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    Stay Safe with Fast, Trackable, and Reliable Roadside Assistance

    Relax – it happens to everyone. Just a few details about your vehicle will help our experts reach you. After that, we’ll get your vehicle back on the road safely. Just Give us a call at 888-802-8250 and one of our towing partners will tow your vehicle to a location of your choice.

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      Towing Services, Car Battery Service, Jumpstarting vehicles, Fuel Delivery, tire change, Lockout recovery and more!

      Traveling on the road can cause a lot of problems. We are here to help you 24 hours a day with any vehicular issue. No matter what time of day it is, we are here to help fix your car or motorcycle and get you back on the road.

      As a roadside assistance services company one of the largest transportation brokers dedicated to SERVICING Roadside Assistance companies, we are focused on providing the resources needed to operate QUICKLY and precisely, giving your Customer a smooth and reliable experience.

      Your Safety is Our Priority

      Highest Safety Roadside Assistance Service

      We care about you and your customers, offering our extensive experience services in car shipping nationwide and internationally.

      With our network of reputable Carriers, our knowledge of the industry, Roadside Assistance and required processes, and a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide an unsurpassed level of service on each and every transport.

      AutoStar Transport Express provides vehicle transportation and roadside assistance across country.

      • Roadside fuel delivery: If you run out of fuel, we’ll bring you enough to get to a gas station. We can make arrangements for you to get extra gas whenever you need it.
      • Jump Start car service: A dead battery can cause serious delays. Get the extra power your car or motorcycle battery needs so you can continue your journey. Our team can help with a jump start.
      • Roadside tire repair: When you’ve got a flat tire and no spare tire or tools, don’t worry. We can arrange the installation of your usable spare tire or re-inflate your tire or tow your vehicle depending on the damage.
      • Car lockout service: Suppose you lock yourself out of your vehicle. Getting back into your car requires quick action. Count on AutoStar Transport Express to get you back on the road fast. You can trust us to provide you with expert lockout services.
      • Towing Service: AutoStar Transport Express has access to a fleet of state-of-the-art trucks and equipment for towing and accident recovery. It doesn’t matter if you need light, medium, or heavy-duty towing, AutoStar Transport Express can handle it all.
      • Winching service: When your car is trapped in mud, snow, water, or sand (within 100 feet of an exit), we pull it out with a chain or cable.

      About AutoStar Transport Express

      Founded in 2007, Auto Transport Express, the best auto transport company, started out as a relatively small company and has grown into one of the most well-known companies in the industry for its abilities, prices, and service. Since then, we have maintained the same values of providing top-notch service while providing a personalized experience to our customers.

      You can count on Autostar Transport Express for fast, trackable, and reliable service whenever you need a tow, jump start, or help with a flat tire. Whether you have a gas or electric car, you can get help anytime, anywhere.

      Feel free to call us at 888-802-8250 for a free quote and estimate.

      Why Choose Us?

      Our superior roadside service is just a tap away no matter where the road takes you.

      • Quick Response: We respond to your phone calls in a timely manner. Our emergency response team knows how to reach distressed customers in the shortest time possible to help.
      • Widespread coverage: Nationwide coverage, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
      • Complete customer satisfaction: With the most modern equipment and trucks equipped with all the necessary tools (such as dollies, skates, low clearance recovery, and more), we guarantee complete customer satisfaction without any hassle.

      Feel free to contact us for more details and further questions. We will be happy to assist you with all the information you need. Call us today at 888-802-8250.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does roadside assistance work?

      If you run out of gas, need a tire change, or need any other type of roadside assistance, AutoStar Transport Express is here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere in the U.S.

      Our roadside assistance services include:

      • Towing to the nearest gas station, mechanic, or any other location you choose.
      • If your tire needs to be inflated or changed, we can help.
      • A fuel delivery service to get you to the nearest gas station in an emergency.
      • Jump-start service and on-the-spot battery replacement for your car.
      • Car locksmith services if you’re locked out.
      • If your car gets stuck in snow, mud, or sand (within 100 feet of an exit), we can pull it out with a chain or cable with our winching service.

      Is AutoStar Transport Express Roadside Assistance available 24/7?

      At the moment, no, AutoStar Transport Express does not provide roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, we may offer this service in the future. You can call 888-802-8250 for assistance.

      Where does AutoStar Transport Express tow your car?

      Towing your vehicle to any location in the US is safe and hassle-free with AutoStar Transport Express.

      Will AutoStar Transport Express tow my motorcycle, trailer, or RV?

      Yes, AutoStar Transport Express tows all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles, trailers, and RVs.

      Our Auto Star Roadside Assistance Services

      Trusted vehicle transport company for all your Roadside Assistance.