20 Best Sites For Used Car Online in 2022

Looking to buy a used car and are skeptical if you can trust a used car website? These criteria will help you check the quality, usability, and trustworthiness of a site.

  • Easy to navigate with plenty of used car options
  • Offers car history with KBB (Kelly’s Blue Book) or Carfax
  • A lot of handy car-finding filters like make, model,
    price, zip code/location, year, engine, mileage, etc.
  • Shows a lot of high-quality images of the car.

We have used the above criteria to select reliable used car websites for you. Our list of the 20 best-used car websites for buying and selling used cars online in 2022 comes with only those sites we vetted in research. With a used car site from our list, you can buy your next vehicle in a few days only.

Some used car websites on our list also offer car financing. You can see if you are eligible for an auto loan right there and make a decision quickly.

eBay Motors: Best Unique Used Car Buying Siteebay motors

eBay is one of the top landing spots where you can buy and sell vehicles on the web, with an audience of 160 million or more users.

eBay has a slight edge over Craigslist in that users are not entirely anonymous and the entire transaction can be completed over the website.

eBay is popular for finding:

  1. Fixed-value postings
  2. Unique vehicles and antique cars

Pros and Cons of eBay Motors

A veteran in the online car buying and selling industry eBay motors is expensive for high-end car sellers. If you list your car above $75,000, you’ll pay $99
Great range of available vehicles including cars, trucks, sedans, RVs, ATVs, boats, snow automobiles, trailers, etc.
Inexpensive listing fee, $19 for 7 days listing and $79 for 30 day listing
Easy to use, you can create a listing for selling your car in a few minutes

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facebook market place

Facebook Marketplace: Best for Local Market

Facebook Marketplace is one of the freshest, mainstream sites to sell or buy used cars locally and nationally. All that is required to get started is:

A Facebook registration that allows you to freely search and post car listings immediately

You can easily vet potential Facebook buyers and sellers prior to anyone looking at your car, unlike Craigslist.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketplace

Pros Cons
High traffic website, people spend a lot of time on Facebook and many have started using Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell used stuffYet to build its trust as a marketplace
Good for buying cars locally, you can filter cars for the locality and message the seller directly on Facebook.

BringATrailer.com: Best for Vintage and Classic Cars

This may be the ultimate site for buying and selling uncommon works of art or marvelous, used sports cars. The portal is overflowing with devotee traffic, plus Bring-A-Trailer screens all cars on its site prior to posting them.bring a trailer is a online marketplace to buy and sell your car

If you are selling a vintage vehicle or something extraordinary, use of this site is justifiable for the following reasons:

  1. Tons of targeted traffic
  2. Passionate vehicle enthusiasts that are ready to deal

bringatrailer used car site

Pros and Cons of Bring A Trailer

Quality auction site for classic cars Available in auction format only
Helps you auction your classic car with their White-Glove service Only for classic cars

CarGurus.com: Best for Cheap Cars

car guru used car website

CarGurus is one of the most visited online marketplaces for buying and selling used cars in the U.S.

The research section of CarGurus is laid out in a clean and easy-to-understand manner:

  1. Posting on this site is free; however, you’ll be on the snare for $99 in the event that you sell a vehicle
  2. CarGurus has been around for some time now and their site looks a ton like the other enormous players
  3. No extra charges for private sellers
  4. Over 20 million cars are uploaded per month

cargurus used car sites

Pros and Cons of CarGurus.com

Excellent pre-qualification auto financing Charges a car selling listing fee
Wide selection of cars and vehicles

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Craigslist is a staple in the world of private party car buying and selling:


  1. The cost of by-owner car ads is just $5
  2. Refine search criteria by distance, make, model, year, and odometer mileage

Selling a vehicle in the local market is simple. However, Craigslist used cars site can limit sales reach since you’re likely passing up the majority of the public crowd unless somebody looks outside of their preferred geographical location.


craigslist used car site

Pros and Cons of Craigslist.org

You can find a car near you No dedicated audience for car buyers or car sellers on Craiglist, so little chance of selling a car quickly
Mostly free car listing ads

Carvana.com: Best Site for Inspected Used Vehicles

Carvana offers 360-degree camera views to uncover highlights and blemishes. Find cars that fit your budget and enjoy:
Carvana.com used car website

  1. 100-day/4,189-mile limited warranty
  2. 7-day return policy
  3. Fixed prices
  4. No minimum credit score for financing



carvana used car site

Pros and Cons of Carvana

Streamlined car buying experience, you may get your car within the same dayTrade-in deals can be improved
Excellent car financing optionsNo option to physically inspect the car (offers 7 days or 400 miles return policy)
Efficient customer support team
Car satisfaction guarantee

Autotrader.com: Best Site for Selling Used Cars

Autotrader is a great resource for finding the perfect used car. Check out their used car buying guide here. Autotrader also has iOS and Android apps.Autotrader.com , A used car website

  • Warranties vary by cars
  • The review section is helpful
  • Monthly Payments
  • No return policy
  • Negotiable pricing
  • Financing available through Lending Tree


autotrader used car site

Pros and Cons of Autotrader

One of the oldest used car websites in the marketLow privacy and safety standards
Great collection of cars and vehicles

RelayCars.com: Best Site for Consumer Reviews

RelayCars is the Virtual Reality automotive experience that puts you in the driver’s seat of hundreds of vehicles. Explore vehicles inside and out with full 360° views.

RelayCars.com used car website

  1. Download the RelayCars application, connect your #1 VR headset, and examine cars
  2. You can perform virtual test drives as well with Android-compatible devices


relaycars used car site

Pros and Cons of RelayCars

Inspect cars in 360 degrees with a VR Limit car selection
More suitable for buying new cars

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Cars.com ranks highly and quickly provides used car price estimates. Cars.com cooperates with CARFAX for vehicles sold through their site.

Cars.com used car website

  • Vendors and private dealers have the choice of giving a report to the expected purchaser for a modest fee
  • Dealer evaluations
  • Quick offer
  • Placing your own ad on Cars.com.

Cars.com has a seller app for iOS and Android.




cars.com used car site

Pros and Cons of Cars.com

Good selection of cars You’ll inspect the car yourself before you buy
Easy and useful car search filters

AutoTempest.com: Best for Comparing Options

For the All in ONE experience…nobody beats autoTEMPEST!

The website aggregates information from popular sites including:

  • Autotrader
  • AutoTempest.com used car websiteCars Direct
  • Carvana
  • Craigslist
  • E-bay Motors

autoTEMPEST also offers:

  1. Comprehensive car reviews
  2. Helpful purchasing guides
  3. Brief, helpful new car cost comparisons
  4. Detailed insurance quotes

To put it plainly, the auto tempest is the best site to purchase utilized vehicles if you have the above necessities.

As per Alexa, Autotempest.com ranked at:


autotempest used car site


Pros and Cons of AutoTempest

Shows car buying and selling listings around the webDoes not offer car listings on its own
Car search filters are excellent

Recommended: Learn how to use auto tempest used car search engine to find your dream car

Hemmings: Best Site for Classic Cars

Hemmings, used car websiteIf you are looking to buy or sell classic and collector cars then Hemmings is the proper choice.

Hemmings is so popular among classic car enthusiasts that a single listing can reach millions of potential buyers. Listings are published online as well as in print with Hemmings Motor News. The best part is that the buyer knows what the buyer wants and they love cars. They also understand how classic car transport works.

hemmings used car site

Pros and Cons of Hemmings

Excellent used car website for classic cars Only available for classic cars
The auction structure is easy, you can buy or sell your classic cars smoothly


True Car, used car websiteThe mission of TrueCar is to put clarity back into the buying process. TrueCar analyzes pricing information from dealers, then shares information with prospective car buyers. Transparent pricing allows potential buyers to reach out to TrueCar-certified dealers with improved confidence and negotiating leverage.

TrueCar is also a great place for people who want to sell their vehicles fast. Get a True Cash Offer directly from their website and cash out with a certified dealer.

truecar used car site

Pros and Cons of  True CAR

Good for buying new cars Hard to find good trade-in deals
Offers one of the lowest prices for new cars with the same specifications
Wide range of choices for used cars too

Vroom: Best Site for Buying Used Car

vroom, used car websiteYet another car-buying website that makes in-person visits to dealerships on the weekend a relic of the past. Just like Carvana, cars get sold on the website and get delivered anywhere in the United States.

Vroom also serves sellers in need of a quick sale by providing offers in 30 minutes or less. If a proposed offer is accepted, your vehicle will be picked up and you will receive payment via direct deposit.

vroom used car site

Pros and Cons of  Vroom

Good selection of cars and vehicles May demand vehicle delivery fee
Car home delivery and home pickup option Refunds for the purchase price only
Free CarMax Report

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CarMax: Biggest Used Car Retailer

Carmax, used car websiteCarMax is one of the websites that gives you a real offer when selling your vehicle online. CarMax requires you to go to one of their stores to receive an evaluation of your vehicle in person. Similar to other websites which buy cars, you will be getting less for your vehicle compared to selling to a private party. On the positive side, you will be leaving CarMax with check-in in your hand while CarMax handles the required paperwork.

carmax used car site

Pros and Cons of Carmax

Pre-certified used cars Only sell used cars
You can inspect cars physically
Wide network around the country
Competitive Prices

CarsDirect.com: Best Basic Option

Carsdirect , used car websiteCarsDirect is all about being simple and practical. Search for used cars in specific regions while filtering categories such as body style, price, and model. Results include offers from both dealers and private owners; you can also view your desired car’s Carfax report. Once you refine what you’re looking for, submit an inquiry for more details, and request special financing if needed. Links to car dealers’ websites and proper maps with directions to each store’s location are available as well.

carsdirect used car site

Pros and Cons of CarsDirect.com

Easy auto financing for people with bad credit
A high interest rate reported by many customers
Excellent car financing

Autolist.com: Best for Mobile

Autolist, used car websiteAutolist might look similar to other sites at first glance, but their Android and iOS apps are great. Their software allows you to quickly search databases of other shopping apps alongside dealership websites. They provide you with useful and helpful information such as how long a car has been listed for sale, any fluctuation in the price of the vehicle over time, and access to Carfax reports. This might be the resource you are looking for when searching for your next ride.

autolist used car site

Pros and Cons of Autolist

Shows car listings and ads from all car-selling websites Aggregator of the car selling and car buying listings around the web
Local listings are available, you can shop around your area

KBB.com: The Best Site to Evaluate Car’s Value

KBB , used car websiteKBB (also referred to as Kelly Bluebook) is like a best friend of a person looking to buy a car. Their site provides estimated valuations on the worth of your car, the amount you should pay for a used car, and a better understanding of used and new car listings. You can go through top picks and tips, calculate monthly car payments, and compare different cars.

Those who are experts and who are consumers have their reviews available there for you as well. You can also find local dealers and check your credit score.

kbb used car site

Pros and Cons of KBB

Show car history Not many cars are available
Offers reliable data about car health, accidents, etc.

Cars & Bids: Best Online Car Auction Site

Cars and Bids, used car websiteCars & Bids was launched in the summer of 2020 and quickly became the go-to platform for enthusiasts who want to sell or buy a car. While you will not find a 2019 Corolla listing here, something special like a BMW L6 (one-year-only) will likely be found here.

Each and every auction has a gallery filled with cars with a thorough description that highlights the main features, the ownership history, and flaws if the car has any. Some sellers include videos to lessen the stress of buying a car sight-unseen.

Recommended: Check out our cars and bids review page for a better understanding of how this platform works

cars and bids used car site

Pros and Cons of CarsandBids

Good for modern car enthusiasts No fixed price listings
Offers wide choicesOnly used cars
Works on an auction model
Possible YouTube promotion from Doug DeMuro

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Carfax.com: Largest Vehicle History Database

Carfax, used car websiteCarfax is a source for both the buyers and sellers which provides vehicle history information of used cars to both. Many dealerships offer a Carfax report with their used vehicles.

In the Northern part of the country, Carfax has a large and mostly complete vehicle history database. Whenever a used vehicle report is requested, Carfax gets its information from over 112,000 data sources. These data sources include auctions, fire departments, repair facilities, rental agencies, and so on.

Carfax also deals in used cars, offering vehicle searches through make, model, body type, and price. You can also choose if you want a vehicle with no accidents or damages, is owned by one person ,and has a service history with Carfax.

carfax used car site

Pros and Cons of Carfax

Provides vehicle history for used carsDoes not offer cars for sale on its website

Edmunds.com: Best for Car Value Appraisal

edmunds, used car websiteEdmunds started out as a vehicle appraisal booklet company but developed into an online marketplace for buying and selling used cars. The site offers new and used cars, information about the buying process, as well as links to dealerships and lenders.

The search functions that Edmunds provides look similar to the functions which are available on other websites, Edmunds often has more features to offer and more options to choose from. It has features that allow buyers to filter and refine more thoroughly. Edmunds also Helps people educate about the car and its buying process.

edmunds used car site

Pros and Cons of Edmunds

The go-to industry standard for car appraisals You can’t negotiate here
Strict user privacy policy Poor auto financing options
Easy navigation on the website

Pro Tips: When buying a used car, learn about the differences between classic, vintage, or antique vehicles.

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Do some research:

At the point when you’re looking for a used car,  set aside some effort to look at your online assets. The most credible names are a Facebook marketplace, eBay motors, and AutoTempest which are generally extraordinary spots to do some exploration.

You can look up invoice prices, trade-in values, owner reviews, and reasonable value projections for the model in which you’re interested.

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Bottom Line of Best Used Car Websites

If you prefer private party deals, start with Craigslist for neighborhood arrangements and eBay for cross-country deals. For those preferring to have a retail seller nearby, look to AutoTrader, Cars.com, CarGurus, CarsDirect, and TrueCar.

Whatever your choice, AutoStar Transport Express can help you transport vehicles regionally and nationally. We have over 15 years of experience in car shipping and we provide you with the most transparent service and price possible. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles shipped and thousands of five-star car shipping reviews, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

No matter what size vehicle you have, whether it is a classic or luxury, running or not, we can ship it nationwide, and even internationally.

Our most popular international car shipping routes are:

To explore our nationwide car shipping routes, you can visit our page on” transport a vehicle state to state“.

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