What is the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

What is the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

What are open and enclosed carriers, and which one do I need?

If you are making up your mind about moving to a new state or across the country? If so, you may want to have your vehicle shipped instead of driving it yourself. Right now, there are two car shipping options available – open and enclosed.

When car shipping is a key thing to consider. There are drawbacks and benefits to each method and you will need to look at these carefully before you make your decision. To make it easy to select the best carrier for your type of transport, we listed the pros and cons below:

 Open Car Carrier Transport

Open-air transport is the least expensive type of auto transport. 95% of vehicles travel in an open carrier with extremely few incidents. When using an open carrier, it is a possibility that rocks and other debris can hit the vehicle. That said, this risk is about the same if you drive a vehicle yourself.

Top loading or center loading may also be possible for special vehicles because it will decrease the chances of incidents. However, when your car is transported with an open carrier, it is important to use A-rated carriers with a strong customer service history and full coverage insurance.

Try to find a company that has the ability to start an insurance claim on your behalf at any time, and that will always cover any potential damages. This way, you can rest assured that open transport is an affordable and viable option.

open car carrier

Enclosed Car Carrier Transport

Enclosed transport is generally used for classic or recently painted luxury cars. The cost of this method of transport is about 60% higher than the cost of the open carrier method. If you have a car that you consider to be priceless because of the rarity of the car or the cost of the car this will likely be the best method for you.

Also, many enclosed carriers are equipped with special equipment that can safely manage vehicles with low ground clearance. This method keeps the car in an enclosed trailer and this means that there is virtually no risk of any rocks or debris hitting your car itself because the trailer will be protecting it.

When choosing an enclosed car carrier, you have the option between a soft-sided and a hard-sided car carrier. The most commonly used one is the hard-sided one.

Which Option is Best for Shipping a Luxury, Vintage, Or Sports Car

The enclosed car transport shields your vehicle from the elements, rocks, and other external damage. Therefore, If you have a luxury vehicle, vintage, classic, or sports car, enclosed car shipping is the best car shipping method as it provides additional protection and safety for your one-of-a-kind car.


 soft sided enclosed car carrier


 hard sided enclosed car carrier

Alternative Means of Auto Transport

On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize any of the above options, you can also hire someone from the auto transport company to drive your car to the final destination. However, this option is useful for shorter distances in light of the fact there are not many individuals who might go to the nation driving your vehicle, and it would also cost a great deal of cash.

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