Driveaway RV Service

Pick-Up and Delivery Service for Recreational Vehicles using Professional Drivers

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    Driveaway RV Service from USA

    What is Driveaway RV Service?

    Driveaway RV service offers a cost-effective way to transport your RV across long distances. Instead of traditional towing, a licensed driver picks up your RV and drives it directly to your destination, similar to car delivery services. This method can be faster and often cheaper than towing.
    It’s a great option for several situations:

    • Buying an RV out-of-state and avoiding the long drive yourself.
    • Relocating your RV to a distant campsite.
    • Simply being unable to drive the RV due to health reasons or lack of experience.

    Why Choose AutoStar Transport Express for Driveaway RV Service?

    Here are just a few reasons why AutoStar Transport Express is the perfect partner for your driveaway needs:

    Top Rated and Licensed

    Trusted and Reliable

    We’re a top-rated driveaway company with a commitment to excellence, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for your RV transport.

    Custom Driveaway Solutions

    Custom Driveaway Solutions

    We understand every RV and need is unique. We offer custom solutions to fit your specific situation, whether it’s a unique RV type or a strict delivery timeframe.

    Professional Drivers

    Professional Drivers

    Safety is our priority. Our network of qualified and insured CDL/DOT certified drivers deliver your RV with expertise and care.

    Cost Effective


    Compared to towing, driveaway services are a more affordable option for long-distance RV transport. We offer competitive rates and transparent pricing.

    Convenience and Flexibility

    Convenience and Flexibility

    Relax and skip the hassle of driving! Our service provides a convenient and flexible solution for your RV relocation.

    Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide Coverage

    We deliver your RV anywhere in the US, thanks to our expansive driver network.

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    How Does Driveaway RV Service Work?

    Driveaway RV service offers a convenient way to transport your RV across long distances. Here’s a breakdown of the process in 3 steps:

    Request a Quote & Book Order

    Our Driver Will Pick Up Your RV on Scheduled Date

    Receive Your RV and Leave a Review

    Our Auto Transport Process

    Reliable and Safe Driveaway RV Service with AutoStar Transport Express

    Reliable and Safe Driveaway Service with
    AutoStar Transport Express

    At AutoStar Transport Express, we understand the unique challenges of transporting your RV. That’s why we offer a reliable driveaway service with a network of experienced and qualified drivers throughout the USA.
    This service provides a cost-effective and convenient solution, whether you’re relocating your RV or need it delivered from a dealership.

    What Types of
    RVs Do We Deliver?

    At AutoStar Transport Express, we understand that RVs come in all shapes and sizes. We are happy to transport a wide variety of RV types to ensure your chosen method of travel arrives safely at its destination. Here are some of the most common RVs we handle:

    • Class A Motorhomes: These luxurious giants of the road offer all the comforts of home on wheels, including kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas.
    • Class B Campervans: These compact and maneuverable RVs are perfect for weekend getaways or solo adventures.
    • Class C Motorhomes: Offering a balance between size and amenities, Class C motorhomes are popular choices for families and those seeking more space than a campervan.
    • Fifth-Wheel Trailers: These spacious trailers provide ample living quarters and are often towed by large pickup trucks.
    • Travel Trailers: Travel trailers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, offering a versatile option for RV enthusiasts.
    • Toy Haulers: Designed for those who enjoy bringing along recreational equipment, toy haulers feature dedicated cargo space for motorcycles, ATVs, or other gear.
    • Pop-Up Campers: These lightweight and affordable trailers offer a simple camping solution that folds down for easy transport and storage.

    Not sure if your RV type is listed? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team can answer your questions and determine if your RV is suitable for driveaway service. We are happy to accommodate a wide range of RV models.

    What Types of RVS do we Deliver in Driveaway RV Service

    Benefits of AutoStar Transport Express Driveaway RV Service

    Benefits of AutoStar Transport Express
    Driveaway RV Service

    • Experienced Drivers: We have a nationwide network of vetted and insured drivers experienced in handling all types of RVs.
    • Cost-Effective: Driveaway services are typically more affordable than traditional towing methods.
    • Convenience: Skip the hassle of driving your RV yourself. Relax and let our professionals handle the delivery.
    • Nationwide Coverage: We can pick up and deliver your RV to any location within the continental United States.

    Ready to experience the ease and affordability of AutoStar’s Driveaway RV service?

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    How Much Does
    Driveaway Cost?

    The exact cost of driveaway RV service depends on several factors, including:

    • Distance: The biggest factor influencing cost is the distance your RV needs to be transported. Generally, longer distances translate to higher costs.
    • RV Size and Weight: Larger and heavier RVs may cost slightly more to transport due to potential fuel consumption differences.
    • Route and Season: Fuel prices and demand for drivers can fluctuate depending on the route and season.

    Here are some estimated ranges for driveaway RV transportation across the USA (excluding fuel, which is the driver’s responsibility):

    • Short Distance (under 500 miles): $500 – $1,000
    • Medium Distance (500 – 1,500 miles): $1,000 – $2,800
    • Long Distance (over 1,500 miles): $2,800+
    How Much Does Driveaway RV Cost

    How Long Does Driveaway RV Service take

    How Long Does
    Driveaway Take?

    The travel time for driveaway RV service depends on the distance and the driver’s planned route. Generally, you can expect it to be similar to if you were driving yourself. Factors like weather, traffic, and rest stops can influence the pace and estimated travel times for driveaway RV transport across the USA.

    • Short Distance (under 500 miles): 1-2 days
    • Medium Distance (500 – 1,500 miles): 2-4 days
    • Long Distance (over 1,500 miles): 4+ days

    Example Routes and Times

    • Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL (approx. 2,700 miles): 3-5 days
    • Seattle, WA to New York City, NY (approx. 2,900 miles): 3-6 days
    • Austin, TX to Denver, CO (approx. 800 miles): 1-3 days

    Remember, these are just estimations. Contact AutoStar Transport Express for a more precise timeframe based on your specific needs.

    RV Requirements

    Before you book your driveaway RV service with AutoStar Transport Express, it’s important to ensure your RV meets our requirements for safe and efficient transportation. Here’s what we need to know:

    RV Condition

    • Roadworthy: Your RV must be in good running condition with no mechanical problems that could hinder the driver’s ability to safely deliver it.
    • Street Legal: The RV must be properly registered, insured, and meet all safety regulations for driving on public roads.
    • Cleanliness: The RV’s interior should be clean and free of excessive clutter or debris.
    • Fluid Levels: Ensure all fluids (oil, coolant, etc.) are topped up and at proper levels before pickup.


    • Pre-trip Inspection: We recommend having a qualified mechanic perform a pre-trip inspection to identify and address any potential mechanical issues.
    • Documentation: Have your RV’s registration, insurance paperwork, and any other relevant documents readily available for the driver during pickup.
    • Personal Belongings: Remove all personal belongings from the RV’s interior before pickup. Only essential items needed for the driver during transport, such as a sleeping bag (if permitted), may be left on board.

    Additional Considerations

    • Battery Disconnect Switch: If your RV has a battery disconnect switch, inquire with us about the recommended position during transport.
    • Special Instructions: If your RV has any unique features or requires specific handling instructions, please let us know in advance.
    Driveaway RV Requirements

    Not sure if your RV meets the requirements? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does RV mean?

    RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. It’s a motorized or towable vehicle designed for vacationing and living in comfort. Think of it as a home on wheels!

    What is a Class A RV?

    A Class A RV is the largest and most luxurious type of RV. They resemble buses and offer the most living space, amenities, and comfort, including kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas.

    What is the longest RV allowed on the road?

    There’s no single answer to the longest RV allowed on the road. Length regulations vary depending on the state and vehicle classification. Generally, RVs exceeding 40 feet in length may require special permits for travel on certain roads.

    Who Pays for the fuel?

    In Driveaway RV service, the driver is responsible for fueling the RV during transport. This is because the RV is considered operational and being driven, not towed as cargo.

    Can I bring my pet in the RV during transport?

    Unfortunately, due to safety regulations and insurance limitations, pets are not allowed inside the RV during driveaway service. This ensures the safety of both your pet and the driver.

    What if my RV breaks down during transport?

    AutoStar Transport Express is committed to providing a safe and reliable service. In the rare case of an RV breakdown during transport, our driver will follow protocol to ensure safety and contact our dispatch team. We will work to arrange repairs and keep you informed throughout the process. The cost of repairs will typically not be covered by AutoStar, but we can help connect you with roadside assistance or repair services.