Private Car Shipping Companies in 2024

10 best private car transport companies
Lots of people think that truck trailers on highways belong to car dealers when they see them. However, did you know that not only auto dealers transport cars but private car owners as well? Whether you need to ship a single car or multiple cars through Private Car Shipping Companies, you can easily hire a car hauler.

This includes efficiency, safety, and avoiding wear and tear. Does nobody want a “new” car that has been driven thousands of miles from day one? As with manufacturers, private owners have several reasons to select an auto transport company.

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Who are the Private Car Haulers?

Private car haulers provide car shipping services to private car owners and usually run a specific car shipping route. Some travel to other locations, but only when there are vehicles available for the trip back to the station.

Different types of cars can be transported by them, including sedans, SUVs, race cars, classic cars, boats, and motorcycles. The best ones have customized equipment suited to every type of vehicle and provide affordable, safe, and customer-centric services.

Private Car Transport Companies

What to Look for in a Great Private Car Shipping Companies

A private car shipping company must be reputable, quick, and endorsed by many satisfied customers on top of being affordable when searching for vehicle transport services. If you do your research you can ensure a smooth delivery.

Our team of transport coordinators, testers, and advisors makes us the best private car transport company, cross-checked with customer reviews, state availability, licenses, and federal complaint data.

Don’t forget that you must use a carrier registered with the Federal Maritime Commission if you are shipping a vehicle overseas. This list does not include every company that can handle international shipping, so you may need to do additional research if this applies to you.

Find out which of the top ten private car shipping companies in the USA is right for you.

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How to work with Private Car Haulers

Use this simple, step-by-step approach to get a good deal from private car haulers.

Record Calls or Talk on WhatsApp

If it is your first time dealing with a private car hauler, consider recording your call or using an App like WhatsApp where the chat record is safe. This will help you avoid any bad surprises.

Correctly Describe your Vehicle

Describe your vehicle in detail. Include the make and model of the car you want to ship. The driver will use this information to plan a spot for your car on the car carrier.

Remove your Items from the Car

While car shipping companies like AutoStar Transport Express may allow some personal belongings, a private car hauler may object to it. We advise that you remove all of your items from the car.

Stick to Pick up and Delivery Time

Private car carriers may have only one car carrier. Unlike car shipping companies, if you miss your pickup time, they may cancel your order. Similarly, if you miss the delivery time, they may ask for extra fees.

Be Courteous

Private car haulers are solopreneurs. There is no staff. Your relationship is with the car carrier driver who is also the decision maker. Being nice to your car carrier can get you some unexpected favors.

1. AutoStar Transport Express

We rate AutoStar Transport Express as the best car shipping company on our list. They provide quality-driven, affordable, and professional vehicle transportation services.

Carriers are thoroughly screened to ensure they have good ratings, are fully insured, and are ready to meet your needs. 80% of carriers who don’t meet their standards are removed from their list.

They haul everything from classic cars to exotic sports cars, military equipment, motorcycles, and SUVs. AutoStar Transport Express is known for providing reliable and secure vehicle transportation from state to state. They can provide you with an instant, free car shipping quote.
It is one of the few private car shipping companies that offer money-back guarantees in full.

Among the areas in which they specialize are:

They offer flexibility and customization, and they cover all bases. Tracking, insurance, taxes, tolls, and door-to-door service are all part of the services. You can get a free shipping quote instantly from them. Best of all, AutoStar Transport Express fully insures all of its vehicles from pick-up to drop-off. That means real peace of mind when it comes to auto transport.

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Private Car Shipping Methods

Private car hauling companies typically offer two types of carriers to transport your vehicle. One of the most popular methods is to use an open-air truck.

Choosing open-air transport is the most cost-effective way to ship a vehicle with a private shipping company. These carriers can carry anywhere from four to twelve cars at a time.

Open-air trailers are also quite affordable and are the most popular method of transporting both new and used cars to dealers, as you have likely seen on major U.S. interstates.

An enclosed carrier is another option to ship a car with a private shipping company. Carriers of this type are smaller, completely enclosed, and typically haul fewer cars at a time. They provide full protection for vehicles that are being moved. Enclosed auto transport is less common than open shipping. Therefore, the service is more expensive.

Benefits of Private Car Haulers

The chief benefit of using a private car shipping company instead of a broker is direct access to the driver. For a car shipper, being in a deal with the driver who will carry your car is more straightforward.

We have discussed some benefits of using private car shipping companies.

Direct Access to Car Carrier Drivers

The car carrier driver is mainly the decision maker in a private car hauler company. You can bargain the price and the car pickup and delivery time. It gets you rid of the corporate red tape and you won’t have to go through a receptionist for everything.

Easy Tracking

Car tracking can’t get easier than calling the car carrier driver. Whenever you want to know the car’s location, simply call the car carrier driver and know everything you want to know.

Most drivers are easy going and your communication with them will be easy and open.

Fast Pickup and Delivery for Short Distances

If your private car hauler serves your state only and you want to ship your car within the state, you are in luck. For people moving within California, using such a private car hauler is one the best way to ship their car.

The private car haulers that serve within the state or on short distances will often pick up your car within 24 hours and you can expect delivery within 2,3 days.

Pay on Car Delivery

Unlike broker car shipping companies, you don’t have to pay anything in advance. You’ll pay the car shipping charges when you receive your car.

Disadvantages of Private Car Haulers

Let’s look at the flip side of the coin and see what are the drawbacks of using private car shipping companies.

Limited Routes and Availability

Private car shipping is mostly a solo show. The car carrier owner drives the car carrier truck and manages the business.

As private car shipping companies have limited resources, they can only serve a limited number of car shipping routes, and their availability at your desired date is subjective to workload.

No Service Reviews

Private car haulers work for themselves. Most of their business comes from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. You can’t find reviews about their service online. If you have heard good words about them, mostly good words can be trusted.

No Price Contract

As private car haulers don’t have offices or staff, they will tell you the price over the phone at the time of the deal. Mostly, there is no written contract about the price. You’ll only sign the bill the lading as proof of car transit and delivery without damages. A Bill of Lading is a simple document that does not mention the price.

Undisclosed Fees

Some private car haulers may practice malicious ways to milk more money. If your car is different from what you told them at the time of booking or you have loaded your car with personal items, they may ask for extra fees. Also, if you are late at the time of pick up or delivery, that may result in you paying more.

Are you interested in learning about the different options for private auto transport services? Keep reading for your complete guide to the cheapest way to ship a car.

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