Why Choose Autostar Transport Express

Why Choose Autostar Transport Express

In today’s hectic lifestyle where most human beings are busy multi-tasking, the idea of transporting a car to a different place can haunt you. People move all the time, and so do their vehicles.

You might want to move to a new city or a state for any reason; a new job, relocation, an excursion trip, or just for spending some time away from the routine.

Thanks to the AutoStar-Transport Express which somehow eases this discomfort.

Reasons to Choose Autostar Transport Express

1. Fast and Easy

Convenience, timely car delivery service, and we make it hassle-free for you. Our pursuit of excellence begins and ends with our top-notch customer service team, one of the best out there! If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to get a vehicle shipping quote immediately, contact us today!

2. Door to Door Car Shipping

Door to door car shippingWe believe in making auto transport as easy as possible for you by getting our carriers as close as possible to your door, for both pickup and delivery, to make the experience convenient and personal. Just tell us when you want to go where and we will take it from there.

Narrow roads, low-hanging branches, weight restrictions; our partner carriers are professionals and they are used to dealing with challenges. We will get as close as possible to your door without jeopardizing the safety of the carrier and loaded vehicles.

5 Star Auto Direct Transport

We avoid using terminals (unless there are special circumstances), as they can delay car transport and increase the likelihood of damage. Our experts in the car shipping industry ensure that we book your vehicle with the carrier whose route includes your desired pickup and delivery locations. We also make sure that the shipping happens without the need for switching tracks, layovers, or storage facilities and terminals along the way

Carrier One Transport

Switching carriers during transport means unnecessary handling of your vehicle and possible delays, which is why we avoid doing so wherever possible. Your vehicle will be driven onto one car carrier and stay there until it is driven off upon delivery.

There are exceptions to every rule: there are cases when they will send a smaller carrier to pick you up right at your door if the area is inaccessible to their larger 8-10 car haulers in order to provide you door-to-door 5-star car service. Depending on where your vehicle is loaded on the carrier, it may need to be driven on and off the carrier to permit unloading another vehicle.

However, your vehicle will not suffer through the wear and tear of driving on the roadways or switching from one big carrier to the next.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are one of the few auto transport companies which offer a money-back guarantee. 90% of vehicles booked with Autostar Transport Express are picked up within a 1 to 2 days timeframe.

Another 9% within the 3-day promise. In case Autostar Transport Express is not able to get the vehicle assigned to a carrier within 5 business days from the first available date, you have the option of keeping the order open or canceling for a FULL refund of the deposit.

Tested & Trusted

Tested & Trusted

AutoStar Transport Express has had an excellent record in the car shipping industry for the last 13 years. Our clientele is on the increase due to the quality of the vehicle relocation services we offer.

Check out the testimonials later which are written by our regular clients.

Vehicle Tracking

We have a top-notch Customer Service Specialist Team dedicated to tracking your car transport and keeping you updated on progress. While we are searching for the right carrier for you, you will receive updates from us. Before pickup, during 5-star auto transport, and even after delivery, via email, phone, or SMS messages.

If you want an update on your order or where your vehicle is, you can always get in touch. We will get in contact directly with your driver and give you a personalized, accurate update. Carriers’ schedules are not just dependent upon the number of miles between A and B. The number of other pickups and deliveries that they have in between A and B plays an important role in timing, as do traffic, weather, and mechanical issues.

The only way to get you an accurate ETA is to speak directly to your driver, and that is exactly what we do. We will even give you his/her direct phone number if you wish.

Ready to ship your car with Autostar Transport Express?

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We Transport all Types of Vehicles

We transport any type of vehicle. Not only cars, trucks, and motorcycles but even classic cars or oversized vehicles like tractors and limousines.

International Car Shipping

We’ve got the right connections with the best international partners to help you with your shipping car to Hawaii, Alaska, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Autostar Transport Express works with the best international partners to ensure that you experience the best shipping experience. We help to identify which partner can transport your car within your timeframe and for the best possible price.

Safe & Secure

We provide your car with convenience and, peace of mind. Safe & SecureTwo factors work behind the scene; our drivers who have experience on the road for years – safely transporting your vehicle – while we handle the logistics and customer care. It works for them, it works for us, and, most importantly, we all work for you!

Personalized Service

At Autostar Transport Express we’re passionate about providing top-notch service with a personalized feel. That’s why when you decide to ship your car with Autostar Transport Express you are assigned a Transport Coordinator. They will keep you updated on the shipping process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.

Estimated Shipping Time

You can always check how long it takes (roughly) to get a car shipped from A to B.  You’ll find a table with the estimated time period required for transfer.

Bottom Line

No matter what kind of vehicle it is, we are equipped to transfer that to the destination.

Autostar Transport Express has been operating in the United States and outside for the last 13 years with incredible services in the auto transport industry.

We cater to all your car transport needs for safe and secure pick-up and delivery.

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