How to ship luxury, exotic, and classic cars to and from Hawaii

How to ship luxury, exotic, and classic cars to and from Hawaii

One of the easiest ways to spring up a conversation teeming with emotions with our luxury/classic car-owning customers is by asking how they feel about their vehicles. The emotional attachment is so real, some might call it irrational!

If that’s you, then you can probably relate to the following: the unsolicited pictures people take of your car when you’re out for a drive, cringing at any possible scratch, washing it regularly, taking it to get its medical checkups (with the mechanic), and getting sad when you think of parting ways with it. And with this in mind, we can only imagine how distressed you might feel just thinking about shipping it to and from Hawaii.

Generally speaking, the type of car has little to do with the bond you have with it. But the value of your classic, luxury, or exotic car, after so much care, effort, and money you’ve invested in it, is so much more. Therefore, we know you prefer working with the best options available; starting with the type of transport coordinator you choose to work with to the type of transport you opt for to ship your car to and from Hawaii.

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The best option for a classic, luxury, and exotic car transport to Hawaii 

If you find yourself with limited options for classic, luxury, and exotic car transport to Hawaii and you live near the port, you can opt for port-to-port transport.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you are hard-pressed and need to get your vehicle shipped over the pacific ocean and by land. Firstly, you’ll want to work with a knowledgeable transport coordinator.

They’ll be sure to recommend you to the best carrier that will meticulously take care of your vehicle and transport it for you to or from Hawaii. As a matter of fact, you can always request a copy of the carrier’s certificate of insurance just to be sure.

On the other hand, if the possibility to continue to invest in your vehicle’s safety exists, you’re far better off working with an…

Enclosed trailer for luxury, classic, and exotic car transport 

Owning a luxury or a classic vehicle means you’ll garner any chance to help maintain it in its best conditions. Whether it’s choosing the best brand for an oil change, knowing the right cleaning technique to avoid spreading the debris all over, or purchasing the best cleaning products, you know about every decision that influences the value of your car.

Transporting your high-end automobile in an enclosed trailer with the right carrier should be no different. Hence, your best option would be to transport your car in a covered car trailer during land transport.

As for the pacific shipping aspect to/from Hawaii, although it seems like it is the trickiest part of the transport, it is the safest and the most straightforward portion.

Safety precautions when shipping luxury and classic cars to and from Hawaii

If you’re planning to transport the luxury car to Hawaii, get it checked out before transporting it. It’s always a good idea to make sure that it’s in peak conditions before transporting it overseas. Remember to keep your receipts as proof of regular maintenance. They’ll be useful whether you’re transporting it overseas or in case you ever decide to sell it.

While you’re at it, we strongly recommend you add a coat of wax to prevent your car from rusting; ocean rust is real because of the salt particles in the air. And we know that any luxury, classic or exotic car owner would go to any extent to prevent it. Follow these useful tips for preparing your car before shipping

By the same token, does your vehicle happen to have any quirks which help with its maintenance? Be sure to notify the person who picks it up.

As for the transport arrangements, learning more about the carrier and requesting their certificate of insurance is as important as working with a reliable transport coordinator.

The delivery process for your Hawaii Car Shipping

Your car shipping process becomes considerably simpler when you’re attentive to the final procedures. First, confirm the delivery with the driver at a time that allows you to perform a quick inspection. Once you see that everything is fine, you can sign off the Bill of Lading.

Luckily, this part becomes the easiest when you’re working with AutoStar Transport Express top-rated BBB accredited company; we work with carriers who understand the methodical process that happens behind the scenes.

The detailed-oriented work involved with classic, exotic, or luxury vehicles is of utmost importance. At the same time, not only should they be aware of the delivery procedure but you should too! For more details on the delivery process, click here to learn.

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