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When you are searching for the best auto transport company for shipping a car to Hawaii, you don’t need to look far, as a top-rated BBB accredited company,  AutoStar Transport Express has been providing Quality driven and Affordable Hawaii auto shipping solutions to and from Hawaii for consumers, manufacturers, car dealers, and the military for over 13+ years.

Shipping Cars To & From HawaiiWe’re one of the leading car shipping companies in the United States providing an easy, convenient, and reliable experience of shipping a car to Hawaii with 1000+ reviews on Google and

We transport hundreds of vehicles every month to Hawaii. Get a Hawaii car shipping quote or give us a call at 888-802-8250. We will make your Hawaii car transport experience personalized and easy for you.

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    Custom Solution for Hawaii Auto Shipping

    We specialize in all types of vehicle shipping to or from Hawaii including: 

    Our Successful Hawaii Car Transport Testimonial

    We had an excellent experience. Our car was picked up the day we confirmed the shipping. It was delivered all the way to Hawaii one day ahead of the quoted schedule. The car arrived in the same condition in Hawaii as it was when it was picked up in Virginia. David Gunnarson 

    99% Of Our Customers Refer Us To Friends

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    Why Do People Choose For Shipping Car to Hawaii?

    We provide a hassle-free and economical Hawaii car transport service. That is why AutoStar Transport Express has become one of the leading auto transport companies in the country.

    • Top Rated and licensed: Our company is licensed and bonded with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and has 1000 + 5-star Positive Reviews by satisfied customers on Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau for Hawaii car transport.
    • Money-Back Guarantee: Our company is one of the few to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
    • Hawaii car transport tracking: Our professional team tracks your vehicle and provides the most up-to-date status throughout the delivery process.
    • A company preferred by dealerships: AutoStar Transport Express is partnered with several major car brands across the country, providing exceptional service.
    • On-Time Delivery: Being a reputable car delivery company means making sure your car gets to you on time. Our vast fleet of carriers allows us to deliver your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
    • Most Competitive Rates for Shipping a Car to Hawaii: We give the best price, take care of finding the quickest and most efficient route, and we make sure to track your car transportation at any moment.

    AutoStar Transport Express can safely ship your car to Hawaii & offer the peace of mind that you deserve so you can focus on other important priorities.

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      How Much for Shipping Car to Hawaii?

      It will generally cost $1,497 to ship an automobile to Hawaii from the US(Mainland), and $870 to ship it back to the US(Mainland).

      Your cost to ship a car to Hawaii will depend not just on the make, model, and year of your car but also on how far it is traveling to and from the port, and the ports of departure and arrival.

      For more information about the cost to ship a car to Hawaii, visit our car shipping pricing page or use our instant quote calculator to get an accurate estimate.

      Looking to get the best Hawaii car shipping quotes you can find? We’ll gladly help you find the best offer based on price and value. 

      How Shipping Car to Hawaii Works?

      4 Simple Steps for shipping a car to Hawaii:

      1. Request a Shipping Quote- We will provide you instant quotes, and book your order. Start by filling the quote form, email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-802-8250
      2. Prepare Your Vehicle- For safe car transport to Hawaii, your vehicle must have no more than a 1/4 tank of gas. For more tips on vehicle preparation, click here.
      3. Pick-Up Your Vehicle- Your car will be picked up and on its way to the destination. You can call us at any point during transportation for a tracking update.
      4. We Deliver Your Vehicle- With our door-to-door vehicle transport service, your car will safely arrive at its destination. Click here For more detail about door-to-door auto transport.

      Using our online quote form or directly calling one of our representatives, you can start Hawaii car transport at your convenience from anywhere and at any time.

      Our friendly customer service department will help you make a booking and answer all your questions about shipping a car to Hawaii. Call us at 888-802-8250 to get a free & instant quote today.

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        Main Shipping Ports in Hawaii

        In Hawaii, AutoStar Transport works with four main ports including Honolulu (Sand Island), Kahului, Nawiliwili, Hilo, and two main ports on the mainland. We can transport your vehicle to or from anywhere in the Continental United States to our ports, and then connect you with a shipping partner who ships cars to Hawaii continuously.

        Is it Really Expensive to Ship a Car to Hawaii?

        Our auto moving services are affordable, safe, and convenient for anyone who needs their vehicle shipped. As Hawaii consists of several small islands, it is only possible to transport a vehicle by ship.

        Since boats can transport several vehicles simultaneously (The cheapest way to ship a car ), it’s the best option at the moment.

        AutoStar Transport Express uses several ways to ship a car to Hawaii:

        1. Roll-on/roll-off (RORO)

        RORO vessels generally carry vehicles in controlled climates. On the ocean, this method is the most cost-effective method for transporting vehicles.

        2. Solo container:

        If you have a luxury or classic car you want to protect, you can get your own 20-foot container. This is the safest and most expensive option.

        3. Container sharing:

        Your car can be parked inside a shipping container. An average 40-foot container can hold four cars. It divides the cost of shipping an automobile to and from Hawaii.

        4. Door To Door Service:

        A convenient, easy, and affordable option for those looking to transport a car to Hawaii from an area that is not near the port or does not wish to drive a long distance. Your vehicle will be safely transported to the port by our fully licensed and insured drivers from your home or office.

        For door to door transportation, you have two options to transport a car

        • Open car transport: This is an affordable option, but the shipping can take some time.
        • Enclosed car transport: Though it is more expensive, this shipping method is considered to be the most secure and fastest.

        5. Port To Port Service

        You can lower your transportation costs by driving your car to a nearby port. There, it will be inspected by our auto shippers experts and transported to a terminal near your desired destination.

        Ready to Transport Your Car To Hawaii with AutoStar Transport Express?

        Our car shipping professionals are available by calling 888-802-8250 to answer all your questions.

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        Is It Better To Buy A Car In Hawaii Or Ship It?

        You don’t need to sell your car just to buy another one in Hawaii. AutoStar Transport Express has over 13 years of experience shipping cars to and from Hawaii and is focused on aiding families, military personnel, and individuals to save time and money with our Hawaii car transport service.

        Want to know more about whether or not if it’s better to buy a car in Hawaii or ship it? This trending and detailed article might be helpful for you in this regard.

        Hawaii Car Transport FAQs

        Shipping your car to or from Hawaii sounds scary and complicated, right? Well, it can be if you choose the wrong shipping company to help you with it.

        But we’ve simplified that for you.

        We answered the most important questions to eliminate guesswork. If you want a more personalized answer, skip to the end for the last step.

        Yes, this must be specified before we begin to do the booking! AutoStar Transport Express has a decade of experience in shipping non-running or inoperable vehicles, Our Experts can transport any type of non-running vehicle.

        To answer this question, there are three other questions you should ask yourself:

        • How long will you stay in Hawaii?
        • Is your car in good condition?
        • Should you buy a new car before you move to Hawaii?
        • How valuable is your vehicle to you?

        Click here for an easy-to-read explanation for each question.

        Transporting your luxury, exotic, or classic car requires special caution.

        If you need land transport in addition to your maritime shipping, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to:

        1. Choose the best options to transport your vehicle
        2. Be aware of the safety precautions required and specify any special care required for your vehicle
        3. Understand the delivery process of your auto transport.

        Click here to learn more about them.

        Yes!  If it falls within 21 ft long 8 inches long, 8 ft wide, and 7 ft you’re good. If it’s bigger and for a different cargo, have your dimensions ready so we can give you the accurate cost of shipping.


        Nope, the rules for shipping a car to Hawaii are pretty strict on this and all personal items must be removed.

        … Except for two baby seats, properly strapped to the back seat. They limit our creativity here.

        There’s the information required to ship a car to Hawaii

        • your VIN number (you can find this on your vehicle registration certificate or usually somewhere on your dashboard)
        • the registration plate and the state it’s from
        • the color of the vehicle
        • an authorization letter (if you have a lien on your paperwork or if the vehicle is not under your name… this is required when shipping vehicles from Hawaii to Mainland)
        • a verbal confirmation that your vehicle is operable or inoperable (this is ABSOLUTELY important)

        Of course, this answer varies depending on the location. But just to give you an idea, if the vehicle needs to be transported within the mainland, we add that to the number of days that the vehicle will be transported overseas.

        The car shipment between Hawaii and the mainland is estimated to take anywhere from 10 – 21 days.

        Give us a call and we can give you the specifics on that, no commitment required.

        Most of the auto transport companies will advise you to fill out their forms and collect quotes to compare them so you can choose the best option. While there are benefits to this strategy, we recommend you to call to get the details. 

        Yes, we still encourage you to do your research when it comes to choosing a shipping company that can prove their talk… but nothing feels better than making a decision with confidence. And that’s the confidence that your transport coordinator needs to provide when he answers all of your questions regarding your vehicle shipping to the Aloha state.

        Once we confirm the transport for you, we’ll send you an email with a link where you can track your vehicle or you can always give us a shout and we’ll let you know where it is!

        You can make your payment with us via credit card/debit card,  ACH direct deposit, wire transfer (ACH), and Paypal.


        • Make sure the vehicle does not have any cracks or damages on the windshield or windows
        • Make sure the emergency brake works properly
        • The vehicle cannot have more than a quarter tank of gas
        • Keep your vehicle as clean as possible, they’ll want to have a look at it before they load it on the ship

        Get started for shipping cars from Hawaii to Mainland or Mainland to Hawaii:

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