History – AutoStar Transport

The history of AutoStar Transport begins over a decade ago when our Operations Director was working in the auto transport service industry and grew more and more dissatisfied with what he saw: customers being too low on the priority list, carriers being lied to and Transport Coordinators being taken for granted. This caused him to decide to join forces with our IT and Administrative Directors in 2007 to create AutoStar Transport, a car shipping company with a clear and simple vision and a richly diverse team that makes it happen.

How did we start with Car transportation?

In the early days, when it was just 2-3 people, we started building a reputation with truckers for our honesty and fair pricing and moved around 500 vehicles a year, a large chunk being from repeat clients who had discovered the AutoStar Transport difference.

Our team has since then increased its business and grew to one of the bigger players in the US vehicle shipping market. At the moment our team consists of over 40 individuals from all corners of the globe and hugely varied backgrounds that now move over 5,000 vehicles a year!


We learn something new every day and have incorporated cutting edge technology and in-depth training into our company culture without ever losing sight of why we’re here: to make our car shipping company a great experience for everyone involved, from our employees to our affiliates and of course the customers! Do you want to read more about the experience of others? Read customer reviews.