How to Get Puerto Rican License Plates For Your Vehicle

How to Get Puerto Rican License Plates For Your Vehicle

Does Puerto Rico Issue Its Own License Plate?

In 1906, Puerto Rico became the first U.S. territory to require its residents to register their motor vehicles and display Puerto Rican license plates. Since 1976, only rear license plates have been required.

The License Plate Requirements in Puerto Rico

License plates in Puerto Rico are as easy to obtain as they are anywhere in the U.S. However, you will need to go to their version of the DMV, known as the Department of Transportation and Public Works, or DTOP. You will need to register your car before you can get your Puerto Rican license plates.

Until your new plates arrive in the mail, you will receive temporary tags. This usually takes two weeks. You must attach them to the appropriate and designated spots on the front and back of your vehicle.

The most important thing is that they are visible. You should not place anything over the visor or hang anything in front of it otherwise you will be ticketed by the police.

Plates are not transferable. During the renewal of your license stickers, you will have to pay $35 annually for no-fault insurance, and $65 for registration.

Puerto Rico Offers Several Types of License Plates

In Puerto Rico, you can get the following types of license plates:

  • The most common plate that you will see in Puerto Rico is the standard plate. Standard plates are the least expensive and do not require additional approval.
  • Puerto Rico also offers personalized plates. These are typically known as “Vanity plates”. They can be customized to resemble a word or phrase.
  • Puerto Rico also has special plates for antique and historical vehicles. Besides having a valid antique or historic car, you must also have all the other typical paperwork. These will have a design that pays homage to these types of cars.
  • Government plates are only available for government officials or those working for a government agency such as the Senate in Puerto Rico. Among the different types of Puerto Rican government plates are legislator, assembly, senator, and municipal.
  • Handicapped plates are for people who have conditions that will affect their ability to get from their car to a destination. There is a handicapped symbol on these plates in Puerto Rico. Parking spots designed for handicapped people in Puerto Rico are always marked with a sign that warns of the fine if you park there without a handicapped plate or pass.

Bottom Line

In Puerto Rico, obtaining license plates is no more complicated than in any other country. To get your car registered and your license plates, you’ll need to spend a few hours at the DTOP office. Your car must be in Puerto Rico before you can get your license plates.

Don’t forget: You can always ship your car to Puerto Rico by calling 888-802-8250.

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