Common Puerto Rico Vehicle Shipping Questions

We can imagine you have questions about Puerto Rico’s car transportation. The most common questions about Puerto Rico car shipping are answered in our Puerto Rico Car Shipping FAQs below. Contact us if your question is not listed in our frequently asked questions. Our Transport Coordinators will be glad to help you.

Puerto Rico Car Shipping FAQs

Are we allowed to put items in the vehicles?

No, the port is very strict when it comes to shipping anything inside the vehicle. You are not allowed to ship anything inside the vehicle, except for a spare tire.

How much are the taxes in PR?

We do not have access to government charges which is why AutoStar Transport Express doesn’t provide a price including taxes. Customers can get an estimated price by logging into Hacienda’s webpage.

Can AutoStar Transport Express help to do registration paperwork in PR?  

AutoStar Transport Express works with a PR agent (Wilder Cruz) who provides the service to assist with any type of documentation on the island. He also provides towing services and can pick up and drop vehicles all over the island.

How is the vehicle shipped or in what does it ship?

The vehicles are loaded on car stacks to keep them completely secure and avoid any damage on the vehicles, they are strapped to the car stacks to avoid movement. The car stacks are loaded/unloaded with cranes (Tote is the only Maritime that uses cranes, other Maritimes do Ro/Ro, roll on roll off). The vehicles are inside the vessels, below deck, they’re not exposed to the sun and sea salt.

Does Auto Star Transport Express Offer Door to Door Service in PR?

Autostar Transport Express doesn’t have drivers on the island but Wilder Cruz provides towing services and he works with us.

How do I make a payment?

The most common payment form is through Zelle and it has daily limits, everything has to be prepaid in order for the vehicle to be released. If you decide to pay with Zelle App, please use the following email address: [email protected] (email only for payments)

How many days does the transport take to PR?

From PR to the Mainland, vessels sail every Tuesday and arrive on Thursdays. The second vessel sails on Saturdays and arrives on Mondays.

Do we have transportation out of the port after I drop off the vehicle at the port?

Autostar Transport Express doesn’t have drivers on the island but Wilder Cruz provides towing services and he works with us.

Does the vehicle need plates, or can they be taken out? Does it need to be registered in the Mainland and in PR?

Plates can be taken out since the vehicle won’t be driven. The port provides the dock receipt which is the document that allows you to drive the vehicle from point A (port) to point B. It doesn’t need to be registered twice, it can be registered once it arrives on the island.

Can the vehicle be packed, or does it have to be completely empty? Does the paperwork in the glovebox need to be taken out as well?

COMPLETELY EMPTY, it’s better to take the paperwork as well to avoid any issues.

Can the taxes be paid beforehand? Can we provide an estimate?

Taxes can only be paid after the vehicle sails because we need the bill of lading to be generated in order to be able to pay the taxes. There is a number on the invoice needed to pay the arbitrios (gov taxes). We can’t provide an estimate; prices are not fixed and they can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Is anyone allowed to pick up the vehicle on the island? Can the vehicle be driven after they pick it up at the port or does it have to be towed?

We need to be advised of who will pick up the vehicle at the port if it’s not the owner because we need to assign that person as consignee on the paperwork.

Why do we need an EIN if most of the customers don’t own a company? Why is it linked to the IRS? What is the purpose of this?

The only purpose of the EIN is to link the vehicle to its owner and avoid the transportation of stolen vehicles. This is a port requirement, EVERYONE who wants to ship to/from PR needs the EIN. If the customer already has one (his company or spouse) we can use those as well.

Can we transport household goods or any other cargo (boxes, personal goods, etc) besides the vehicle?
We can only ship vehicles with nothing inside but the spare tire.

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Our Puerto Rico car shipping FAQs provide answers to the most common questions. Contact us if your question is not listed in our frequently asked questions.

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