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How to Transport a Car that Doesn’t Run to and from Hawaii

You might have purchased a lemon car that needs some love. Maybe you have a jalopy that’s loaded with sentimental value and you want to restore it. Or, you simply need to get your vehicle repaired for a minor issue. Nonetheless, you know that your Non-operational vehicle needs to be transported and you’re looking for reliable options.

Shipping an Inoperable Vehicle to Hawaii

There are a couple of difficulties that are explicit to transportation a non-running vehicle, and a couple of challenges that come with shipping from Hawaii. 

The primary thing you need to know when shipping a vehicle to or from Hawaii that not every transport companies will offer the service for shipping a non-running vehicle due to the frequent requirement of special equipment(a piece of equipment called a winch) when trying to load an inoperable vehicle into the transport carrier as transport trucks don’t come with it. 

The auto transport companies who provide transport services for non-running vehicles usually have enclosed carriers with a lift gate for loading and unloading the inoperable vehicles. This liftgate usually keeps the vehicle-controlled and stable.

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