Shipping your car from to or from Hawaii sounds scary and complicated, right? Well it can be if you choose the wrong company to help you with it.

But we’ve simplified that for you.

Since we’re 10% psychic, we answered the most important questions so that you can get a clue. If you want a more personalized answer, skip to the end of the article for the last step.

How long does it take to ship a car to Hawaii?

Of course, this answer varies depending on the locations. But just to give you an idea, if the vehicle needs to be transported within mainland, we add that to the amount of days that the vehicle will be transported overseas.

The shipping between Hawaii and mainland is estimated to take anywhere from 10 – 21 days.

Give us a call and we can give you the specifics on that, no commitment 

What do you need from me?

We need:

  • your VIN number
  • the registration plate and state
  • the color of the vehicle
  • an authorization letter (if you have a lien in your paperwork or if the vehicle is not under your name… this is ONLY required when shipping vehicles from Hawaii to Mainland)
  • a confirmation that your vehicle is operable or inoperable (this is ABSOLUTELY important)

Am I allowed to ship a car to Hawaii with stuff in it?

Nope, vehicle shipping is pretty strict on this and all personal items must be removed.

… Except for two baby seats, properly strapped to the back seat. They limit our creativity here.

Can I transport my inoperable vehicle?

Yes, as we just mentioned… this must be specified before we begin to do the booking!

Can I transport my oversized vehicle?

Yes!  If it falls within 21 ft long 8 inches long, 8 ft wide  and 7 ft you’re good. If it’s bigger and for a different cargo, have your dimensions ready so we can give you the accurate pricing for it.

How can I pay?

You can make your payment with us via credit card/debit card,  ACH direct deposit, wire transfer (ACH), and Paypal.

How can I track my vehicle?

Once we confirm the transport for you, we’ll send you an email with a link where you can track your vehicle or you can always give us a shout and we’ll let you know where it is!

Anything else I need know?


  • Make sure the vehicle does not have any cracks or damages on the windshield or windows
  • Make sure the emergency brake works properly
  • The vehicle cannot have more than a quarter tank of gas
  • Keep your vehicle as clean as possible, they’ll want to have a look at it before they load it  on the ship

Call us before getting the quote, we’ll answer any questions you’ve got about the process.

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