Shipping a Car

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company

The best car shipping services are the ones that resolutely help you get your vehicle(s) to arrive at the destination with a coordinator that assists with the pickup and delivery process.

But you’ve got many choices and many details to go through before selecting your car transport company. To make the best decisions, your best bet is to understand the following:

Transporting your car

There are many reasons people choose a door to door car shipping options. Maybe you’re looking to take care of your vehicle because you want to avoid adding all those miles. Perhaps you’re trying to avoid long car rides to decrease the probabilities of damages and danger along the road. Or you’re better off saving time and get this mundane task done to focus on other priorities.

There are also different types of transport; you can ship your vehicle within the state, transport it from state to state, or getting a car transport across the country, or overseas; you’ve got options!

Whatever your reason may be, getting your car shipped is the goal and we’re here to help.

Brokers and carriers for shipping a car

In this industry, there are two types of companies: brokers and carriers. A carrier is a car transport driver or company that transports our shoppers’ cars. In other words, they are continuously on the road and assist us in the actual moving of your vehicle.

Brokers are the ones who understand the customers’ needs, do the research, and make the connection between the drivers and auto transporter. They walk along with the customer from start to finish while assisting the driver with any documentation or information that needs to be sent to any party involved in the transport process.

Both operate cohesively to transport your vehicle safely and work amid the variables that present themselves in the shipping process.

How does car transport work?

Transporting a car is a lot more convenient when you’re working with reputable transport companies.

And you can do it in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Know who will be releasing the vehicle and receiving the vehicle upon pickup and delivery
  2. Request a quote with a transport company that you trust
  3. Discuss the necessary details regarding the maintenance of your vehicle or about your pickup/delivery contacts

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