Help! Am I eligible for a refund (for my auto transport)?

Help! Am I eligible for a refund (for my auto transport)?

So you just signed a contract with us but your plans changed:

  You changed your flight dates.

  You just found out you won’t be moving after all.

  Your plans for selling the vehicle fell through

  You just don’t think you’ll need your vehicle for that business trip.

  Your son/daughter won’t be going to that college or university anymore.

And now you want a refund for your reservation fee.

How do I begin the refund process?

Here’s how:

We need you to write an email that mentions your order number. It’s a good idea to mention the reason why you’re requesting the cancellation to see if we can provide any alternatives to help you. Then, our team will respond to your email with the necessary details.

When the refund isn’t possible…

Now, what happens if your circumstance interferes with the mentioned terms? Is there an alternative?

…Is that it? Do I lose my money?

Not at all! Here’s the good thing;

We can freeze your order! We normally do this for two reasons:

First, postpone the shipping until you give us the green light for when you’re ready to ship your vehicle.

Second, if you’d like to transfer the order to a family member or a friend, that’s a possibility too!

What do you have to do? Contact us via email or phone and request this from us.

Our main concern is to do our job right by locating the appropriate carrier for your auto transport and remain with you through the process from beginning to end.

When am I eligible for a refund?

Just like most products have an expiration date, so does your agreement. If (in a rare case), we’re not able to confirm a driver, you’d be eligible for a refund for your reservation fee 5 business days after the first pickup date.

If you feel that for some reason there is an issue that is beyond our regular terms, you’re always welcomed to open up a conversation about that to us via email or phone.

It’s important to note that as much as companies don’t like refunds, we care about our customers and always want to hear your side of the story first before making any important decisions.

because of communication, right?

When will I get my refund?

Processing the refund will take approximately 48 hours. You will receive an email from us with more details once you are eligible for a refund.

If you have any questions, give us a quick call, we’ll gladly explain more details on any doubts you have about the transport.