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    We are Experts in RV Transport Florida Services

    Are you planning to move your RV to or from Florida and feeling overwhelmed by the stress and labor of the process? We are here to take the hassle out of your RV move and make it a safe and timely experience for you.

    At Autostar Transport Express, we care about your equipment and understand how important it is for you to have your RV transported in a secure and timely manner. That’s why we offer licensed and insured shipping with no accidents on record, so you can trust us to handle your RV with great care.

    We provide deep inspections before and after shipping to ensure that your RV is in the same condition as before transportation. Our team of professionals resolves any possible travelling problems such as air pressure, lights, brakes, and the general appearance of your RV. We offer you RV shipping services state-to-state and city-to-city, anywhere in the continental USA and internationally.

    At Autostar Transport Express, we have experience transporting different types of RVs, including 5th wheel, gooseneck, and bumper pull. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, which is why we keep you informed and provide real-time tracking, so you can know the location of your RV at all times.

    We are committed to providing our customers with the best service, fast RV shipping, as well as safe pickup and delivery with reasonable rates. Whatever your shipping needs are, we are here to serve you as easily as possible.

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    Why Choose Us?
    For Car Transport Florida to Maine

    We at AutoStar Transport Express understand the importance of reliable and effective Florida RV Transport Services. Just a few of the reasons why you should want to choose us for your RV shipping requirements are as follows.

    • Experienced Drivers

      We utilize cutting-edge equipment and drivers with experience carrying all kinds of RVs to guarantee the safety and security of your RV during its journey.

    • Competitive Pricing

      We provide all of our RV transport services at competitive rates, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that is within your financial range.

    • Exceptional Service

      Our team is committed to providing each and every one of our customers with exceptional service. We will work closely with you at every stage of the process to make sure your RV is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

    • Licensed and Bonded Shipping

      AutoStar Transport Express has more than hundreds of 5-star reviews on successful RV transport to Florida on the BBB and Transport Reviews, in addition to being a licensed and bonded auto transport company.

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      How much Does it Cost to Ship RV to Florida

      To estimate the cost of your RV shipping, you can use the following formula:

      (Moving Distance x cost/mile) + (additional fees i-e fuel surcharges or tolls) = Estimated cost of the move

      AutoStar Transport Express provides you with a safe and reliable RV shipping service at affordable rates. Use our shipping cost estimator to find out how much the will RV Shipping Cost per Mile.

      Shipping FromShipping ToDistance in MilesEstimates TimeEstimated Cost in $
      Florida, FLHouston, TX10284 - 6 Days$ 980
      Florida, FLPhiladelphia, PA10594 - 6 Days$ 997
      Florida, FLDallas, TX11274 - 6 Days$ 1006
      Florida, FL Chicago, IL11936 - 8 Days$ 1063
      Florida, FL New York, NY12376 - 8 Days$ 1099
      Florida, FLDenver, CO19006 - 8 Days$ 1752

      Estimated prices are based on small sedans. They are subject to change according to season, market fluctuations, and transport type.

      For more information about the average RV shipping Cost per mile, please visit AutoStar Transport Express car shipping cost page. Use our online calculator to find out the RV shipping cost for your vehicle. You can chat online or call 888-802-8250

      How much Does it Cost to Ship RV Internationally from Florida?

      The cost of shipping an RV internationally can be quite hectic, as it involves several factors such as the size and weight of the RV, the shipping method, the origin and destination countries, and any customs and import/export fees.

      On average, the cost of shipping an RV internationally can range from $5,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the specific circumstances. It is best to get quotes from multiple shipping companies and compare the costs and services offered to determine the best option for your needs.

      Are you looking for an RV transport company near me in Florida? No matter if you want to transport an RV to another state, AutoStar Transport Express will take care of any hassles for you.

      Our advanced network of certified auto carriers runs coast to coast and border to border, so we can provide you with reliable door-to-door services for cross-country RV shipping.

      Different Types of RVs We Ship to Florida

      At AutoStar Transport, we understand that every RV is unique, and each requires a tailored approach to ensure safe and efficient transportation. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive shipping services for a wide variety of recreational vehicles. Here are just a few examples of the different types of RVs we ship:

      • Class A Motorhomes: We ship large, luxurious motorhomes with care and expertise.
      • Class B Motorhomes: Our team is skilled in transporting compact and versatile camper vans.
      • Class C Motorhomes: We ensure the safe transport of family-friendly Class C motorhomes.
      • Fifth Wheels: Our experts handle the unique requirements of spacious fifth-wheel shipping.
      • Travel Trailers: We ship all types of travel trailers, from teardrops to toy haulers.
      • Pop-up Campers: We manage the folding and unfolding needs of pop-up campers during transport.
      • Truck Campers: Our skilled team securely transports compact truck campers to Florida.

      At AutoStar Transport, we provide tailored shipping services for a wide variety of RVs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for every customer.

      Types of rvs to ship

      RV Transport Services For Locally and Internationally

      At AutoStar Transport Express, Our RV transport specialists will decide how to transfer your RV or trailer for Local and Long Distance Transport. We are accredited, bonded, and covered by insurance. Every shipping is handled as if it were our own equipment being moved. We treat the transportation of your RV or camper with the same level of care that we would.

      RVs are used by families and tourists whether they go on cross-country excursions or just go camping for the weekend.

      We specialize in both continental and international RV shipping, making sure that your transport is taken care of in the most personal, safe, and economical way.

      We offer RV moving and MotorHome Transport Services to and from the following locations:

      There is quite a bit of preparation to be done before you can deliver your RV to a shipping company.

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      Florida RV Transport Services FAQ

      How do you ship RVs overseas?

      At AutoStar Transport Express, we transport RVs using the latest equipment and experienced drivers. Depending on the size and type of RV, we may use a flatbed trailer or a specialized RV transport trailer. Container shipping is suitable for those that do not exceed the limit of 40’L, 7’10″H and 7’8″W. RORO Service is a type of International Boat Transportation providing services all year around to every client.

      How to Prepare an RV For Transport to or from Florida?
      • Clean: Make sure RV’s clean before pickup.
      • Secure Everything: Make sure secure loose electrical items, windows etc and fluid level is balanced.
      • Running Condition: Check running condition before pickup.
      • Document the RV Condition before pickup
      • Disconnect Gas and Power
      • Safety: Gas tanks, propane tanks, or any other hazardous materials should be removed before RV shipping.
      How much does it cost to ship a fifth wheel?

      If you’re having your rig transported less than 100 miles, you’ll pay approximately $3.32 to $5 per mile. For further assistance call our service center at 888-802-8250

      How are RVs or Travel Trailers Transported?

      Depending on the type of RV you have, this may be transported to its destination on a flatbed truck, to be towed behind another vehicle or someone driving your RV to its destination.

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