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    Top Rated Car Transport Services Los Angeles

    AutoStar Transport Express is your trusted vehicle shipping company for all of your Los Angeles auto shipping needs. Shipping a car, SUV, minivan, or truck has never been easier with our nationwide car shipping service.

    With over 16 years of experience, we have served the local Los Angeles, California market with auto transport services. 

    We offer everything from a free car shipping quote to a comprehensive approach to shipping, personalized support, and access to a bilingual full-service logistics team. Count on us to make your Los Angeles car transport experience stress-free.

    Call 888-802-8250 for an auto shipping quote for Los Angeles.

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      Auto Transport Los Angeles! Why Choose Us?

      With hassle-free and cost-effective car transport services, AutoStar Transport Express is one of the leading car shipping companies in Los Angeles.

      • Top-Rated Car Shipping Los Angeles: Licensed and bonded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, our company has over 3500 positive car shipping reviews on 6 major review sites.
      • Experienced & Educated Staff:  Our staff is experienced and well-educated in handling car shipping and transportation. We ship everything from commuter cars to classics and collectors. It is our policy to ensure the safe delivery of each vehicle we ship.
      • Complete Vehicle Coverage: Our comprehensive coverage gives you complete peace of mind.
      • Vehicle Tracking Updates: We keep you informed of the status of your vehicle throughout the delivery process. We just need your email address and order number so we can track your vehicle.
      • Customized Car Transport Los Angeles: Our customized car transport services cater to the needs of each individual. You can reach our dispatch team, customer support, or claims team for more information.
      • Competitive Pricing: Our vehicle shipping rates are competitive and there are no hidden fees. We strive to provide you with a worry-free auto shipping experience.

      Los angeles car transport

      Ready for Car Shipping to Los Angeles

      Let us help you! Call our car shipping experts at 888-802-8250 if you have any questions about shipping a car to Los Angeles. Please fill out the form at the top to receive your free quote.

      How Much Does it Cost to Ship Car to Los Angeles?

      Car shipping quotes to or from Los Angeles are primarily determined by the distance the car has to travel. The cost to ship a car generally increases over longer distances. There are also other factors that affect car shipping costs, including the car’s size, weight, type of transport, and time of year.

      Auto Transport Los Angeles Estimated Costs and Times

      CityCost To Los AngelesCost From Los AngelesDistanceEstimated Time Delivery
      Seattle, WA$700$6501135 miles3-4 days
      Denver, CO$600$7001015 miles3-4 days
      Dallas, TX$700$8001435miles3-4 days
      Chicago, IL$1100$10002015 miles5-7 days
      Detroit, MI$1200$11002280 miles5-7 days
      Atlanta, GA$900$10002180miles5-7 days
      New York, NY $1300$12002790 miles6-8 days
      Philadelphia, PA$1150$11002710 miles6-8 days
      Miami, FL$1000

      2730 miles6-8 days

      Rates and times are estimates for mid-sized sedans and may vary based on fuel costs and the time of the year.

      Use our online quote calculator below to get an instant and free quote for shipping a car to or from Los Angeles.

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        Car Transport Los Angeles Near Me

        Are you looking for a vehicle transport company near me in Los Angeles? We can ship any vehicle to Los Angeles, whether personal or commercial, at a competitive price. Whether you’re shipping a car to another state from Los Angeles or relocating to Los Angeles with your vehicle, AutoStar Transport Express will handle everything for you. With our extensive network of certified auto carriers, we can provide reliable door-to-door auto shipping services nationwide.

        Los Angeles Classic and Luxury Car Shipping

        Call AutoStar Transport Express if you’re worried about the safety of moving your classic or luxury car to Los Angeles. With our enclosed car transport service, even rain and dust are kept out of your car. Even though they are 40% more expensive than open car transport, they are also superior in every other way.

        We have 15 years of experience shipping luxury cars and expensive vehicles to Los Angeles, ranging from classic, and vintage to sports cars. Our team is available to assist you over the phone at any time, without hidden fees. We specialize in customized shipping based on your needs.

        International Car Shipping to/from Los Angeles

        Want to ship your car overseas from Los Angeles but don’t know where to start? International car shipping isn’t difficult. We can simplify the shipping process for you and alleviate your relocation stress.

        In order to provide you with the best shipping experience, AutoStar Transport Express works with the best international partners. International auto transport is offered to and from the following locations: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

        Car Shipping Los Angeles Offers Two Options

        In Los Angeles, you have two main options for moving your vehicle, regardless of whether you are buying a car online or just relocating:

        1. A driver drives the vehicle.
        2. Ship the car using car shipping companies in Los Angeles

        For over 200 miles, shipping is recommended instead of driving.

        Los Angeles auto transport companies typically ship your car using two methods.

        Enclosed Auto Transport

        Enclosed car transport is generally needed only when the vehicle is very expensive or has a low ground clearance. An enclosed carrier typically costs about 40% more than an open carrier to ship a car. The safest and fastest shipping method, despite its higher cost.

        Open-Air Car Transport

        A safe, well-known, and cost-effective alternative to enclosed auto transport is open auto transport. This is an excellent option for those on a tight budget.

        Pay only for what you need. Do you need a cheaper, more appropriate, and better way to ship your car? Find out what is the cheapest way to ship a car in this guide.

        Looking for a Cheap Option? Be aware of Car Shipping Scams

        Online shipping offers that seem too good to be true may be traps, scams, etc. The common markings of a cheap Los Angeles shipping company include:

        • A much lower price than the lowest car shipping quotes
        • There are no reviews outside of the official website
        • Shorter experience in the business
        • No credentials
        • Lack of business expertise or hurrying to close a deal

        We offer competitive pricing for short- and long-distance projects, as well as international projects. Let us know what you need for Los Angeles car shipping, and we’ll do our best to assist.

        Interesting Information About Los Angeles

        • Los Angeles (CA) is the nation’s second most populous city with more than 3.9 million residents.
        • Located in Southern California, the city is surrounded by mountains, valleys, backwoods, and beautiful shorelines.
        • This city is a hub of culture, agriculture, business, finance, vitality, aviation, science, food handling, media, tourism, etc.
        • Globally, Los Angeles is considered the most popular location for “Hollywood”. There are many big movie debuts in Los Angeles, but most of those movies are actually filmed elsewhere.
        • Furthermore, it is almost compulsory for most almost-famous people in the English-speaking world to live in Los Angeles until they become Hollywood showbiz royalty.
        • With limited public transportation options, the second-largest city in the USA will require a vehicle in order to navigate efficiently.

        Los Angeles (CA) is the second most populous city in the country with more than 3.5 million people. As a prominent feature of Southern California, it spans almost 500 miles of the cityscape. The second-largest city in the US has fewer public transportation options than some other major cities.

        With its large population, Los Angeles requires vehicle transport services that can accommodate a large number of customers. No matter if you’re shipping a car to Los Angeles or shipping a vehicle from Los Angeles, AutoStar Transport Express is here to help you every step of the way.

        Choosing a reliable car shipping company in California is not easy – many companies hire inexperienced employees or use inferior equipment to cut costs. We only use the best car shipping technology and the best staff at AutoStar Transport Express. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be transported safely and efficiently by a professional car shipper.

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        Ready for Los Angeles Car Transport with AutoStar Transport Express?

        Call our Los Angeles car transport professionals at 888-802-8250 to get answers to all your questions.
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        How can I Register my Car in Los Angeles?

        The DMV requires that you register your vehicle within 20 days of establishing residency in Los Angeles. For registration, you must submit the following documents:

        • Form REG 343 – Application for Title or Registration
        • The vehicle’s out-of-state title
        • Vehicle registration for out-of-state vehicles.
        • Proof of insurance.
        • Obtain a valid Smog certificate.
        • Payment of fees

        You will receive your registration card, stickers, and plates after a DMV employee completes your vehicle’s VIN inspection.

        Los Angeles Smog Inspections and Checks

        In order to register a vehicle in California, it must undergo such an inspection. A two-year smog inspection is required in some areas. In addition to a smog inspection certification, new vehicles must pay a yearly $20 fee for smog reduction for their first six years on the road.

        Los Angeles Auto Transport: What should I do to Prepare my Car?

        Once you have made your car shipping arrangements, now you just need to prepare your vehicle for transportation. To make the process run smoothly, you can do a few things.

        • Check your vehicle’s interior and exterior to ensure it’s clean.
        • Except for factory hardware, no personal belongings will be accepted.
        • Make sure your car is prepared for driving away when it is delivered by topping up fluids, inflating tires, and checking the battery.
        • Remove items like a GPS unit, a car charger, an aftermarket DVD player, and a stereo.
        • Check the emergency brake to make sure it works properly.
        • It is only allowed for the vehicle to have 1/4 tank of fuel.

        The following is a detailed guide on preparing your car for shipping to Los Angeles.

        We offer custom solutions for Los Angeles Car Transport

        We ship all types of vehicles to and from Los Angeles, including cars, motorcycles, military and armed forces equipment, trucks, off-road vehicles, heavy machinery, inoperable vehicles, RVs, and more.

        Types of Vehicles we Ship

        Popular Los Angeles Car Shipping Routes

        We offer services to and from these areas in Los Angeles:

        90060, 90070, 90072, 90074, 90076, 90075, 90078, 90080, 90079, 90082, 90081, 90084, 90083, 90087, 90086, 90088, 90093, 90091, 90097, 90096, 90099, 90102, 90185, 90174, 90189, 90209, 90202, 90213, 90223, 90224, 90239, 90251, 90261, 90264, 90263, 90267, 90295, 90294, 90296, 90307, 90306, 90309, 90308, 90311, 90310, 90313, 90312, 90398, 90397, 90406, 90408, 90407, 92248, 91330, 91334, 91333, 91337, 91341, 91346, 91353, 91357, 91365, 91372, 91376, 91380, 91383, 91382, 91385

        and surrounding areas.

        Los Angeles Car Transport FAQs

        Do you ship luxury or classic cars to or from Los Angeles?
        Yes, we can take care of that for you! It would be best to transport your vehicle in one of our enclosed auto carriers to prevent it from being damaged by the weather and falling debris.
         Will it take long to ship my car to or from Los Angeles?
        Car shipping time depends on when and where the vehicle needs to be shipped. It is generally estimated that a car carrier covers 500 miles per day. It should take roughly 4-7 days for a 2,000 miles trip to arrive. For example, if you want to ship a car from Dallas to Los Angeles, it will take approximately 4-6 days due to its 1436-miles distance.
         To ship a vehicle, does it need license plates?
        No, We only need the keys and vehicle.
         Is it possible to ship personal items in my vehicle?
        It is mandatory to remove all personal items from your vehicle. USDOT requires this for liability reasons. There are only a few items that may remain in your vehicle, including a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, and child safety seats.
         What paperwork is required for shipping to or from LA?
        To transport your vehicle, no additional paperwork is required from the customer. However, you will need to execute the Bill of Lading on both pickup and delivery (it’s an inspection document of your vehicle’s condition). Simply let us know the specifications of your shipment, and we will prepare a quote for your review.
         How much does It cost to ship a vehicle to or from LA?
        You can estimate the cost of shipping a vehicle to LA based on a number of different factors, such as its make and model, as well as its special requirements. Contact us today for more information and a free quote on transporting your vehicle from LA.
         Do you ship inoperable cars to or from Los Angeles?
        Yes, but this must be specified before booking! No matter what type of vehicle you have, our experts can ship it. With decades of experience shipping non-running and inoperable vehicles, we know what it takes to get the job done.
         Can I track my car shipment?
        You can always track your car during the shipping process by telling us your order number and email. Click here to track your car shipment.
         Does someone need to be present when the vehicle is picked up and delivered?
        Someone must be present to release and accept the vehicle, hand over the keys, and sign inspection reports. Anyone over the age of 18 can release or accept your vehicle.
         How do I pay for Los Angeles Car Transport?
        The most common payment method is Zelle. Additionally, you can pay by ACH, wire transfer, direct deposit, or credit/debit card.

        Do you have any other questions? To provide more information and tips on Los Angeles car shipping, we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions on our Car Shipping FAQs Page.

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          Here is what our Los Angeles car shipping service is said to be like.

          Autostar Transport provides reliable and convenient car shipping services throughout California, including Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.To learn more about our available routes and destinations, visit our page car shipping California.

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