Shipping a Car to Puerto Rico

Ship a Car to or from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. This makes it the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. With its gorgeous sandy beaches and tropical terrain, it’s no surprise that many people decide to move to Puerto Rico.

AutoStar Transport supplies services for shipping a car to Puerto Rico so that you can use your vehicle at your leisure once you get to your dreamy destination.

Thanks to our strategic partnership with our Maritime Logistics Company, we are able to secure the most competitive rates and fastest shipping.

Puerto Rico Transport Information

To book a Puerto Rico transportation with us is as simple as providing basic booking information to us. AutoStar handles the Maritime Transportation Paperwork for you and will provide all the information needed.

At AutoStar Transport we provide a personal approach. So once you’ve booked your Puerto Rico car shipping we will send out your personalized shipping information to get you up to speed. Your dedicated Transport Coordinator will be in regular contact to keep you updated on the shipping process.

Main Shipping Ports in Puerto Rico

AutoStar Transport works with one main port in Puerto Rico and 2 main ports on the mainland. We can bring your vehicle to or from anywhere in the Continental United States to our ports and then connect with our Maritime transport that crosses the sea for shipping a car to Puerto Rico, weekly.

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    If you are planning to move to Puerto Rico, it quickly becomes apparent that you need a car to get around. Rental cars are available during hurricane season at a low price of around $15/day but rental rates jumped to $100/day in December. Now The big question is:

    Should we Ship, or Buy a New Car on the island?

    Cars are more expensive in Puerto Rico since the dealers include the excise tax in their prices the same goes for used cars. New automobiles in Puerto Rico cost between 30 and 40% more than on the mainland.

    How Much Does it Cost to Ship a car to Puerto Rico?

    It typically costs $1,200 to $3,300 to ship a vehicle from the U.S. to Puerto Rico. However, The cost is estimated. The price can vary depending on multiple factors, including the total distance, size and type of vehicle being transported, type of transport, and finally the time of the year,

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    Puerto Rico Car Shipping Costs Examples

    To/FromRORO ShippingSolo Container
    New York to Puerto Rico$1650$3865
    Colorado to Puerto Rico$1925$3945
    North Carolina to Puerto Rico$1600$4150
    Puerto Rico to Washington $1645$3600
    Puerto Rico to Texas $17153500

    Prices do not include ground transportation costs; however, if you desire door-to-door transportation, there will be an additional charge for this service,

    If you need a free, instant estimate for Puerto Rico auto transportation, utilize our online calculator.

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    Why we are the Best Choice for Puerto Rico Auto Shipping

    • licensed and bonded: Our company is licensed and bonded with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and we have over 1,000 5-star positive reviews from satisfied customers.
    • Experienced: 14+ years of experience transporting cars to Puerto Rico
    • Personalized: Our customer service department will provide you with regular tracking updates and in-person support at 888-802-8250.

    Our Puerto Rico Auto Transport Testimonial

    These people are really professional, they put the customer first, they keep in touch throughout the process, and aim to please. I saved their info on my contact list for future business. jean 

    Is it Really Expensive to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico?

    For anyone who needs a vehicle shipped, we have experts, affordable, and convenient auto moving options. Puerto Rico is an island–or more correctly, a collection of small islands–and so the only way to transport a vehicle there is by ship or air freight.

    Since boats can transport several vehicles at once (more affordably! ), whereas air freight is usually reserved for high-value, luxury, rare, or antique vehicles.

    • Ride-on/ride-off (RORO): RORO vessels generally carry vehicles in controlled climates. On the ocean, this method is the most cost-effective method for transporting vehicles.
    • Solo container: If you have a luxury or classic car you want to protect, you can get your own 20-foot container. This is the safest and most expensive option. 
    • Container sharing: Your car can be parked inside a shipping container. An average 40-foot container can hold four cars. It divides the cost of shipping an automobile to and from Puerto Rico. 

    Documents Required to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico

    In order to ship a vehicle to Puerto Rico, we need documents for Maritime Booking. The Port usually requires extra documents. A list of the different types of documents needed for Puerto Rico auto transport is shown below.

    • Proof: bill of lading 
    • Lien Holder Authorization letter: For leased or financed vehicles, you will need a Lien Holder Authorization letter
    • License: A copy of the driver’s license or any photo ID
    • Power of attorney: When the owner is absent, a notarized power of attorney letter is required so another person can deliver and pick up the vehicle.
    • Corporate Resolution: If the CAR belongs to the company, a copy of the company’s Corporate Resolution confirming the shipment must accompany the affirmation.

    You will have to pay taxes on your vehicle when you arrive in Puerto Rico. We do not know exactly what the import taxes are based on, but Hacienda does an inspection and provides the price to pay based on the vehicle’s value, and you can get an estimate on

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