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    Ship a Car to or from Hawaii

    Looking for the best auto transport company for shipping cars to & from Hawaii? AutoStar Transport Express specializes in shipping cars to Hawaii (Kauai, O’ahu, Maui, or the Big Island of Hawaii) so you can conveniently use your vehicle upon arrival.

    Our advanced network of carriers offers you everything from a free Hawaii car shipping quote to a holistic approach to shipping management, personalized support, and access to our bilingual full-service logistics team.

    We will make your Hawaii car transport experience personalized and easy for you.

    Just one click will get you a reliable car shipping quote.

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      Hawaii Car Shipping Information

      It’s sometimes best to leave the auto transport to the professionals. You will receive the highest level of customer service and communication from our Hawaii car transport coordinators.

      Through our strategic partnership with Matson, we can secure competitive rates and fast shipping. Using our online quote form or directly calling one of our representatives, you can start Hawaii car transport at your convenience from anywhere and at any time.

      Our friendly customer service department will help you make a booking and answer all your questions about shipping a car to Hawaii. Call us at 844-473-1144 to get a free & instant quote today.

      Trusted by the World’s Best Dealers

      How Do We Ship Your Car to Hawaii?

      how do I ship my car to Hawaii



      • Request a car shipping Hawaii Quote: We will provide you with an instant quote, and book your order. Start by filling out the quote form, emailing us at info@autostartransport.com, or calling us at 844-473-1144.
      • Pick up: After you prepare your vehicle, we can pick it up from anywhere in the United States and transport it to our shipping port on the U.S. mainland. You can call us at any point during transportation for a tracking update.
        Departure Shipping Ports in the U.S. Mainland:  Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle,
      • Arrival in Hawaii: Once the car arrives in Hawaii, our team of experts will inspect your vehicle to determine the current state of your vehicle at the time it is unloaded. You will be notified when your vehicle is ready for pickup. Sign your bill of lading and final inspection report to get your vehicle.
        Destination Ports in Hawaii: Hilo, Honolulu,  Kahului, Nawiliwili

      You can always rely on our door-to-door car transportation service to safely deliver your car to your home.

      Ready to Book your Car Shipment?

      Request a free quotation below or call 844-473-1144 to get a real-time response from AutoStar Transport Express.

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        Hawaii Car Transport Services

        What Services of Hawaii Car Transport

        1. Door to Port Service: The easiest and most affordable way to ship a car to Hawaii from mainland areas without direct access to the west coast; or suitable for those who wish to avoid driving long distances. Your vehicle will be safely transported to the port by our fully licensed and insured carriers from your home or office.
        2. Port-to-Door Service: When your vehicle arrives at one of the ports in Hawaii, our professional auto transporters will be there for pick up and delivery to your home or office.
        3. Port-to-Port Service: Lower your transportation costs by driving your car to a nearby port. An inspection will be performed by our car shipping Hawaii experts and transported to a terminal near your desired destination.

        For door-to-port transportation, you have two options to transport a car:

        • Open Car Transport: This is an affordable option, but the shipping can take some time.
        • Enclosed Car Transport: Though more expensive, this shipping method is considered to be the most secure and fastest.

        Are you ready for shipping your car to Hawaii?

        Get in touch with AutoStar Transport Express today at 844-473-1144, or complete the quote request form below to request a free quote.

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          If you are planning to move to Hawaii, it quickly becomes apparent that you need a car to get around. For a very short stay, renting a car is a viable option.

          However, if you plan on staying in Hawaii for more than a few days, rental costs add up quickly. A month-long car rental can easily cost more than $1,000. Now the big question is:

          How Much Does it Cost to Ship Car to Hawaii?

          A vehicle typically costs $1,650 to $3,100 to ship from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii and $1,150 to $2,600 for shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland. Note that car shipping costs are estimated and vary by make and model, time of year, and shipping route to Hawaii.

          FromTo Honolulu PortTo Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului PortFrom Honolulu PortFrom Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului Port
          NYC, New York $2650$2900$2100$2450
          Denver, Colorado $1995$2250$1495$1795
          Charlotte, North Carolina $2350$2600$1850$2150
          Olympia, Washington$2150$2400$1650$1950

          Recommended: Find out the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii from each state here.

          Prices are estimated and based on small sedans. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and maritime rates.

          Looking for an exact Hawaii car shipping quote? Get an instant quote with our rate calculator! Alternatively, you can give us a call at 844-473-1144 or chat with us online!

          Factors that can Affect Hawaii Car Shipping Cost

          Factors That Can Affect Hawaii Car Shipping Cost

          • Vehicle size: Compared to standard cars, trucks and SUVs are more expensive to ship.
          • Shipping distance: The greater the distance between your departure and destination ports, the more expensive your shipment will likely be.
          • Door-to-door or port-to-port delivery: A car shipping company may deliver your car from the port to a location you select, but this will usually cost more than dropping off and picking up your car at the port.
          • Open or enclosed transport: An enclosed container offers more protection than an open container, but is more expensive.
          • Season: Car shipping is a seasonal business. The most expensive time of the year is summer when demand is at its peak.

          Why Do People Choose Us For Shipping Car to Hawaii?

          By providing hassle-free and cost-effective Hawaii car transport services, AutoStar Transport Express has become one of the leading car shipping companies in Hawaii and the Mainland.

          • Top-Rated and Licensed: Our company is licensed and bonded with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and has 1000+ 5-star Positive Reviews by satisfied customers on Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau for Hawaii car transport.
          • Hawaii Car Transport Tracking: Our professional team tracks your vehicle and provides the most up-to-date status throughout the delivery process.
          • On-Time Delivery: Being the best Hawaii car shipping company means making sure your car gets to you on time. Our vast fleet of carriers allows us to deliver your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
          • Most Competitive Rates for Car Shipping Hawaii: We give the best price, find the quickest and most efficient routes and ensure that you can track your car transportation at any moment.
          • Complete Protection: Generally, vehicles transit the Pacific on RORO vessels in controlled climates. On the ocean, this method is the most cost-effective. For more protection, you can ship your car in a closed container

          AutoStar Transport Express is capable of shipping your car to Hawaii in a shipboard garage, in a frame specially designed for auto transport, or in a closed container while ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle so you can focus on more important things.

          Hawaii Vehicle Transport

          Latest Hawaii Car Transport Testimonial

          “We had an excellent experience. Our car was picked up the day we confirmed the shipping. It was delivered all the way to Hawaii one day ahead of the quoted schedule. The car arrived in the same condition in Hawaii as it was when it was picked up in Virginia.” David Gunnarson

          Talk to us

          We have transport coordinators ready to help you! For any questions regarding moving a car to Hawaii, please call us at 844-473-1144. If you want to get a free estimate of our services, complete the form at the top of the page.

          Documents Required to Ship a Car to Hawaii

          Documents Required to Ship a Car to Hawaii

          There is no additional paperwork required to ship a vehicle to Hawaii. You need to provide the VIN number, the year, make, model, the color of the vehicle, and the Licence Plate Number.

          Be prepared to provide the following: 

          • Current title
          • Current registration 
          • Lien Holder Authorization Letter: For leased or financed vehicles, you will need a Lien Holder Authorization letter. This is basically a permission letter from the bank or dealership allowing you to ship the vehicle
          • Booking reservation number provided by our company
          • Power of Attorney: When the owner is absent, a notarized power of attorney letter is required so another person can deliver and pick up the vehicle.
          • Corporate Resolution: If the car is the company’s property, it must be accompanied by a copy of the company’s Corporate Resolution which confirms the shipment.

          ***PLEASE NOTE***

          Vehicles departing from the Hilo port must have a valid Safety Check, Insurance, Registration, and a valid picture ID. This is per the Hilo Port Authority.

          From Hawaii to the United States

          Hawaii auto shipping has never been easier. When you’re ready to ship your vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland, you’ll simply take your vehicle to one of our shipping ports. 

          The same information will be required as in Hawaii to pick up your vehicle. You can ship your vehicle anywhere in the US with a port-to-door shipping service. Give us a call at 844-473-1144 to get started!

          Vehicle Registration

          Whether you are moving to Hawaii, permanently moving to a new county within the state, or purchasing a vehicle in Hawaii, you must register your vehicle with the Hawaii Department of Transportation.

          Your vehicle must be registered in the county where you live. A new resident of Hawaii has 30 days to register their car. A safety inspection certificate is required to complete the registration process.

          Learn more about vehicle registration in our trending article: “How to Register a Car in Hawaii

          How to Prepare Your Car for Hawaii Car Transport

          The vehicle must be in operating condition when it is prepared for shipment. It must also have a working emergency brake, and be either licensed or qualified to operate on public streets or highways. You can speed up your move by paying attention to the following information:

          • Don’t Fuel Up: The vehicle can only have a 1/4 tank of fuel.
          • Electric vehicles: The battery must be charged between 45% and 65%, not more or less. Otherwise, the port will reject the vehicle.
          • Ensure that your vehicle must be empty.  The only items that can be shipped in an automobile are those normally attached to the car or permanently installed inside the dashboard, doors, rear deck, or console. Make sure the vehicle does not have any cracks or damages on the windshield or windows.
          • Wash Your Vehicle: Keep your vehicle as clean as possible for a quick inspection. Dirty vehicles will not be accepted.
          • If a vehicle is modified in any way, customers must disclose the information and we will need to confirm with Matson the rate. If the vehicle is over 7 feet high, we would need to contact Matson for a new rate.
          • Vehicles must have at least 6 inches of ground clearance.
          • Replenish Antifreeze: In the fall and winter months, especially, cars shipped between Seattle and Hawaii should be delivered to Matson with antifreeze. We are not responsible for providing this protection or for damage caused by low temperatures.
          • Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers should be removed. The federal government does not allow you to ship fire extinguishers with your automobile.
          • Empty Propane Tanks: Vehicles equipped with propane tanks for auxiliary purposes should be delivered with empty propane tanks. Empty propane tanks must be certified with “gas-free” tags by a propane dealer or service company.
          • Please leave a set of keys for the ignition, trunk door, gas tank, and any other locking compartments for inspection. Your vehicle may be delayed if you fail to do this. 

          Note: Ports reserve the right to reject cargo if it does not meet safety requirements for safe transportation and handling.

          Who Can Pick Up a Vehicle in Hawaii

          The car can be picked up in Hawaii by a friend or relative. Let us know several days before sailing so we can update the paperwork.

          Anyone picking up your car will need a picture ID, a copy of your title of ownership, and a NOTARIZED letter of permission. If you notify us after the cargo has been loaded, the shipping line will charge you for the changes.

          Buying a Car Online in the USA and Shipping to Hawaii

          You can purchase used cars, new cars, and salvage titles from many online car-buying websites. Cars with salvage titles are accepted in Hawaii. You can reduce shipping costs by buying a car online close to the west coast of the United States. Basically, you can reduce shipping costs by buying as close as possible to departure ports.

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          Once you have purchased your car online, contact us so we can pick it up and ship it to Hawaii.

          Custom Solution for Hawaii Car Transport

          AutoStar Transport Express specializes in shipping all types of vehicles to or from Hawaii including cars, motorcycles, military and armed forces equipment, trucks, off-road vehicles, heavy machinery, inoperable vehicles, RVs, and more. 


          Types of Vehicles we Ship

          99% Of Our Customers Refer Us To Friends

          How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car to or from Hawaii?

          Shipping a car between Hawaii and the mainland can take anywhere between 7 to 35 days.
          Below is a complete schedule for shipping cars to or from Hawaii.

          Approximate Transit Time for Hawaii Car Transport

          West Bound Hawaii – Mainland to Hawaii
          Port Cut Off Sailing Transmit Time*
          OAK Monday 2 pm Thursday-DKI 11-13(HON)/ 17-19(NI)
          OAK Monday 2 pm Thursday-LUR 10-12(HON)/ 17-19(NI)
          LAX Tuesday 4 pm Saturday- LUR/DKI 10-12(HON)/ 17-19(NI)
          SEA Thursday 4 pm Saturday- MWI/MHI 11-13(HON)/ 16-18(NI)
          East Bound Hawaii – Hawaii to Mainland
          Port Cut Off Sailing Transmit Time*
          Honolulu to West Coast
          HON-LAX Tuesday 3 pm Friday-DKI/ Saturday-LUR 10-12 days
          HON-OAK Tuesday 3 pm Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DIR 7-10 days
          HON-SEA Wednesday 3 pm MHI/MWI 8-9 days
          Neighbor Islands to West Coast
          HIL-LAX Tuesday 10:30 am Saturday (LUR Only) 12-14 or 19-21 days
          HIL-OAK Tuesday 10:30 am Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DKI 17-19 days
          HIL-SEA Tuesday 10:30 am Sunday 12-13 days
          KAH-LAX Friday 2:30 pm (Storage M-W) Friday-DKI/ Saturday-LUR 17-19 days
          KAH-OAK Friday 2:30 pm (Storage M-W) Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DKI 14-17 days
          KAH-SEA Friday 2:30 pm (Storage M-W) Sunday 17-18 days
          NAW-LAX Thursday 11:00 am Friday-DKI/ Saturday-LUR 18-20 days
          NAW-OAK Thursday 11:00 am Thursday-LUR/ Friday-DKI 15-18 days
          NAW-SEA Thursday 11:00 am Sunday (following) 17-19 days
          West Bound Guam / Saipan
          Port Cut Off Sailing Transit Time*
          LAX-GUM Friday 4 pm Wednesday 14-16 days
          OAK-GUM Tuesday 2 pm Friday (LUR/DKI) 19-21 days
          SEA-GUM Thursday 4 pm Saturday (MWI/MHI) 25-27 days
          HON-GUM Wednesday 3 pm Wednesday 7-9 days
          East Bound Guam / Saipan
          Port Cut Off Sailing Transit Time*
          Gum-LAX Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 18-20 days
          Gum-OAK Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 34-36 days
          Gum-SEA Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 35-37 days
          Gum-HON Wednesday 4 pm Wednesday 27-29 days

          All shipping times are estimated based on ideal scenarios for shipping. Plan ahead and Don’t wait until the last minute when it comes to booking your order if you need it by a certain date.

          Give us a call and we can give you the specific details. No commitment is required.

          From the navigation bar or by calling 844-473-1144, you can track your automobile shipment. Upon arrival at the destination, our team will notify you.

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            Car Condition

            *We will use this info to contact you with a quote.

            Hawaii Car Transport FAQs

            Shipping your car to or from Hawaii sounds scary and complicated, right? Well, it can be if you choose the wrong shipping company.

            Fortunately, we have answered the most important questions to eliminate guesswork. If you want a more personalized answer, skip to the end for the last step.

            Can I transport my inoperable vehicle to Hawaii?
            Yes, this must be specified before we begin to do the booking! AutoStar Transport Express has a decade of experience in shipping non-running or inoperable vehicles, Our Experts can transport any type of non-running vehicle.
             How can I transport my luxury, exotic, or classic car to and from Hawaii?
            Transporting your luxurious, exotic, or classic car requires special caution.

            If you need land transport in addition to your maritime shipping, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to:

            1. Choose the best options to transport your vehicle
            2. Be aware of the safety precautions required and specify any special care required for your vehicle
            3. Understand the delivery process of your auto transport.

            Click here to learn more about them

            What happens if your car does get damaged? 
            If damage is reported the standard procedure for submitting a damage claim will be followed and customers will be kept in the loop every step of the way.
             Can I transport my oversized vehicle to Hawaii?
            Yes!  If it falls within 21 ft long 8 inches long, 8 ft wide, and 7 ft you’re good. If it’s bigger and for a different cargo, have your dimensions ready so we can give you the accurate cost of shipping.
             Am I allowed to ship a car to Hawaii with my personal items & household goods in it?
            Nope, the rules for shipping a car to Hawaii are pretty strict on this and all personal items must be removed.

            … Except for two baby seats, properly strapped to the back seat. They limit our creativity here.

            How can I track my vehicle? 
            Once we confirm the transport for you, we’ll send you an email with a link where you can track your vehicle or you can always give us a shout and we’ll let you know where it is!
             Will my car be exposed to the elements?
            Your vehicle will be towed underneath the deck of a ship for the duration of the trip, even though the ports are not covered. In transit, it will be well protected.
             Is the service door-to-door when I ship a car to Hawaii?

            We offer door-to-port service for shipping your vehicle to Hawaii. In other words, we will pick up your vehicle as close to your door as legally and safely as possible. It will be delivered to a port of your choice in Hawaii.

            You have two options when shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland:

            1. AutoStar Transport Express offers a Port-to-Door service. Simply drop off your vehicle at the port, and we’ll transport it to your mainland location. You just need to make sure someone is there to receive your vehicle at the mainland delivery location.
            2. You can also pick up your vehicle at the port.
             How can I pay?
            The most common payment form is through Zelle and it has daily limits, everything has to be prepaid in order for the vehicle to be released.

            Have any more questions? We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions car shipping faqs about Hawaii car shipping to provide more information and tips.

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              Car Condition

              *We will use this info to contact you with a quote.

              Hawaii Car Shipping Prices For All States of the U.S.A.

              These are examples of price scenarios that include the cost to ship cars to Hawaii from each state. There are 4 ports in Hawaii: Honolulu, Kahului, Nawiliwili, and Hilo. The rate we provide is fully inclusive. In other words, we do not impose hidden fees or other charges. 

              StateCityTo Honolulu PortTo Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului PortFrom Honolulu PortFrom Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului Port
              ArkansasLittle Rock$2750$3000$2250$2550
              IowaDes Moines$2450$2700$1950$2250
              KansasKansis City$2350$2600$1850$2150
              LouisianaBaton Rouge$2350$2700$1850$2150
              MissouriSaint Louis$2450$2700$1950$2250
              NevadaLas Vegas$1750$2000$1250$1550
              New HampshireNashua$2750$3000$2250$2550
              New JerseyNewark$2550$2800$2050$2350
              New MexicoAlburquerque$1995$2250$1495$1795
              New YorkAlbany$2750$3000$2250$2550
              New YorkNYC$2650$2900$2150$2450
              New YorkLong Island$2750$3000$2250$2550
              North CarolinaCharlotte$2350$2600$1850$2150
              North DakotaBismarck$2750$3000$2250$2550
              OklahomaOklahoma City$2350$2600$1850$2150
              Rhode IslandProvidence$2550$2800$2050$2350
              South CarolinaColumbia$2350$2600$1850$2150
              South DakotaPierre$2750$3000$2250$2550
              UtahSalt Lake City$1995$2250$1495$1795
              West VirginiaCharleston$2750$3000$2250$2550

              Disclaimer: Prices are estimated and based on small sedans. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and maritime rates.

              Want To Know More?

              Call 844-473-1144 for more information about Hawaii Car Shipping or request a free quote.

                Get your instant quote now!

                Or call us 844-473-1144

                Choose transport type
                Car Condition

                *We will use this info to contact you with a quote.

                Is it Really Expensive to Ship Car to Hawaii?

                Our auto-moving services are affordable, safe, and convenient for anyone who needs their vehicle shipped. As Hawaii consists of several small islands, it is only possible to transport a vehicle by ship.

                Since boats can transport several vehicles simultaneously (the cheapest way to ship a car), it’s the best option at the moment.

                RORO vessels generally carry vehicles in controlled climates. On the ocean, this method is the most cost-effective method for transporting vehicles.

                Roll-On, Roll-Off Shipping

                A roll-on/roll-off auto transport service is the most common means of transporting vehicles between the mainland United States and the Hawaiian Islands. If you haven’t heard the term “RORO” before, it refers to the delivery of vehicles in a ship’s storage area.

                “Roll-on/Roll-off” shipping involves driving your car or any other vehicle on and off a vessel rather than lifting it onboard using cranes.

                A RoRo ship is the least expensive option for safely relocating a car, truck or other vehicle by ocean transport and is one of the biggest advantages of RoRo shipping.

                Please let us know what you need and how we can help. Call us at 844-473-1144 or request a FREE quote online.

                Can I Ship a Leased Car to Hawaii

                It is not prohibited to ship a financed car. You can take it anywhere in the US, but if you’re shipping to Hawaii, you’ll need a copy of the original letter and possibly more information from the lien holder. Learn more about shipping a leased car to Hawaii.

                Is It Better To Buy A Car In Hawaii Or Ship It?

                Purchasing a car in Hawaii can be a better option in certain circumstances. However, it may be more cost-effective to have your car transported instead of purchasing a new vehicle in most cases as this will provide you with the best solution.

                Shipping is often a better option than buying a new one, in our experience. 

                Want to know more about whether or not it’s better to buy a car in Hawaii or ship it? This trending and detailed article might be helpful for you in this regard.

                Hawaii Car Shipping Discounts

                AutoStar Transport Express offers a variety of discounts for Hawaii car shipping. We usually offer discounts for students, seniors, and military personnel.

                Find out how we can help you move your POV across the Pacific by calling 844-473-1144. Military discounts are available to active duty service members shipping their vehicles to Hawaii.

                Please inform our customer service department that you are in the military to be eligible for the military shipping discount. To learn more, please visit our page Military car shipping to Hawaii.

                Get a quote for Shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland or the mainland to Hawaii.

                Other Service

                Hawaii Car Shipping Routes

                California to HawaiiHawaii to MainlandHawaii To California
                Hawaii to TexasSeattle to Hawaii Hawaii to Puerto Rico
                Hawaii to PortlandAlaska to HawaiiLos Angeles to Hawaii (and Vice-Versa)
                Hawaii to East CoastFlorida to HawaiiFlorida to Hawaii
                San Diego to HawaiiCar Shipping HonoluluCar Shipping Oahu
                Car Shipping MauiCar Shipping KauaiCar Shipping Hilo
                San Francisco to HawaiiHawaii to VirginiaHawaii to Los Angeles
                Washington to Hawaii

                Related Information

                Our Successful Hawaii Car Transport Reviews

                Here is what our Hawaii car shipping service is said to be like.

                Are you looking for a reliable way to transport your car? Our company specializes in shipping cars state-to-state, providing a hassle-free and convenient option for relocating your vehicle to your desired location. With our services, you can ship your car across the country, even thousands of miles away, to the destination you want. You can be assured of getting the best service possible.

                Professional Auto Transport to/from other 49 States

                Alabama auto transportAlaska auto transport Arizona car transport
                Arkansas car transportCalifornia car transport Colorado car shipping
                Connecticut car shipping Delaware car shipping Florida car shipping
                Georgia car shipping Hawaii car shipping Idaho auto transport
                Illinois vehicle transport
                Indiana auto transport Iowa auto transport
                Kansas auto transport Kentucky car shipping Louisiana car transport
                Maine auto transport
                Maryland car transport Massachusetts auto transport
                Michigan auto transport Minnesota auto transport Mississippi car shipping
                Missouri vehicle transport
                Montana car shippingNebraska auto transport
                Nevada auto transport New Hampshire auto transport New Jersey auto transport
                New Mexico car shippingNew York car shipping
                North Dakota car shipping
                North Carolina car transport Ohio car shipping Oklahoma auto transport
                Oregon auto transport Pennsylvania auto transportPuerto Rico car transport
                Rhode Island auto transport South Carolina car transport South Dakota car shipping
                Tennessee vehicle transport Texas car shipping Utah auto transport
                U.S. Virgin Islands Car Shipping Vermont car shipping
                Virginia car shipping auto transport
                Washington car transport West Virginia car transport Wisconsin vehicle transport
                Wyoming car shipping


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