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    Shipping Routes

    AutoStar Transport Express runs throughout the United States as a leading car transporter. We’re geared to ship your car from start to finish with our highly skilled team members.

    AutoStar Transport Express works all year round in all kinds of seasons and weather. Our drivers are well aware of the roads and routes because they drive on these for years. No matter what time of the year it is, we’ll be at your door-step on a phone call 888-802-8250.

    AutoStar Transport Express meticulously ensures the time of pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. Our clients are our assets. We care for their time and appreciate their choice of choosing AutoStar Transport Express Company. We deliver on time.

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    Most Trusted Name in Vehicle Shipping

    •    Our Car Carriers are Well Aware of the Roads and Routes
    •    13+ Year of Experience With 5-Star Reviews
    •    Safety from Weather, Climate, Rocks, and Other Debris
    •    Our Trusted Carriers Helps to Safely Transport a Car NationWide
    •    Specializes in the Transport of All Types of Vehicles Internationally
    •    Most Competitive Rates and Fastest Shipping.
    •    You can call us at 888-802-8250 any Point for a Tracking Update
    •    Our Friendly Staff is Always There to Help You any Moment
    •    Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured by FMC,and Endorsed by BBB
    •    Let us Take Care of it? We Save You Time.

    Auto Shipping Routes of AutoStar Transport Express

    AutoStar Transport Express is connected with highly skilled carriers. Weather, rain, or terrain don't matter

    Ship a Car NationWide

    AutoStar Transport Express holds a great network of carriers who can deliver your vehicle all across the United States. We've been shipping state-to-state since 2007.

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    Shipping a Car to Puerto Rico

    With its gorgeous sandy beaches and tropical terrain, it’s no surprise Puerto Rico stands out! AutoStar Transport Express arranges car transfers to and from Puerto Rico safe and sound.

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    Shipping Your Car From To or From Hawaii

    Hawaii is not too far away when it comes to AutoStar Transport Express. See Pearl Harbor and North Shore of Oahu and we can bring your car to you!

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    Shipping a Car to Alaska

    Alaska is Raw and stunning with diverse terrain. Experts at AutoStar Transport Express know how to safely deliver your car to Alaska. We make it happen in all weathers and terrains.

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    US Virgin Islands Car Shipping

    Who doesn’t like natural beauty? Mountains, tropical forests, beaches, and rocky coves are among the most beautiful assets of the islands. AutoStar Transport Express handles the shipping procedure for your car with zero hassle.

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    International Car Shipping From USA

    Thinking of your car to ship across the ponds and not sure where to begin? You’re at the right spot! AutoStar Transport Express gets your car to you anywhere in the world.

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    Estimated Time Taken for Interstate Transport

    Coast to Coast 7 - 10 days
    3/4 Cross Country 5 - 7 Days
    1/2 Cross Country 3 - 5 Days
    North to South / South to North 3 - 5 Days
    Interstate and/or the Neighboring States 1 - 3 Days

    How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car?

    Car Transport time schedule and Duration vary from place to place. Weather and Natural elements sometimes play their role.

    It is picked up by a trained licensed driver, If you are opting for the door-to-door service and from that point on AutoStar Transport Express take care of your vehicle safety and protection until it reaches the assigned destination.

    Transfer time and location play a vital role in car transportation. it also depends on the route and terrain if it's rough and hard that affects the transportation phenomenon.

    Coast To Coast & State to State Auto Transport

    For 13+ years AutoStar Transport Express has specialized in the transport of (classic) cars, motorcycles, and oversized vehicles Whether it is coast to coast auto transport or state-to-state shipping, with as much care as you would yourself.

    Shipping Car To & From Hawaii

    The AutoStar Transport Express industry is a leading provider for shipping a car to Hawaii. We answered the most important questions that you might have to take out the guesswork.

    International Car Shipping From USA

    AutoStar Transport Express works with the best international partners to ensure that you experience the best shipping experience. We help identify which partner can transport your car within your timeframe and for the best possible price.

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    Safely Transport Your Car Across The Country

    Years of Experience Safely Shipping Cars

    Shipping Cars is Our Specialty

    See Why We Have HUNDREDS of 5-Star Reviews!

    George was on the ball with the contract and setting up the transport. The Drivers were on time and called repeatedly to be sure we knew what was going on. Recommend them for their service and the best prices available.

    Adger CA to OH

    Even though we gave no advance notice of the trip (due to another company failing us); within 3 days they had found us a driver in a very rural area, during snow/ice event in Missouri. I cannot praise this company enough, they are the real deal.

    Todd MO to TX

    Stress-Free Car Shipping Services For Your Particular Needs

    Ship Your Vehicle with AutoStar Transport Express

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    Q1. Am I allowed to ship a car to Hawaii with my personal items & household goods in it?

    Nope, the rules for shipping a car to Hawaii are pretty strict on this and all personal items must be removed. … Except for two baby seats, properly strapped to the back seat. They limit our creativity here

    Q2. Can I transport my inoperable vehicle?

    Yes, as we just mentioned… this must be specified before we begin to do the booking!

    Q3. How long will it take? (to get it picked up, to get from A to B)?

    Most of our vehicles are picked up within the first few days of their availability! The best thing to do is go over the details of your particular transport with our staff who can advise you on what to expect for your route and your vehicle. Also, have a look at our Service Area and Travel Times for ideas about trip length.

    Q4.How can I transport my luxury, exotic, or classic car to and from Hawaii?

    Transporting your luxury, exotic, or classic car requires special caution. If you need land transport in addition to your maritime shipping, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to:
    1:Choose the best options to transport your vehicle
    2:Be aware of the safety precautions you require
    3:Understand the delivery process of your auto transport