10 Tips to Save Money in Auto Transportation

10 Tips to Save Money in Auto Transportation

So, you’re thinking of spending some time away from where you are for a while?  The best option would be to drive to that spot, but in case you want to save some of your personal energy for that “on the spot, spontaneous”  experience, you might want to think about having your car shipped instead.   11 ways to save money in auto transportation

Googling for auto-transport services can sometimes get one confused as there are hundreds of options available with a variation in prices, mode of delivery, vehicle type, and distance, and so on.

These Money-saving tips will definitely help you reduce your car transportation cost and provide you with peace of mind.

10 Ways to save money on car transportation 

Check Timings

Wait for the time when the prices are comparatively lower. May through September is usually a busy time for coast-to-coast car shipping.

Similarly, the traffic is heavy from north to south and vice versa in autumn and spring. This will get you a significant reduction in the cost. You are likely to get cheaper quotes in the off-season.


Terminal to terminal car shipping service is generally cheaper than the door to door delivery. You will need to drive your vehicle to the terminal for the pick-up. Similarly, you will receive your car on the other terminal and drive it away.

If you leave your car at the terminal for too long, it will cost you more. Make sure you receive your car as soon as it arrives. It can take a couple of days before it is released. Terminals charge a storage fee for each day a car stays there.

Open Transport

Open transport carriers are safe. Most people use open carriers for auto-transport. It is about 50% cheaper than the enclosed vehicle carrier.

Check out for Quotes

You will find all kinds of quotes online when you do a google search. Just be careful not to go for the cheapest offer that is made before you make sure about the company’s legitimacy.

Find out if the company is registered, read reviews, etc. That will give you a fair idea about the company’s reputation. Once you’re confirmed the company’s validity, ask about possible discounts. If you go for an overly cheaper price, you may jeopardize your car’s safety.

Have you ever heard the saying……” you get what you pay for”?  This is true when it comes to going with the cheapest quotes.  It will take much longer than expected to have your vehicle accepted by a reputable car carrier,  and the customer service aspect may be lacking in quality from your transport provider. 

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Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Booking an order with the need to have your vehicle transported right NOW is never the best option.  You should give yourself and your transport provider a good lead time of 7-10 days. 

With more time to locate a car carrier at the best possible price, the better.  Expediting your transport by booking at the last minute will cost you more, as your transport provider will have to offer a car carrier more than the average price, to have your vehicle picked up NOW. 

Flexible Datesflexible dates

Some car movers offer discounts if you choose a day of delivery when it’s not busy. You go for a lower price option by not picking the exact day of delivery. Companies give you all kinds of choices from very expensive to down below cheap.

Ship multiple Cars in one batch

Auto-Transport companies offer a reasonable discount on multiple car shipping. Shipping two or more cars, or a bulk makes a difference in price. Remember that bigger vehicles take more space, hence more cash is spent on their shipment.

Location and the Trucker

If you happen to live in a faraway place, a place which is hard to reach (mountains and steeps) for the truckers,location and trucker

you’ll end up paying a lot. It is due to the lack of truckers on the remote routes. They charge more for that kind of terrain and service.

Truckers prefer to travel on big roads which are closer to the big cities. If you can meet up with the carrier near the interstate or a metro area, you can save money.

Fix your Car

Make sure your car is in running condition before you dispatch it. Non-functional vehicles cost more money ($150-$200). Some cars have modifications. Remove them prior to having it transported. It can save you some cash. Learn how to prepare your car for vehicle transport.

A drive away Service

They hire people who drive your car to the destination. It is a rare service. It is not available at all times. The fear of wear and tear is involved if you take this option. Perhaps, a friend or an acquaintance who you trust can drive your vehicle safely.


Briefly, an open transport carrier is cheaper compare to the enclosed carrier. It is also safe. Do not trust or assume things when it comes to price because you don’t want to discover hidden charges during the process. Ask and clarify.

  • Check for less busy season and timing when you can get the best price offers. Get multiple quotes, compare, and make phone calls, ask about any potential discounts.
  • Make sure the carrier/company is legit with a license, verify that on the website. Read reviews/testimonials. Check the license and the FMCSA authorization of the company.
  • Terminal-to-terminal takes less amount of money than door to door. Consider doing it from terminal to terminal.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute.  Give your provider a lead time of 7-10 days to find you the best deal possible.

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