How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

Imagine this scenario for a sec, You’ve found your dream job in your favorite city, and you have already started packing up. You’re so excited with all kinds of imaginations emerging in your mind and the butterflies in the stomach…maybe it’s too much!

…..and at the same time, you might be a bit concerned about your car transfer. You might have more than one car and a small truck. Whatever your situation is, you want your car shipping on the other side in the safest manner.

First off, there are awesome, great companies offering the best car moving services. They are legit with years of experience and expertise and have wonderful feedback.

Here are Some Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Auto Transport Company


Most people make a mistake when it comes to pricing/quotes which are offered online by various shipping companies. Do not immediately go for the cheapest quote that is given to you. Ask the shipping company a number of questions.ask the question

It is recommended that you ask the shipping company about the cost, insurance coverage, shipping mode, and any questions which arise. Most companies have displayed phone numbers on the first page of the website. That helps a lot!

Ask any friend or acquaintance who has the experience of transporting a car with a company. Reading reviews about companies also gives plenty of information because they are written by real customers.

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Go For a Reputable Shipper

An online search will get you to the best shipping company in the United States and all around the world. Check for how long have they been operating, what facilities do they offer, and most important, what do people say about the services. You can find testimonials on various websites reviewing the company’s performance.

Car Shipping Cost

Now that you have decided on a company or two, you’ll find out that smaller vehicles cost less to transport than the larger ones. Similarly shorter trips will take less amount of cash than state to state. And if you need to transport your vehicle in a short time, you’ll have to pay extra. That’s the rule of thumb for all car movers.

Remember that quotes are given free of cost when you ask the company. If you are asked to pay to get the quote, move!

Car Shipping Quality

As per the rule, if you choose to ship with the least expensive transporting company, you could risk safety and time of delivery. Your car is a precious item and it is dear to you. You want to make sure it is safe during transport.  When you compare different prices and services offered, you’ll be able to make a better decision this way.

Car Shipping Safety

Imagine there are two companies. One offers lower rates but it has a reputation for breaking the law, cheating on logbooks, etc. The accident rate is also higher than the average car mover. The other shipper offers a little higher rates but they have modern equipment, carriers and are 100% legal.

What company would you choose?

Professional Staff

That is very important. It is basically people, human beings you’re communicating with. It counts ev Choose an Auto Transport Companyerything from the first telephonic conversation, making a commitment, and fulfilling it to the end. Make sure the company’s staff do what they commit to. They keep you informed and guide you through the whole procedure on how to have your car shipped.

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Smooth Functioning Website

You’ll notice that some auto-transport company websites look kind of old-fashioned as if they were made back in the ’90s.  Good auto-transport companies keep everything up to date. You will see a few websites displaying the number of visitors every second! Here you get the idea of which company to choose. Reading through the websites will let you know the authenticity of the company. If you find grammar mistakes or spelling errors on a company’s website, it’s a sign of a sham company.

Check the Company’s License Status

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requires an MC number and authorization from every transporting company. Verify MC number with a search. Do not trust a company that brings ‘Not Authorized’ in red letters.

Tracking System

Ask the company if they have a tracking system through which you can get to know about the status of your car. The company can give you the driver’s phone number as well if you ask. This way you are able to directly call the driver and inquire about your car’s location, delivery time, etc.

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Carrier Options

There are 1 to 3 ways a car mover can transfer your car. They use an open carrier, enclosed carrier, and multi-carrier. The open and multi-carriers are the cheapest but they keep your car exposed to the weather and natural elements. If you have a luxury car, it’s recommended you hire an enclosed carrier.

Cancellation Policy

Ask the company if you cancel your reservation, do you have to pay for that? What’s the deadline for that? Communicate this with your company. Some companies offer flexible plans as you can make a booking later without paying a dime. A company can cut some amount in case of cancellation but it can compensate for that when you make a reservation again in your comfort time.

Remember to get everything on paper.

Bottom Line

  • Google search. Find a variety of quotes/prices through different websites.
  • Make a list of the companies which offer the services you need.
  • Compare services(enclosed vehicles, open vehicles, multi-carrier)
  • Check ratings/Reviews by the clients.
  • Ask people you know who have the experience of transporting a car with a company.
  • Read through the auto-transport website carefully and have a feel if it’s modern, updated, and attractive. Big companies take special care of their online stuff.
  • Inquire about insurance policy, payment arrangements, tracking number, and any question that occurs.
  • Check if the auto-transporter is licensed. Go to the government website and verify its validity.

There are a lot of auto-transport companies operating throughout the United States currently.  Make a wise choice by choosing a reliable and trusted auto mover.