5 ways to make your college kid’s life easier [Car Shipping]

5 ways to make your college kid’s life easier [Car Shipping]

Transitioning into adulthood is no easy task. And as supportive parents/guardians, we want to educate our kids as best as possible so they can succeed in becoming productive members of society. But it’s not like you’re starting from scratch. Over the years, you’ve made them more aware of how important it is to have a sense of responsibility. And now it’s time to enforce that by putting it to the test.

With the world changing at a rapid pace, the need to find out who you are and the need to define your talents and abilities to express service in society, our college kids feel more pressure than ever. How can you, as a parent, help them during this learning curve and lessen their burden? Keep on reading to find out.

Help them understand that life will never be linear

If we take a moment to think about their trajectory, kids have been in institutions for most of their lives. They have been conditioned to a certain structure, which continues, except with more responsibilities to carry on and less parental involvement. Before the snowball effect is upon them, it’s important to prepare them emotionally for the hardships to come.

Often, kids have this image of adults having everything under control, which we all know is claptrap. Once they understand that everyone is still figuring out and that no one is safe from life’s curveballs, it’ll be easier for them to focus on finding solutions.

Encourage them to feel creative to become problem-solvers. 

Education is a must and we know it does not stop after college or university. And throughout their college experience, we want our out-of-state students to develop self-confidence. Every parent knows that life forces us out of our comfort zone and no one is exempt from those moments, as much as we wish the best for our kids. It would be a shame to not let them use those opportunities to see what they are capable of when push comes to shove.

The worst thing we can do during that time is over-generalize the situation and make them feel stuck in that situation. Instead, encourage them to seek some more perspective, especially when it comes to topics that you have little knowledge in. We’re parents, not encyclopedias.

Simultaneously, considering the distance between you and your college-aged kids, positive reinforcement and reassuring that they need to focus on what they can control will shift their focus. In other words, be considerate of their feelings of course, but do not end the conversation in a negative tone when they seek for validity and encouragement.

Help them develop their independence

Resist the temptation to choose your child’s courses, edit their paper, track everywhere they go, talk to their roommate to sort out their problems or make any kind of decision for them. Instead, listen! This is critical towards helping them develop their own sense of personal responsibility and self-care.

No, you don’t have to throw them and let them fend for themselves; they’re not trying to hone their wilderness survival skills. You can introduce them to the idea that they’re forging their lives through their own decisions. Yet, those decisions can be made easier when you provide them with better tools (which we will promptly mention).

First, it’s important to educate them on managing their finances. If they have gotten a head start with that by having a part-time job during high school, you’ll still need to emphasize how important it is to cover the necessary costs first before spending it on entertainment.

Now, whether your kid is:

  1. saving up to get their first car
  2. going to receive it from you
  3. a combination of the above

it’s important to talk about it. If you’re gifting it to them you can explain to them that it’s a gesture of trust. In fact, talk about how their car is a useful tool; it’s another step towards trust and they’ll be less likely to see it as another thing they’re entitled to.

…and yes, it’s good to remind them every now and then of the basic safe driving tips. Just don’t go overboard.

Consider the extra health care & travel costs

Helping your kids financially is no easy task. There’ll be expenses that you need to cover such as tuition fees, textbook and organization fees, furnishing their new places, unexpected campus fees, and off-campus fun activities. But wait… there’s more:

Health insurance for your college or university kid is a must. If you have health insurance, you need to check with them to see if they cover out-of-state costs. It’s best to save yourself future troubles in case an urgent health issue happens.

When it comes to travel costs, our first thought might be to get a round trip for our kids thinking that they will come and go only for vacation. But what about going back home for the other family events?

These “extraordinary expenses” are of major importance. Some might view it as “unnecessary”, but that’s what we tend to think until we get but this influences your adult child’s experience when they think about going back home. Quality time and experience over frequency is what we recommend. Besides, it’s good for them to engage in campus events and be a part of the community. Better memories, better tertiary journey.

Make going back home easier

It’s safe to say that we’re clear on letting our college kids take responsibility for their future. But no matter how old they get, family time is fundamental for good mental and emotional health.

That’s why it’s important for you to help your kids as much as possible when it comes to spending quality time with them in family events such as vacation, breaks and holidays.


Regardless if you’re a parent or a guardian, we all want to see our child succeed and we’re willing to give the tools to do so. Our support makes all the difference because it is a long-term investment for their well-being, and college car shipping can be one of many. Get their cars transported with AutoStar to give them and yourself a peace of mind. Your college/university kids will be glad you made it that much easier.

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