Vehicle Shipping Preparation

Vehicle Shipping Preparation

The best ways for how to prepare your car for vehicle transport

So you got the carrier confirmed to transport your vehicle, great!

But what if the driver were to call you and tell you that the vehicle is ready to be picked up in couple of hours?

Do you know how to prepare your car for transport?

Well lucky for you, here’s what you need to know to make sure everything goes smoothly from your side:

Is your vehicle clean?

Make sure that the driver can see the condition of the vehicle before being able to load it

Is your vehicle inoperable conditions?

Is the battery fully charged? Are the tires properly inflated? Does it have gas in the tank?

Make sure that your vehicle is operable. If not, you MUST mention it to your transport coordinator before confirming a carrier.

Are the keys available?

If not, the driver will consider the vehicle as inoperable.

Is your vehicle empty of personal items?

Transporters are being inspected on a regular basis, especially with the new laws that have been implemented. That being said, your personal belongings won’t be covered, therefore we don’t recommend placing anything of value in the vehicle.

Did you remove or secure the loose parts?

Your car should be like a turtle, everything needs to be retracted.

Does the alarm work?

Good! Make sure you have clear instructions to let the driver know how to disable it.

Is it coming from an auction?

Have you provided your broker with the VIN number? Lot number? Buyer’s number? Gate Pass?

Did you make the necessary payments to have the vehicle released? Is the paperwork up-to-date?

You don’t want to be rushing the important documents at the last minute just because you didn’t find out how to prepare your car for vehicle transport.

Want to be extra cautious?

Take pictures of the vehicle before it’s loaded onto the trailer. Drivers who enjoy their job will always try to do their best as a transporter, but sometimes it’s best to have proof of the condition of the vehicle prior to the transport.

Preparing your car for vehicle transport will help the driver continue on his route and safely transport it. Got any doubts? Contact us for more information!

PS: Has your car been picked up already? Then click here to learn about what you need to do upon delivery.

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