How do you prepare to transport your car? To make sure your transportation is carefree, we advise our clients to use the following guideline for vehicle preparation and getting your car ready for transportation:

Check list before shipping a car:

  1. Check for pre-existing damage. We advise our clients to wash the car before transportation so any scratches or chips can be identified before the shipping.
  2. The vehicle must be operable, but cannot be too heavy because of weight limitations. Ideally your car has a 1/4 tank of gas or less.
  3. Retract or detach the antennae, fold back your mirrors and remove all the special items like fog lights or spoilers.
  4. The vehicle preparation includes emptying the vehicle by removing any personal items (including the trunk, consoles and glove box). This is important because auto transport companies do not have a license to ship any personal goods. The car shipping insurance is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal goods inside your car.
  5. Make sure the vehicle is in operational condition. The battery has to be full of charge and the tires may not be flat. If this is the case it can compromise the loading process.
  6. Due to the logistics involved in transporting inoperable vehicles, it is vital that the vehicles’ brakes work, and that it can roll and steer.
  7. Have the keys available to give to the driver.
  8. Keep important paperwork, like title, with you or Fedex it.

The vehicle preparation if you are purchasing the vehicle

  • From an individual: make sure payment has gone through and vehicle is ready for release.
  • From an auction or dealership: ensure all paperwork is up to date and turned in and make sure payment has gone through and vehicle is ready for release.

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Vehicle Shipping Preparation