4 practical reasons why parents should ship their college kid’s car

4 practical reasons why parents should ship their college kid’s car

It might be your kid’s first year or third year of college (or university). But you’ve been thinking about spending time with the family because you know that you need family time. Bringing everyone together is now a priority, even if it means going out for dinner, having a BBQ at a park, going to a game, concerts, or wine tasting.

But you know it’s going to take some time to plan it out. We also can’t forget about your kid’s vehicle being left alone for long periods of time. In which case, you’re thinking about shipping college or university kids’ cars instead of them driving them home. Is it worth doing so? Let’s find out:

Avoid distractions

As parents, we do our best to remind them of the basics of driving safely (and in return, we’re most likely to get an annoyed response or eye-rolls from them) to prevent dangerous events along the road. But what about on the way back home to visit you?

Long hours of driving can get incredibly tiresome… and you realize it when it hits you, don’t you? Well, it’s not to say that your kids haven’t driven when they’re tired. But it’s not the same as if you’re driving across the country… most likely alone.

Whether their eyes get fatigued, get sleepy, get lower back pain, or hunger due to the long hours of driving, it can be preventable; help your kids manage dangerous risks by talking to them about it every now and then, but you can avoid it completely by getting their vehicle transported.

Extend the longevity of the vehicle

The number on the odometer is an important indicator of the vehicle condition. And cars generally like to be driven; keeping them in use avoids parts that become brittle and break easily. However, your kid is most likely using it on a day-to-day basis.

Bottom line: The more use the more maintenance it will need. Using it for a road trip instead of shipping a car means it’ll eat more through its useful life span.

Environmentally friendly

Being aware of the effects we have on earth is becoming more evident because of news like this or that. And it might seem weird to say this (considering we’re in the transport industry) but that does not mean our concern isn’t there. Transport is a big part of our economy and that affects us all in our day-to-day lives. Nonetheless, we can always lessen the amount of damage we create while we find alternatives to reduce gas emissions… and transporting vehicles instead of driving them individually help! It’s like carpooling for cars.

If you can help your kid get home faster while contributing to reducing emissions by shipping their car, why would you choose otherwise?

Let them start their vacation/Remove the stress of having to complete another task

We want our kids to catch a break with us every once in a while. It helps them out psychologically after they’ve experienced time away with their heads in the books. The last thing they want to do is to feel more tired than they are. Our college kids are taking upon themselves all the reading and deadlines that they are required, but the truth is we can’t forget about their mental health.

College students are not tuition-paying robots. Breaks and vacations are just what they need to reduce their stress and get back with a refreshed mind. If not, how much better do you think a cloudy and stressed brain can function better than a brain that has had time to rejuvenate and reconnect with its loved ones?

Vacation begins once your college kids are there with you… why not help them get there quicker?

The crux of the matter:

As parents of college/university student parents, we may not be perfect but we’ve got the best intentions for our kids. And now that they’re diving into adulthood, our support system is their best ally. That can range from listening to their problems to making going back home safe and quick for them by getting their car shipped.

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