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classic car shippingClassic Car Shipping

From a brand new Aston Martin to a shiny classic Bentley; all classic cars deserve special handling, classic car shipping, and treatment when they are transported to their new destination. We understand that choosing a competent carrier for something as precious as a classic car is a very important decision. That is why we want to reduce the stress and worry so that you do not feel like you are sending your classic car off with a stranger.

Classic Car Transport Services

Auto star is an auto transport company. In this industry of classic car transport services, classic car shipping, we set the standard for classic and luxury vehicle transports whether you have convertibles, hotshots, sports cars, race cars, exotic cars, vintage cars, or vintage vehicles. Classic, vintage, antique, and luxury car transports are well looked after by our specialists. We offer leading expertise in classic auto transport with competitive pricing. Let us transport your classic, vintage, or luxury vehicle.

Why transport your classic car with AutoStar Transport?

We know how difficult it can be to lose sight of your baby and are here to make the process easy and hassle-free. That is why we make sure you get the best personal door to door service to make sure your classic car shipping and classic car transport is arranged in a safe and secure way:

  • Customer Service
    We will follow up with you shortly or feel free to call us directly to set up your covered car transport and speak with one of our professionally trained car moving specialists. We will provide you with the best service in the business.
  • Safe and sound
    Our classic car transport is provided on specialized open or enclosed auto transport and give your car the VIP service it deserves; hard side covered car transports with lift gates and no chain tie-down on request.

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