The Process of Shipping Your Car to Puerto Rico

How to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico Using Professional Auto Transporters

To ship a car to Puerto Rico, you need to contact a reputable international auto transport company. If you don’t have the equipment, ships, or experience in the industry, shipping a car abroad is nearly impossible. Professional help is recommended to ensure the safe delivery of your import.

Fortunately, international auto transport companies provide a wide selection of shipping solutions. On the company’s website, there is an online form that you can fill out to schedule your shipment date. In this article, we will describe the entire process of shipping a car to Puerto Rico through professional auto transport companies.

How to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico

1. Request a Car Shipping Quote to Puerto Rico

Initially, you’ll need to contact an auto broker or carrier and request a quote. For a car shipping quote, most companies require information about your vehicle, pickup and delivery locations, preferred shipping method, and preferred shipping timeline.

An email quote for shipping your car to Puerto Rico should look similar to the one below:

How to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico

Upon receiving an auto transport quote, it is advisable to ask these questions:

  • Is your quote inclusive of a door-to-door car transport?
  • Are there any hidden fees, such as taxes, tolls, and full charges, in your quote?
  • Do you provide vehicle tracking and does the car shipping process involve one truck transport?

After you speak with a customer service representative and clarify your questions, you’ll book your Puerto Rico Car shipping order.

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2. Place an Order for Puerto Rico Auto Transport

The company you choose for car shipping should provide you with plenty of information. They have highly trained and educated customer service representatives. To carry out the PR transportation, an auto transport company requires the following information:

  • Copy of a photo ID
  • Copy of the title or bill of sale (please make sure the VIN number is visible).  If the vehicle is financed, a letter of authorization for shipping is required from the lien holder.
  • Color and total value paid for the vehicle
  • Physical Address in PR
  • Mainland Address in USA
  • EIN Instructions“, please read it carefully and follow the steps to get the EIN number, this is a Port requirement so you can ship the vehicle to or from PR. Once you have that, please provide the number to your auto transport company. 
  • Insurance sheet:  Fill out this document select if you wish to add Maritime insurance, then sign, date, and return it to your auto shipping company.

3. Inspection before the Overseas Transport

Your car will undergo a short inspection before it is shipped. A copy of the inspection report must be signed by you, but you can request that it be amended if you deem it necessary. It is always wise to conduct your own inspection. Take pictures of the car’s interior and exterior to document its condition.

4. Deliver the car to the port or arrange door-to-door transportation

You can always drop off the vehicle at the port if you live nearby to avoid door-to-door car shipping costs. Otherwise, you can have your auto transport company pick up the vehicle from your doorstep anywhere in the United States and take it to Puerto Rico.

Most cars are transported by open carriers. In the case of exotic cars, such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghini, etc., they’re usually packed inside a closed transport truck. As the vehicles are inside the vessels, below deck, they aren’t exposed to the sun and sea salt.

5. Arrival at the Puerto Rico shipping terminal

Your vehicle will arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico. To pick up your vehicle, you must present a valid ID and sufficient cash to pay the charges. Hacienda will provide a release letter once the customer pays the tax.

Puerto Rico Car Shipping FAQs

Got more questions? We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about Puerto Rico car shipping to provide more information and tips.


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