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    Alaska to Arizona Car Shipping Experts

    Shipping a Car from Alaska to Arizona

    AutoStar Transport Express makes shipping cars, trucks, and other vehicles from Alaska to Arizona safer, more convenient, and more efficient. With decades of experience in long-distance car shipping, we offer our clients excellent service.

    Our industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction go into every vehicle we transport. No matter what size, new or used, your vehicle is in good hands when you ship with us. Throughout the process, we ensure you have accurate quotes, timely pickups, and communication with our team of professionals.

    It doesn’t matter if you are shipping a luxury car or a classic car, AutoStar Transport Express ships them all.

    Get an instant auto shipping quote by calling 888-802-8250. We’ll take care of your auto shipping hassle-free.

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      Why Choose Us For Shipping Car From Alaska to Arizona?

      We are one of the most reputable auto transport companies in the United States due to our hassle-free, cost-effective car transport services.

      • We are a top-rated and licensed company: Our company is licensed and bonded and has received more than 3,000 positive 5-star reviews for Alaska to Arizona car shipping.
      • We are preferred by dealerships:  We have been shipping cars from Alaska to Arizona for over 15 years. Our company provides exceptional car shipping services to some of the biggest brands in the nation.
      • Maximum Vehicle Protection: Enclosing your vehicle ensures its safety during its journey. With AutoStar Transport Express, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.
      • Online Vehicle Tracking: With real-time tracking, you’re always informed about your shipment.
      • Vetted carriers: To ensure your vehicle is handled and transported with care, we work with highly reputable carriers that meet our high standards.

      Shipping cars from Alaska to Arizona is one of our specialties

      You cannot take anything for granted when it comes to Alaska to Arizona car transportation. Hiring an inexperienced or unreliable auto transporter can place both you and your car in a perilous situation.

      That’s why you should only hire a car transport company that knows how to get your car from the Last Frontier to Arizona on time and in great condition.

      Our goal is to transport your vehicle from Anchorage, Alaska to Phoenix, Arizona in the same condition that you give it to us, and to keep you updated throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-802-8250 if you are ready to schedule your Alaska to Arizona car transport.

      The most popular areas we serve in Arizona are Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Tempe Junction, Peoria, and all surrounding areas.

      Are You Ready To Ship Your Car From Alaska to Arizona?

      Call our car shipping professionals at 888-802-8250 to answer all your questions.
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      Shipping a car from Alaska to Arizona is easy with us

      • Request a car Shipping Quote: You will receive a quote immediately, and your order will be booked. Send us an email at or call 888-802-8250 for a quote.
      • Your vehicle is picked up in Alaska: When your car is ready, we can pick it up anywhere in Alaska and transport it to our shipping port. Our direct service allows pickup from any residential or business location in Alaska. The main destination port in Alaska is Anchorage, AK.
      • Arrival in Arizona: Upon arrival in Alaska, our team of experts will inspect the car to assess its condition. When your car is ready for pick up, we will notify you. Sign your bill of lading and inspection report to obtain your vehicle.

      Your car will always be delivered safely to your home with our door-to-door car shipping service.

      How Much To Ship A Car From Alaska to Arizona?

      There are several factors that affect the accuracy of a quote, such as the shipping distance, the vehicle size, the model, the season, time of year, the terrain, and the location of the pickup. The average cost to ship a car from Alaska to Arizona is $2,395.

      If you want a reliable estimate for shipping a car from Alaska to Arizona, use our online calculator to get a free and instant quote.

      Recommended: If you want to learn more about car shipping costs, visit our how much does it cost to ship a car article:

      How Do I Prepare a Car for Shipment from Alaska to Arizona?

      To prepare your vehicle for Alaska car transport, here is a short checklist of things to do. These include:

      • Ensure you have a copy of all keys, including those for the gas tank, glove box, ignition, and trunk
      • The minimum ground clearance for vehicles is 5 inches
      • the car must have less than a quarter tank of gas (electric vehicles must have a full charge)
      • It is important for the vehicle to be clean from the outside before inspection
      • All personal items must be removed from the vehicle
      • The vehicle must be able to steer and stop

      Before your vehicle is picked up, make sure you take care of these things so that the shipping process runs smoothly and efficiently!

      AutoStar Transport Express can help you ship today

      It may seem an impossible task to ship a car from Alaska to Arizona, but it happens on a regular basis. As such, we are confident in our ability to move your vehicle from anywhere in the U.S. to Anchorage at a great and affordable rate.

      If you are interested in Alaska to Arizona auto transport, fill out our free online quote form. By doing so, you’ll get a free shipping quote straight from us. You may also call 888-802-8250 to speak with one of our live agents.

      Successful Alaska to Arizona Car Shipping Reviews

      Read what our customers have to say about their experience with AutoStar Transport Express.

      Want To Know More?

      Are you interested in learning more about shipping your vehicle from Alaska to Arizona? Feel free to call us at 888-802-8250, or fill out our quote request form.

        Get your instant quote now!

        Or call us 888-802-8250

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        *We will use this info to contact you with a quote. We will never share your info

        Alaska to Arizona Auto Transport FAQs

        1. How do I make a payment?

        Zelle is the most common form of payment, and it has daily limits. The vehicle must be prepaid in order to be released.

        2. Can anyone pick up the vehicle in Alaska?

        We need to know who will pick up the vehicle at the port. The vehicle can be picked up by anyone at the port. The name of the individual picking up must be provided prior so we can arrange it that way.

        3. Are we allowed to put items in the vehicles?

        Except for a spare tire, you cannot ship anything inside the vehicle. The port authority prohibits the shipment of anything else inside of a vehicle.

        4. Is there anything special we need to ship a car from Alaska to Arizona?

        • The year, make, and model of the vehicle
        • The color of the vehicle
        • The VIN number of the vehicle
        • License Plate (if available)

        5. What is the process for booking my car shipment?

        Your shipment can be booked securely online 24 hours a day for your convenience. If you would prefer to speak with a shipping coordinator, please call 888-802-8250 during regular business hours.

        6. How Far In Advance Should I Schedule My Transport?

        The earlier you schedule your shipment, the more likely we are to meet your time requirements. You should schedule your transport at least 1 week in advance for best results.

        7. Apart from vehicles, what else do you ship?

        Apart from passenger vehicles, we ship many other types of cargo. Our company ships cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, limousines, boats, RVs, heavy equipment, and oversized loads.

        Contact us at 888-802-8250 if you would like to speak with a shipping coordinator about your transport needs.