Sol Abril

Sol Abril is an INFJ soul with strong empathy and a passion for helping others. His experience of working for auto transports for over a decade helps him spot the problem and figure out the best possible solution. Sol has served in different roles in different auto transport companies. He understands the ins and outs of the auto transport sector which he regularly shares on the Auto Star Transport blog. He likes to spend his spare time with his family.
gas prices and driving in puerto rico

Gas Prices and Driving in Puerto Rico: A Detailed Guide

Driving around Puerto Rico is one of the best ways to experience the island at your own pace. If you are unfamiliar with driving a vehicle in Puerto Rico, this guide is for you. This article covers the basics of driving in Puerto Rico, including the dos and dont's. Things you need to know about driving in Puerto Rico Most...

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Top Load Car Transport

What is Top Load Car Transport?

You may find the term 'top load' confusing if you are new to the auto transport industry. However, if you work with a reputable car shipping company like Autostar Transport Express, you won't have to worry about all these terms. Choosing different car shipping services is one of the steps you need to take when shipping your car. You can...

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Top 5 Car Hauling Companies

Top 5 Car Hauling Companies

Choosing the right car hauling company is crucial. How can you find a company that offers great value while taking good care of your car? When it comes to choosing the best car hauling company, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. Many carriers claim to be the best, but which ones are in fact...

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Registering a car in Puerto Rico

How to Register a Car in Puerto Rico

Why do you Need to Registered a Car in Puerto Rico? It is not fun to register your car in Puerto Rico, but it is something you absolutely must do. In Puerto Rico, if your car is not registered you could be fined at least a hundred dollars, and your license could be suspended, which could result in an increase...

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Can I Take My Financed Car To Puerto Rico

Can I Ship a Financed Car to Puerto Rico

Can I Take My Financed Car To Puerto Rico? Shipping a financed car is generally not prohibited anywhere in the United States. However, if you are shipping a car to Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii you'll need a copy of the authenticated letter and possibly more information from the lienholder. The authenticated letter must state that you can ship the...

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How to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico

The Process of Shipping Your Car to Puerto Rico

How to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico Using Professional Auto Transporters To ship a car to Puerto Rico, you need to contact a reputable international auto transport company. If you don't have the equipment, ships, or experience in the industry, shipping a car abroad is nearly impossible. Professional help is recommended to ensure the safe delivery of your import....

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UHaul Auto Transport - Is It Worth Doing Myself?

U-Haul Auto Transport – Is It Worth Doing Myself?

U-Haul auto transport involves renting a trailer (or truck and trailer) to self-transport your vehicle. This can involve local travel or move across state lines. Because of its ease of use, U-Haul is a great option for DIYers. It's a good option since you can return the equipment at any U-Haul location. Pricing is also low with the first-day costs...

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Car Dealerships in Puerto Rico

Top Car Dealerships in Puerto Rico – Buying a Car in Puerto Rico

A lot of people consider buying a used car in Puerto Rico, but don't want to buy a stolen car. How can I be sure the seller isn't cheating me? Is buying from a private seller safe? I will discuss all things related to purchasing a car in this article, from top car dealerships in Puerto Rico to useful tips...

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Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping Guide

Terminal to Terminal car shipping means that the customer must drop off a vehicle at the terminal nearest the pickup location, then pick it up at the terminal closest to the delivery location. A terminal-to-terminal car shipping service is used by high-volume auto shipping companies and is a more cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle. [lwptoc] What is an Auto...

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Transport broker

What You Need to Know when Choosing Transport Brokers and Carriers

If you’re trying to find loopholes when you’re transporting your vehicle(s) for a cheap price, you’re going about it the wrong way. (more…)

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How to Move a Car that Doesn't Run

How to Transport a Car that Doesn’t Run to and from Hawaii

You might have purchased a lemon car that needs some love. Maybe you have a jalopy that’s loaded with sentimental value and you want to restore it. Or, you simply need to get your vehicle repaired for a minor issue. Nonetheless, you know that your Non-operational vehicle needs to be transported and you’re looking for reliable options. How to Transport...

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college or university kid's back in the center of the picture, buildings on the left and cars parked on the right,student auto transport

5 ways to make your college kid’s life easier [Car Shipping]

Transitioning into adulthood is no easy task. And as supportive parents/guardians, we want to educate our kids as best as possible so they can succeed in becoming productive members of society. But it’s not like you're starting from scratch. Over the years, you’ve made them more aware of how important it is to have a sense of responsibility. And now...

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Man holding coffee next to car,car shippers

Things to Know Before Shipping a Car

If there’s anything that we can all agree on is that everything goes that much better when you’re prepared. And in an industry where volatility plays a significant role in the logistics of the service, the success of the transport happens when preparation meets opportunity. Save yourself the trouble and learn from the top 3 do’s and don’ts that we...

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Luxury and exotic car transport

How to Ship Luxury and Exotic Cars to or from Hawaii Safely

Hawaii is not the same as any other state in America. It is obvious that it is the only state that is purely made of islands and is likewise the only state that can’t be driven to. When an individual with a luxury vehicle intends to move to Hawaii, the first thing that probably enters his thoughts is how to...

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Attention Snowbirds: Things to do Before a Vacation?

Once the signs of winter begin to show up, many seasonal travelers prepare themselves for the winter route in search of summer. And if you're reading this, we can assume you're a part of this group as well. As you’re planning out the auto transport companies for the trip, you’re probably investigating a couple of things to make everything as...

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Vehicles on a highway- driveaway versus ship your car

Is it Better to Hire Someone to Drive my Car Across the Country?

Cars are shipped all around the world and within the country as more and more people are relying upon personal vehicles.  Many reasons may lead you to ship a car cross country. Buying a new car online, relocating because of a promotion, or going south for the winter might have caught your eye. All of these are valid reasons.  When...

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College or University student looking up in relief with the sun behind her - car shipping

4 practical reasons why parents should ship their college kid’s car

It might be your kid’s first year or third year of college (or university). But you’ve been thinking about spending time with the family because you know that you need family time. Bringing everyone together is now a priority, even if it means going out for dinner, having a BBQ at a park, going to a game, concert, or wine...

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4 Things to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

Shipping a Car: 4 Things to Avoid

What do first-timers all have in common? They’re prone to making mistakes before shipping a car. We all make them. We rely on our logic and try to make sense of how things work. But wouldn’t it be great if we get a head start and learn what not to do? Avoiding the wrong choices only leads us to better...

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