Exploring the Enchanting World of Old Cars for Sale

Exploring the enchanting world of old cars for sale

Are you an old car enthusiast looking to find the perfect classic car? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top online platforms where you can buy old cars for sale. Whether you’re searching for a specific make and model or simply browsing for inspiration, these websites provide a wide selection of classic and vintage cars. From trusted marketplaces to specialized platforms, here are the best online destinations to fulfill your classic car dreams.

Old Cars for Sale: Where to Buy Old Cars?

1. Hemmings:

Hemmings is a renowned marketplace for old cars, with a rich history dating back to 1954. With over 20,000 car ads available, Hemmings offers an extensive selection. Beyond buying and selling, Hemmings provides a valuable resource with its blog, newsletter, and information on local auctions and car clubs.


  • Strong selection of cars for enthusiasts.
  • Reputable company with a long track record.


  • Auctions must be approved.
  • Listing fees apply regardless of vehicle sales.

2. eBay Motors:

eBay Motors continues to be a popular choice for classic car enthusiasts. It offers a diverse range of classic and vintage cars, along with the convenience of purchasing car parts from various sellers. While using eBay, exercise caution by checking sellers’ ratings and thoroughly reviewing their terms before making a purchase.


  • An excellent resource for unique automobiles.
  • Potential for reasonable prices.


  • More complicated purchasing process.
  • The potential risk of scams.

3. My Classic Garage (now Motorious.com):

Formerly known as My Classic Garage, this platform has transitioned to Motorious.com. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for collectors, including thousands of classic car listings, collection tracking features, access to top podcasts, research tools, and the latest news in the classic car world.


  • Extensive selection
  • Convenience
  • Research and information
  • Nationwide reach


  • Limited physical inspection
  • Potential scams and fraud
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Lack of personal interaction

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4. ClassicCars.com:

With up to 30,000 listings at any given time, ClassicCars.com is a major player in the classic car marketplace. While it attracts both private sellers and car dealers, its focus on old cars, vintage trucks, and motorcycles makes it a valuable resource for collectors. ClassicCars.com has been a trusted platform since 2002, drawing three million monthly visits.


  • Wide reach and visibility: ClassicCars.com attracts a large audience, increasing exposure for sellers and improving the chances of finding buyers.
  • Efficient selling: Users have reported quick sales and high levels of interest in their vehicles.
  • Recognition and credibility: ClassicCars.com is recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, establishing trust as a leading online marketplace for classic and collector vehicles.


  • Limited physical inspection: Buyers must rely on provided information and photos as they may not have the opportunity to physically inspect the vehicle.
  • Potential competition: Due to the platform’s popularity, sellers may face competition from other listings, potentially impacting the selling process.
  • Fees and costs: ClassicCars.com may charge fees or require paid memberships for certain services, which sellers should consider before using the platform.

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5. Barnfinds:

Barnfinds stands out by offering a unique collection of old cars at reasonable prices. It provides access to live auctions, classifieds, and wanted ads. While membership is optional, becoming a Barnfinds member grants additional benefits such as early access to listings, browsing without ads, and discounts on membership fees.


  • Hidden Treasures: Barnfinds uncover forgotten vintage vehicles, providing the thrill of discovering rare automobiles.
  • Restoration opportunity: Barnfinds allow for restoring vintage vehicles, preserving their historical significance.
  • Unique stories: Each barn find has its own intriguing history, adding fascination to the vehicle’s journey.


  • Condition and restoration challenges: Barnfinds often require extensive restoration work and resources due to their poor condition.
  • Uncertainty and hidden issues: Barnfinds may have hidden mechanical, structural, or cosmetic issues that can lead to unexpected challenges and costs during restoration.
  • Limited availability and competition: Barnfinds are rare, attracting competition from other collectors and making it more difficult to acquire them.

6. Copart.com:

Copart.com is rapidly gaining popularity among automotive enthusiasts. It offers a user-friendly search interface, allowing you to find the exact vehicle you desire, whether it’s a Cadillac, Chevy, Ford, or Porsche. Copart.com provides additional perks like inspection reports and brokers for buyers without a license. Membership options provide various benefits and bidding privileges.


  • Wide selection: Copart.com offers a large inventory of vehicles, providing a variety of options for buyers.
  • Competitive prices: Vehicles on Copart.com are often sold through auctions, which can result in competitive pricing.
  • Nationwide availability: Copart.com operates across the United States, allowing buyers and sellers from different locations to participate.


  • Limited inspection: Buyers may not have the opportunity to physically inspect the vehicles before bidding, relying on provided information and photos.
  • Additional fees: Copart.com charges various fees, including buyer fees and transportation costs, which buyers need to consider when budgeting.
  • Auction dynamics: Participating in auctions can be competitive and fast-paced, requiring buyers to make quick decisions and bids

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7. Mecum:

Mecum has been hosting collector auctions since 2011 and offers a wide range of old cars, antique tractors, and motorcycles. While less talked about than other platforms, Mecum boasts the highest sales by dollar volume in the country for classic car auctions. It hosts annual in-person auctions in Kissimmee, Florida, and Las Vegas, providing opportunities for enthusiasts to connect.


  • Extensive selection: Mecum offers a wide range of collector cars and vehicles, providing a diverse selection for buyers.
  • Auction experience: Mecum auctions provide an exciting and immersive experience for enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Professional reputation: Mecum is a well-established auction company with a strong reputation in the industry.


  • Limited availability: Mecum auctions may not be held in all locations, making it less accessible for some buyers.
  • Competitive bidding: Due to the popularity of Mecum auctions, buyers may face strong competition when bidding on desired vehicles.
  • Additional costs: Buyers need to consider additional costs such as buyer’s premiums and transportation fees when participating in Mecum auctions

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8. Manheim:

Known as one of the largest in-person auction houses, Manheim also offers online access to their auctions. While the platform primarily focuses on modern vehicles, it features a substantial number of collector cars. Please note that only registered dealers can bid directly, but non-dealers may use brokers to participate. Reading customer reviews and understanding the buying process is essential before bidding.

Pros of using Manheim:

  • Wide vehicle selection: Manheim offers a vast inventory of vehicles, including a variety of makes, models, and conditions.
  • Auction format: Manheim provides a structured auction environment that allows buyers to participate in competitive bidding.
  • Industry expertise: Manheim is a reputable and established company with extensive experience in the automotive industry.

Cons of using Manheim:

  • Limited accessibility: Manheim auctions may not be available in all areas, limiting access for some buyers.
  • Professional buyer competition: Due to the popularity of Manheim auctions, buyers may face strong competition from professional dealers and resellers.
  • Additional fees and costs: Buyers should consider additional fees, such as buyer’s premiums and transportation expenses when participating in Manheim auctions.

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9. Dyler:

Although a newer platform, Dyler showcases a growing database of old cars. The website features a simple and visually appealing interface, facilitating easy connections between sellers and buyers. Take advantage of this platform while it’s still free to use, as it is temporarily funded by an angel investor.

Pros of using Dyler:

  • Extensive selection: Dyler offers a wide range of vehicles, including old cars, sports cars, motorcycles, and more.
  • Global marketplace: Dyler connects buyers and sellers from different countries, providing access to a diverse selection of vehicles.
  • User-friendly interface: Dyler provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform, making it easy to search, browse, and communicate with sellers.

Cons of using Dyler:

  • Limited regional focus: Dyler’s marketplace may have a stronger presence in certain regions, which could result in fewer local listings in other areas.
  • Potential language barriers: Dealing with international buyers or sellers on Dyler may involve language challenges, requiring effective communication and translation assistance.
  • Verification and trust: As with any online marketplace, buyers should exercise caution and perform due diligence to ensure the authenticity and trustworthiness of listings and sellers on Dyler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I start collecting old cars?

A: Begin by researching different models, attending car shows, and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Start small and gradually expand your collection based on your interests and budget.

Q2: Are old cars expensive to maintain?

A: Maintenance costs can vary depending on the model, condition, and availability of parts. It’s advisable to budget for regular upkeep and establish a relationship with a trusted mechanic specializing in old cars.

Q3: Can old cars be driven daily?

A: While it’s possible to drive an old car daily, it requires careful consideration of reliability, safety features, and comfort. Many owners prefer to reserve them for special occasions or leisurely drives.

Q4: How can I determine the value of an old car?

A: Factors such as the car’s condition, rarity, historical significance, and market demand influence its value. Consulting appraisers, researching auction records, and seeking expert opinions can help assess its worth.

Q5: Where can I find classic car shows and events near me?

A: Check local automotive clubs, online forums, and event listing websites to find classic car shows and events happening in your area. Participating in these events can provide valuable networking opportunities and a chance to showcase your own collection.



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