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    Read why our clients choose us as their preferred classic, exotic, and luxury car transport provider.

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    Top Rated Classic Car Transporter

    From a brand new Aston Martin to a shiny classic Bentley, all classic cars deserve special handling and treatment when they are transported to their new destination.

    AutoStar Transport Express has the expertise and understanding to transport your classic or luxury car securely and safely to any location. We only deal with the most professional classic car carriers, and our compliance department does background checks on each one before we add them to our network. From classic car exhibits to top car auctions, our vintage vehicle transport company works with you every step of the way to ensure that your automobile gets where it’s intended to go.

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      classic car shipping

      What Is The Most Secure Way To Transport A Classic Car?

      When it comes to classic car transport, there are two ways to get the car transported. Open trailers and enclosed trailers are the two types of vehicles carriers utilize to transport cars.

      Open car transport is the most popular auto transport service. It’s economical, quick, and simple to arrange. There is, however, a disadvantage with this sort of auto transport service: the degree of protection offered to the vehicles.

      Our team understands how important classic cars can be, so we strongly recommend that you send them via enclosed car transport. because of its safety. If you own a classic vehicle like a Jaguar E-Type or a Rolls-Royce Dawn Drophead, you’ll want to keep outside elements away from it.

      This is why you should choose enclosed vehicle transport. You can count on our team of specialists to form the best shipping strategy for your classic car.

      How Much Does Classic Car Transport Cost?

      The cost of classic car transport is determined by a variety of criteria. Smaller cars, for example, are less expensive to move.

      Shorter distances are also less expensive. However, the cost of shipping a classic, exotic, or luxury automobile is typically 30%-40% more than that of a standard vehicle. The best-enclosed trailers and equipment available in the business are utilized to protect classic automobiles.

      Pro Tips: For more information, please visit our page on car shipping costs.

      No. of MilesType of
      Sample MileageSample Pricing

      The rates listed above are estimated. The prices are subject to change based on seasonal fluctuations, the cost of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, and so on.

      Shipping A Classic Car You Bought Online

      Is it your profession to collect and sell classic automobiles? When you want to ensure that your vintage cars are treated with care, expert classic car transport is the ideal way to go. You may now buy a classic automobile online and have it delivered to your home with AutoStar Transport Express.

      AutoStar Transport Express is a leading classic car transport service provider that offers an advanced, cost-effective delivery solutions. Now you to complete a transaction more quickly, save money, boost client retention, and receive additional referrals by offering a high-quality classic car shipping service.

      Which Car Shipping Method Do Classic Car Owners Like The Best?

      Owners of unique cars want enclosed vehicle transport since it gives them greater peace of mind. Another popular type of transportation is door-to-door service since it implies that the vehicle can be taken and returned to a chosen destination by the owner.

      If you need an enclosed trailer with hydraulic barriers to safeguard your low ground clearance automobile, we can help. We can pick up your vehicle at any classic car auction. Because our service is door-to-door, the driver will come as close to your home as legally and safely possible.

      Why Choose Us For Luxury Car Transport 

      We know how difficult it can be to lose sight of your baby and are here to make the process easy and hassle-free. That is why we make sure you get the best personal door to door car shipping service to make sure your classic car shipping is arranged in a safe and secure way.

      Personalized Luxury and Classic Car Shipping

      Simply give our experienced car shipping experts a call or contact them through Live Chat and they’ll walk you through the exotic car shipping procedure. We will provide you with the best antique car transport service in the business.

      Insured Classic Car Transport

      Your vehicle will be protected from transport damage thanks to the carrier’s cargo insurance. Our compliance staff verifies that all of our carriers fulfill and keep our insurance requirements.

      Only Work With Approved Car Carriers

      AutoStar Transport Express is very serious when it comes to shipping classic cars and exotic cars. The car carriers we work with are thoroughly screened to ensure they’re highly rated, insured, and prepared to handle your needs.

      Real-Time Tracking Updates

      Our professional team tracks your classic car at every step of the shipping process and provides you with personal, accurate status updates.

      Nothing To Pay Upfront

      When you hire us to transport your exotic automobile, you don’t pay anything upfront. Use our immediate online quotation calculator to discover how much our vintage vehicle removal service costs. We take payment only when your item has been assigned to a carrier and is ready to go.

      Ready to Ship your Classic Car with AutoStar Transport Express?

      Call our classic car shipping professionals at 888-802-8250 to answer all your questions.
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      How Exotic Car Transport Services Work

      Our 3-step process makes your auto transportation hassle-free:

      Step 1. Get a quote and book your order

      Use our online free instant quote calculator to discover the cost of your exotic car shipping service. You may also contact us at 888-802-8250, email, or Live Chat with our classic car shipping experts.

      The quotation you receive for luxury vehicle shipping is fully inclusive. There are no hidden costs included in the quotation. You are under no further obligation after receiving a quote.

      Step 2. We pick up your vehicle

      Set a convenient time and place for your trucker to pick up the vehicle. The assigned classic car carrier will contact you a few hours before your scheduled pick-up time. When the trucker arrives, you’ll inspect the vehicle and sign a Bill of Lading.

      They’ll need to verify that someone is available to release the vehicle and that your location is safe for big commercial vehicles. You may also choose to have a third party, such as a neighbor, friend, relation, or work colleague, release your car for you.

      Step 3. Receive your vehicle

      During transit, you can contact us at any time for a tracking update. You’ll be receiving a phone call informing you that your classic car is on its way home. You’ll be given a couple of hours’ notice so you can ensure that you’re there.

      Finally, you will sign the Bill of Lading to accept delivery of your car. If you’re not available to receive your classic car at the arranged time, you can choose someone else to accept delivery on your behalf. They must be at least 18 years old.


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        International Classic Car Transport

        AutoStar Transport Express specializes in international car shipping, ensuring that your vehicle is handled in the most convenient, safe, and economical manner.

        AutoStar Transport Express works with the best international shipping partners. We ship sports, exotic, vintage, antique, and classic cars, to and from the following locations:

        Prepare your Antique Car for Transport

        To ensure that your antique car is ready for shipping, you can also take the following steps:

        • Firstly, wash the exterior and interior of your vehicle. The car should be empty prior to transport.
        • Taking pictures of existing damage is a good idea.
        • Remove all aftermarket parts. These include antennas, DVD players, luggage racks, bike racks, etc.
        • Having almost empty tanks reduces weight and reduces charges. Fill the gas tank to a quarter or eight full.
        • Be sure to check your brakes, including emergency brakes, battery, ignition, and tires. If a car travels hundreds of miles, a small leak can cause major problems.

        Check out more classic car shipping tips.

        Check out our Classic Car Transport Ratings

        FAQs about Exotic, Classic, and Luxury Car Transport

        What is classic car transport?

        Classic car shipping is an auto transport service designed especially for people with expensive automobiles such as exotics, luxury cars, classic vehicles, and sports cars. It’s a premium service that provides maximum protection for your luxury vehicle while also providing total peace of mind.

        What type of luxury vehicle do we transport?

        The expertise we have gained over the years as a classic car shipping company allows us to efficiently ship luxury cars no matter what type of high-end vehicle you want to transport. We are specialists in shipping all kinds of luxury cars, exotic cars, sports cars, vintage cars, and classic cars: Learn more about these cars in our vintage vs antique vs classic car guide,

        We offer leading expertise in classic auto transport with competitive pricing. Let us transport your classic, vintage, or luxury vehicle.

        Is it possible to ship my inoperable classic car?

        Even if your car is inoperable, a classic vehicle carrier will be able to transport it. You can use classic vehicle transport services if your automobile is not operating for whatever reason or if there is any damage that necessitates special attention.

        Should I ship my exotic car using enclosed car transport?

        While open auto transport is less expensive, enclosed transportation to move a classic car is worth the investment. The best mode of transport for a vintage automobile is an enclosed trailer since it provides greater protection against the elements of the road.

        Got a question? We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about classic car transport to provide more information and tips.

        Where Do You Want To Ship Your Classic Car?

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        Alaska Hawaii Maryland New Hampshire Pennsylvania Vermont
        Arkansas Idaho Massachusetts New JerseyPuerto Rico Virginia
        Arizona Illinois Michigan New Mexico Rhode IslandWashington
        California Indiana MinnesotaNew York
        South Carolina West Virginia
        Colorado Iowa Mississippi North Dakota South Dakota Wisconsin
        Connecticut Kansas Missouri North Carolina Tennessee Wyoming
        Delaware Kentucky Montana Ohio Texas
        Florida LouisianaNebraska Oklahoma Utah

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