Does eBay Ship Cars?

Does eBay Ship Cars?

Sadly, eBay does not ship cars. While some eBay dealers offer free shipping, a buyer is typically responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping within a specified timeframe.

How To Ship Your Car From eBay Motors

Shipping your vehicle from eBay Motors can be done in many ways. Depending on your needs, you can haul it yourself using u haul auto transport, tow it using long distance towing, ship it by an auto transport company, or ship it by train.

Local vehicles can often be picked up by the buyer. However, if you need the vehicle transported across state lines, you must hire a professional auto transport company. We at AutoStar transport express provide world-class transportation services to clients nationwide, with over 14 years of experience in the industry.

We offer competitive quotes for car or motorcycle shipping, without compromising excellent service. Contact our team of shipping experts today and let them know you bought a vehicle on eBay. From there, we’ll handle the rest for you, and ship and deliver your new vehicle right to your door.

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    Getting Started with eBay Car Shipping

    Almost any type of vehicle can be shipped from eBay. From your daily sedan to classics and exotics. Even non-running vehicles can be transported. If you are not careful, the cost of shipping can exceed your budget. It is best to know how much eBay vehicle shipping costs ahead of time so that you can factor that into your bidding strategy. Our complimentary eBay shipping quote will save you a lot of guesswork. 

    Shipping a car bought on eBay can be done quickly and easily with a little preparation.  You should even get a quote if you haven’t yet won or bid on the car. Please feel free to ask us for quotes on multiple vehicles without any obligation. Any other reputable auto transport company will do the same.

    How to Get an eBay Car Shipping Quote?

    In order to receive an accurate eBay auto shipping quote, you’ll need to provide the following information to your auto transport customer service representative:

    • City and ZIP code of the vehicle’s origin
    • Zip code and city of the vehicle’s intended destination
    • Are you sure the car is in working condition?
    • Transport type (open or enclosed, private or shared)
    • Disclosure of any vehicle modifications

    Our experts are available to answer any questions you have and provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote. We’ll make eBay car shipping as easy and painless as possible.

    What is the Cost of Shipping a Car Purchased on eBay?

    Don’t guess. The price can vary greatly depending on the location. However, to give you an idea, eBay car shipping will ordinarily cost less per mile for transporting cars long distances from state to state or more per mile for shipping cars shorter distances intrastate.  This is an average for the country but will vary from area to area.

    The type of transport you’re requesting will also influence the price. You will need to pay a higher rate if you want an enclosed shipment. Depending on the location, a nonrunning vehicle could add hundreds to the price. We can provide you with information about special purpose vehicles, or custom cars when you speak with one of our advisers.

    AutoStar Transport Express is a licensed and bonded auto transport company. Questions? Call us at 888-802-8250.

    Can You Ship a Car Purchased on eBay That Does Not Run?

    Yes, absolutely. Shipping cars from eBay is just like shipping other types of vehicles, so you can move an inoperable vehicle or a salvage vehicle safely and efficiently.  Unless both pickup and delivery locations have a forklift that can lift the entire vehicle off the trailer, it needs to roll and steer. It is usually unsafe for carriers to scrape or drag cars with missing or locked wheels.

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    Shipping an eBay vehicle safely

    Once you win the eBay auction, the next step is to arrange the shipping. We can arrange for the vehicle to be shipped. 

    You have probably already received quotes from us and others. If you have not already done so, head to our eBay shipping quote generator.  There are several ways you can book transport: you can go online, call us 888-802-8250, or look for an email that you got for a previous quote. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you.

    We will need your pick-up and delivery information when placing your order. In this case, we will need the seller’s name, address, and phone number. Once we have your name, address, and phone number, we will pass it on to the carrier. 

    To ship your vehicle, you must sign our terms and conditions. There are no hidden fees, and the price is guaranteed.  Last but not least, we need to receive billing information. Then, we will start looking for the carrier that will deliver your vehicle. You will not be charged until the carrier picks up your vehicle.

    Schedule a Time for Pick-up and Drop-off

    The carrier will contact the eBay seller for you and set up a pickup time. The seller is required to sign the bill of lading (the vehicle condition report) to certify the exterior condition. The inspection must be sent to you in order to facilitate delivery. Ensure you are getting everything you paid for by double-checking now. The shipper will take care of everything until it reaches its destination.

    At that point, the carrier will contact you to schedule a time and place (if it isn’t possible to move the car by car carrier). During delivery, you can compare the bill of lading from the pickup. During this walk-around, you will verify the condition of the vehicle.

    So does eBay ship cars?

    The answer is no, but this doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a car off eBay and have it shipped directly to your driveway. Even though this requires a bit of extra work and planning, you can get a great deal on a new car. As long as you and the seller communicate clearly, it won’t be as difficult as traditional mail!

    Looking for the best way to ship your eBay car?

    Please don’t hesitate to contact our team at AutoStar Transport Express. Our team will help you get behind the wheel of your new ride as soon as possible!

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