AutoTempest Review: The Ultimate Guide to AutoTempest

Finding vehicles online can be a long and time-consuming process as there are many options to choose from. Sifting through online used car websites is not only time-consuming but managing to keep track of the cars you have viewed and where you have seen them is difficult. Fortunately, AutoTempest simplifies everything. Overall, AutoTempest is a great resource for anyone in the market for a new vehicle. With AutoTempest’s comprehensive search options, easy-to-use interface, and helpful resources, it’s easy to locate the right vehicle at a great price. Here is the AutoTempest review by our team based on market stability, working process, and covering all your desired answers. Read on to learn how this company has taken the used online car shopping experience to a whole new level.

Auto Tempest Review

What is AutoTempest?

AutoTempest allows users to compare listings from different websites to find the best deals. Their interface searches across multiple platforms and compiles listings into one place.

A simple goal of the AutoTempest website is to save you time and help you find the best car for you. In addition to the ten sources it searches actively on its pages, AutoTempest links to non-partner sites as well, such as Facebook Marketplace.

The search tool on allows you to find reviews quickly and easily. By opening a second window for Google searches, Google data is accessible via AutoTempest. You can access car reviews for a specific vehicle using this feature.

In addition to the web-based platform, there is a smartphone app available for iOS and Android.

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The Ultimate Guide to

AutoTempest: A Brief History

AutoTempest was created in 2007 by Nathan Stretch as a third-party search engine for

Stretch found Craigslist to have a wide selection of used cars, but searching through them was difficult. There weren’t any car-related search features on Craigslist, and you couldn’t search multiple cities in one search.

Therefore, Nathan created AutoTempest, a spinoff of SearchTempest, to cater to used car buyers.  Nathan started with Craiglist but decided to include other used car websites in the search engine and the rest is history.

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Why did Nathan include other used car sites in the search engine?

Why do people just love massive stores so much? It’s because they provide shoppers with that “one-stop” factor. Even though more and more retail services have moved online, we still want to compare options from multiple suppliers at the same time.

This idea inspired Nathan, (AutoTempest owner) and became the basis of the creation of, which brought everything (at least from the car world) under one roof.

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How does AutoTempest work?

With AutoTempest, shoppers can browse multiple used car websites at the same time.

AutoTempest is a spin-off of With SearchTempest, users can search for products on sites such as Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay; AutoTempest offers used car listings specifically.

What sites does AutoTempest check?

Thousands of car listings are displayed at once on this meta-search engine, letting shoppers save time on their car search. You’ll find car listings from all of the major used car websites:

  • CarGurus
  • Craigslist
  • TrueCar, Inc.
  • eBay
  • Carvana
  • Bring a Trailer
  • Oodle, Inc.
  • CarsDirect

You no longer have to type the same search fields into different sites multiple times. Simply create and save your search details once. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of vehicles online.

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How to sell your car with AutoTempest?

AutoTempest is a search engine that helps users find used cars for sale from a variety of sources, including dealership websites, classified websites, and online marketplaces. If you want to sell your car, there are several options you can consider, such as:

  1. Selling the Car Privately: You can list your car for sale on websites like Autotrader, eBay, or Craigslist, or you can place an ad in your local newspaper.
  2. Selling the Car to a Dealership: Many dealerships will buy used cars from individuals, even if they do not have a trade-in.
  3. Selling the Car to a Used Car Buying Service: Companies like Carvana and Vroom will buy used cars directly from individuals.

How much does it cost to use AutoTempest?

AutoTempest is a free service for users. It does not charge a fee for individuals to search for used cars on the platform. Instead, it offers a convenient way to sell your car or get a free quote to assess your used vehicle’s value.

The cost of this fee will depend on the specific terms of the agreement between the business and AutoTempest. If you are a dealership or other business interested in using AutoTempest to list your vehicles, you should contact the company directly to discuss pricing and other details.

How to search for vehicles on AutoTempest?

Searching for Vehicles on AutoTempestAutoTempest makes search a breeze with attribute filtering such as:

  • Color
  • Dealer owned
  • Mileage
  • Model
  • Transmission
  • Trim packages
  • And more

Things do not get much easier when looking for your dream ride. The filters allow you to refine your search as finely as you like.

Once you have selected filters and finished your search, you’re redirected to a page that displays your results. Each car listing includes information about where it originates, its price, mileage, and a picture of the car.

What’s the best part? There’s no need to click on each result to determine if it’s a good match for you. Rather, you will find all of the essential information you need to narrow your search on the first results page.

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How does AutoTempest offer more value?

In addition to the initial search criteria listed above, you can further refine your search on the results page. How? You can filter based on price, fuel type, mileage, body style, and more.

With this additional filtering option, you can easily find the ideal automobile for your needs. After narrowing your search, you can click on a result to view the listing’s website and more photos and details about the car in question.
Pros & Cons of to shop for a car

Why use to shop for a car?


You will save countless hours by using its consolidated car search. With its easy-to-use interface, car research and buying is a breeze.

AutoTempest provides easy-to-digest results as well as a wide range of supporting tools. You can also search for reviews, compare auto insurance quotes, compare new car quotes, and get quotes for shipping a car outside your city.

Let’s start by looking at what keeps people coming back to AutoTempest.


1. One-Stop-Shopping Factor

The most apparent advantage of AutoTempest is that it searches all major platforms in one place. Rather than opening up multiple tabs and entering information on each website separately (and flicking between them), AutoTempest does all that work for you.

2. Simple to Use

There are no hidden search fields, and the site is easy to navigate and use. The platform is user-friendly, so even a first-time visitor can easily access simple or advanced search functions, browse results, and click on the link that leads to a partner platform.

3. Calling Attention To Important Information

AutoTempest’s results page provides a summary of different searches in a consistent format, including the make and model of the vehicle, listing date, distance from the chosen zip code, odometer details, and price. If no price is listed, there may be an “inquire” badge, which usually occurs when a like-new vehicle is being sold as a used one. This information allows buyers to easily compare listed vehicles.

4. The Consumer-Friendly Platform

In AutoTempest, a user is informed when they will be taken away from the platform to a third-party site. AutoTempest offers this feature for customers who want to browse the site but prefer not to visit other sites.

5. Reliability

AutoTempest is consistently praised for its quality results and reliable listings. The best thing about reliability is that it caters to all consumer tastes and trust levels.
For example, a shopper who does not trust Craigslist or eBay may opt out of those results and head to another platform. Search results pages allow users to review the listing sources and ignore those they don’t like. It gives people the confidence to use AutoTempest.

6. AutoTempest App

AutoTempest is also an app you’ll enjoy. Once installed on your mobile device, it allows you to search for cars on the go. Lastly, AutoTempest offers helpful articles and guides to help you with every step of the car-buying process. So download the AutoTempest app and start enjoying all the tips and knowledge it provides.

7. Currently Serving the US and Canada

This makes it possible for buyers and sellers in the United States and Canada to take advantage of the same listings. With the addition of, customers on both sides of the border will now have access to a greater number of reliable listings.

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AutoTempest’s Drawbacks

  • Direct Sales are not allowed

Lack of direct sales presents the greatest challenge to users. Buying a car on AutoTempest requires you to go directly to the source and use that platform. In other words, while it offers comprehensive vehicle listings, AutoTempest is not a one-stop-shop platform like Carvana or newcomer CarShop. However, these individual sites do not include listings from competitors.

  • Reviews are still coming from Google

The reviews search feature is convenient, but the results only come from Google. The only benefit is that visitors can stay on the AutoTempest to scan the results. To gain a full understanding of a review, you must visit the third-party site.

How auto transport services can benefit you?

What if you purchase a vehicle from AutoTempest and it’s located somewhere else in the country? There’s no need to fly one way to the destination, then turn around and drive the same vehicle back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to sell a car on AutoTempest?

Selling your car directly on is not possible, but It is possible. With AutoTempest, you can easily link to Carvana,, or Cars & Bids. While AutoTempest isn’t a platform where you can sell directly, it connects you with these third-party platforms to give you access to a near-instant sales channel.

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Is AutoTempest free to use?

Yes, AutoTempest is a free service that allows users to search for used cars for sale from various websites in one place. Users can search for AutoTempest cars by make, model, year, price range, and other criteria to find the perfect car for them.

The service aggregates listings from a variety of sources, including dealer websites, classifieds websites, and online marketplaces, to provide users with a comprehensive selection of cars to choose from.

Is AutoTempest legit?

Yes, AutoTempest is a legitimate company as an aggregator of used car listings. It is a well-known search engine for used cars, and it has a generally positive reputation. The company operates in a transparent and honest manner.

Unfortunately, AutoTempest reviews aren’t present on any of the reputable review sites like the BBB and Trustpilot.



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