in real life less fun than it glances in the films

hire someone to drive your car to another state

How Long Does it Take to Drive Cross Country and is it difficult?

There are so many people thatdrive their cars from the East Coast to the West Coast in less than 45 hours.Driving across the country can be a time-consuming and tiring task, but it is also quite dangerous. Driving a vehicle for so long gets both your body and your mind too tired.

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Do you need someone to ship your car across the country?

If you need to move cars from state to state or across country, not everyone is able to drive a vehicle a long distance, let’s take a look at some other alternatives.

  • Hire a professional driveaway service
  • Ask someone you know to drive your car across the country
  • Use a professional cross-country auto transport company
  • Book an independent driver

1. Hire a professional driveaway service

Hire Someone To Drive Your Car Cross Country?A vehicle transport service in which your vehicle is picked up by a trained/licensed driver who drives it to the destination.

It involves hiring companies that drive your car across country, sometimes thousands of miles away.

Many professional cross-country drivers claim that hiring a professional driver is a safer alternative to shipping a car across the country. But is it really? Let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring a driver to make our decision easier.


  • Faster Shipping –  Because your vehicle will be picked up and driven immediately to its final destination from an agreed-upon location,   There is no loading or unloading time associated with this service, so It will be delivered much more quickly than traditional auto transport services.
  • Door-to-door service: No matter where you live, your vehicle will be picked up by a  professional cross-country driver and delivered to its final destination. Of course, this also contributes to a faster shipping time.
  • Transport Personal Items, and Pets. It is possible to load your luggage into your car during the trip, which will cut the cost of hiring movers. They can move your pet between states, feed it,  walk it and play with it. Adding $50 a day for each pet. Additionally, you’ll never need to remove any of your car’s accessories as you might with traditional transport service.
  • You might be able to ride along: You may have the option of riding along with your driver. This means you’ll be in your vehicle the entire time.
  • Personalized service: With driveaway companies, your vehicle is the focus of the driver’s attention, unlike parking it on a carrier with up to nine other cars. Their only concern is making sure your car, truck, or SUV reaches its destination safely and on time.
  • Specialized insurance: Most professional drivers are diligent about protecting themselves, and so they will carry enough insurance that you will be compensated if there is an issue en route.


On the flip side, there are a few disadvantages too. For example:

  • More Expensive. More personalized service means a higher price. With a single vehicle, it will not be possible to split the cost with others the way you would with multiple vehicles.
  • Possibility of Wear and Tear. As your car is driven, there is the additional wear and tear you have to take into account.
  • More Mileage. Your vehicle’s value naturally declines as it travels more. If your car needs to be driven far, the car will have more miles than if it were towed.
  • Difficult to find a reputable driver: If you’ve never done this before, it can be challenging because you don’t know what you should look for.
  • Companies may reject your vehicle. For moving, some companies require vehicles to be no older than seven years and/or have no more than 150,000 miles on their odometers.

How Much Is To Hire Driveaway Service?

On average, it costs $500 a day plus all the other costs (flights, accommodations, food, gas, tolls, vehicle breakdowns, etc.).

Car DriveAway Service – What You Need To Know

  • Document the vehicle’s condition. Be sure to document your vehicle’s condition before hiring a driver for it. You want to be able to prove that your car hasn’t been pre-damaged if the driveaway service delivers it with scratched, dented, or other damages.
  • Inquire about insurance: Before hiring a company, find out what their liability policy is. You need to ensure you’re protected from both your vehicle and the property of others.
  • Luggage in vehicles must be bagged. In the vehicle, do not place any valuables. The company may be asked to provide a photo of your id and a statement that there are no illegal items in the vehicle and that the driver is not responsible for the items in the car.

Why Would Some People Choose a Drive Away Service?

For some shippers, time is the preference. They aim to get the vehicle to the destination no matter what the weather conditions are, or what the terrain is like.

This might bring in some fun and adventure in the driver’s life who’s driving your car. For you, that might not be a great idea to have someone drive your car. You love your car, don’t you?

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2. Have Someone You Know Drive your Car Across the Country

You can find someone to drive car across country in your family or friends, such as retirees, college students, or someone who makes their living doing odd jobs, to drive your car instead of paying a professional.

It is clear that you face more liability risk when paying someone you know to move your vehicle, but you may feel more at ease.

Following are some of the benefits and downsides of having a friend or acquaintance drive your vehicle cross-country:


  • Pocket-Friendly Solution:  Of course, you should pay your friends or acquaintances for their time, but you will likely pay less than you would if you hired a professional driver.
  • You know your driver. As your vehicle travels, it’s comforting to know who is behind the wheel.
  • Incorporate Belongings: The benefit of packing your car with luggage is you’ll be able to save on your moving fees.


  • Insurance Coverage:  To cover the driver for the trip, you will need to buy short-term insurance, which adds to the cost of moving your vehicle.
  • Wear and Tear: Road trips put wear and tear on your car. It’ll eventually cost you in future repair bills.
  • Amature Driver: It’s hard to tell how well they drive. Since you haven’t traveled with your friend or acquaintance, you can’t know how they will drive when they’re stressed out.

3. Choose a Professional Car Shipping Company.

why it is better to ship your car vs drive it your ownAuto transport companies are the most common method of moving a vehicle across the country. Most likely, it is because moving a vehicle with an auto transport company is hassle-free.

Professional companies make sure their drivers have good ratings, are fully insured, and are ready to meet your needs. Their vehicles are well-maintained, safe, and secure.

Auto transport companies carry their own insurance, so you know your vehicle is protected. Companies that offer auto transport services run in accordance with strict timetables, and you can be confident your car will arrive on time.

The Advantages of Choosing an Auto Transport Company

There are many benefits to hiring a reputable car shipping company to transport your car. This is not just about saving money, but also about saving time and stress.

  • Focus On Other Tasks: A transport company can give you peace of mind. It’s better to concentrate on other important tasks than driving your car to the very far end of the road. Team members will help you through the process, minimizing paperwork and other tasks to save you time and energy.
  • Trust and Skill: The best auto transport companies hire drivers who are highly trained, trustworthy, and have vast experience in the field. A background check is performed, they know their job, and they ensure that your car arrives on time.
  • It Saves Insurance Costs: Any reputable car transportation company will also provide you with insurance coverage so that you do not need to make use of your own policy. Before and after delivery, the truck drivers inspect your car for damage. If so, it won’t cost you any money!
  • Save Time: As auto transport companies move many vehicles, loading and unloading are quick and easy. Getting your car delivered and picked up is hassle-free, and you’ll receive it in a timely manner.
  • Save Cost: Typically, shippers will book many cars in one go, which means the car shipping cost will be divided among many cars. If you travel by your own vehicle or hire one of Driveaway companies, it will definitely cost more when you need to pay for food, lodging, and other expenses.
  • No Wear and Tear: A shipping company is a smart choice compared to driving. No added miles, headaches, or trips to a costly car mechanic.

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The disadvantage of choosing an auto transport company

  • Transporting extra luggage: There is a weight limit of 100 lbs for extra luggage. You must pack it in a box or suitcase and secure it in the trunk of your car.
  • Late delivery: Generally, the auto transport company will give you a window of 1-2 weeks for delivery, but they won’t be able to give you an exact date. Because of this, your vehicle may arrive later than expected. However, some reputable auto transport companies like to stick to schedules, so you can choose them with confidence.
  • Scams: Car shipping companies may initially offer low rates, then insist on adding extra fees or fine prints when delivering your vehicle. To avoid such a situation, do your research and conduct a background check on any company you choose.

Pro Tip: Before shipping a car with an auto transport company, check out this guide on how to choose an auto transport company to streamline your shipping experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

A number of factors determine the cost of shipping a car, such as its model, weight, distance, and mode of transportation. However, you can expect to spend between $600 and $900 on short distances and between $1,000 and $1500 for long distances. Check out the detailed guide on how much does it cost to ship a car here.

You may want to consider the following factors when figuring out the cost to ship your car. Then you will know if the shipping quote is fair.

  • Size, Make, And Model of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle Condition refers to the vehicle’s running condition
  • Current Fuel Price
  • Trip Distance and The popularity of the route
  • Transport Type(Open or Enclosed)
  • The Time Of Year
  • It Is An Auction Vehicle
  • Whether you choose guaranteed pick-up or expedited shipping

With all these factors an auto transport company has to consider, it’s nearly impossible to put an actual price on the service. The following table shows the average price per mile.

No of MilesCost Per MileSample Pricing
1-200 Miles$2150-miles: $300
200-500 Miles$1.50450-miles: $675
500-1000 Miles$1.20900-miles: $1080
1000-1500 Miles$0.901400-miles: $1260
1500-2000 Miles$0.701900-miles: $1330
More than 2,000 miles$0.552300-miles: $1265

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car?

The latest statistics on auto shipping indicate that a vehicle is usually delivered within 1 to 8 days after it is picked up, provided no unforeseen delays take place along the shipping route.

5 major factors affecting Car shipping time

The time required to pick up a car, or unusual routes, can make the car shipping process take longer than expected. The best answer to this question is to focus on five factors that indirectly influence shipping times. These are:

  • Route Distance
  • Pick-up and Drop-off Locations
  • Traffic and Season
  • Truck Breakdowns and Mechanical Issues
  • Road Conditions

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How Does the Auto Transport Process Work?

Auto transport companies make it easy to ship your car cross country. Here’s how easy it is.

1. Get an auto shipping Quote and Book:

You will receive an estimate for car transport once you request one. If you are satisfied with the price, you can book.

2. Prepare Your Car

Safe car transport requires no more than 1/4 tank of gas,  antennae retracted, and mirrors folded back. You can find more tips on vehicle preparation here

3. Car Pick Up and Track

Plan a convenient pickup time and location with your trucker. Together with the trucker, you will inspect the vehicle and sign the Bill of Lading. You will receive a copy of this document, so make sure you bring it when your vehicle is delivered.

4. Delivery

You will be contacted to confirm your availability to accept the delivery. When the car arrives, inspect it carefully and compare it to the Bill of Lading. Once everything is in order, you sign the Bill of Lading and pay your debts.

Things to Consider Before Shipping

  • All vehicles may have one-fourth (1/4) tank of fuel
  • Clean your vehicle, inside and out, and record the picture of your vehicle
  • NO personal belongings will be accepted with the exception of factory hardware.
  • Check the Radiator, Battery, and Tires
  • Address Engine & Mechanical Problems
  • Disable alarms and anti-theft devices
  • Eliminate and secure the loose parts of the vehicle
  • Make sure the keys are available
  • Ask your shipping company for proof of their cargo insurance and liability
  • Make sure you are covered by your own insurance provider
  • Maintain contact information so you can keep yourself informed about the progress of your vehicle as well as be aware of any delays

Finding the best cross country car shipping company

When you decide you want to ship your car across the country, you obviously want to find the best carrier for such a valuable thing. What should you look for in an auto transport company? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Ensure the company has a tracking system so you can find out your car is protected during the shipping process.
  • Google search. Find a variety of quotes/prices through different websites.
  • Make a list of the companies which offer the services you need.
  • Compare services(enclosed vehicles, open vehicles, multi-carrier)
  • Check ratings/Reviews by the clients.
  • Ask people you know who have the experience of transporting a car with a company.
  • Read through the auto-transport website carefully and have a feel if it’s modern, updated, and attractive. Big companies take special care of their online stuff.
  • Inquire about insurance policy, payment arrangements, tracking number, and any question that occurs.
  • Check if the auto-transporter is licensed. Go to the government website and verify its validity.
    Ensure that the company is transparent about its services.
  • Cancellation Policy. What happens if you cancel your reservation? Do you have to pay for this?

The United States is currently home to many auto-transport companies. Choosing a reliable and trusted auto mover is a smart decision.

4. Book an independent driver

If you are searching google for “I need someone to drive my car across the country”, you may hire an independent driver. Depending on where you would like your vehicle picked up, you can use the wanted ads to find a driver.

Additionally, and Craigslist may be worth a look. It is important to examine any independent driver’s references and licenses, and you may also consider a background check if you do not know the applicant.

These services carry your items as well as your pets in the vehicle and are fully insured. It can make moving a lot easier.

There are some additional considerations to take into account when hiring an independent driver. You should check your policy or purchase additional short-term insurance in case of an incident.  your insurance may cover damages, perhaps at a reduced rate if you haven’t added the driver to your policy,


  • Personal Belongings: You might also be able to ride along and transport additional luggage.
  • Faster Shipping – This service does not involve loading or unloading, so it will arrive much faster than traditional auto transport services.
  • Door-to-door service: Your vehicle will be picked up by a professional driver and delivered to its final destination, regardless of where you live.


  • More Expensive: Independent drivers usually charge by the hour and add the cost of accommodation, meals, and a one-way ticket home to the bill. The cost of hiring a professional auto transport service is still lower than all of these factors combined.
  • An Unknown Individual: A driver you hire independently is someone you don’t know. Make sure you get a copy of their license and driving record.
  • Wear and Tear. Your car will undergo additional wear and tear as you drive it.

Be sure your insurance covers a third-party operator as well. A full check-up of your vehicle is also recommended.

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