Need cheap auto transport? Then why not use several brokers for the cheapest price?

Need cheap auto transport? Then why not use several brokers for the cheapest price?

“I need the cheapest possible quote as I am on a budget. If I have one company trying to find me cheap car shipping, why shouldn’t I have a second to see what they can do, or maybe all of them?

Can I get cheap auto transport by using several Brokers?

“Surely the numerical advantage would amplify the number of drivers that each broker could haggle with. If one broker could reach x number of carriers through a load board like central dispatch or their own network of carriers, then 20 brokers could reach x(20) drivers. The number of prices that could possibly be negotiated would exponentially increase with every broker.”

It may seem logical, but the truth is it is the quickest way to never get a driver at a budget rate! There is, however, a technique that a broker can use that will at least beat their own quote (if the company could never beat its own quote they are taking grave risks with the patience of almost everyone involved in that transport).

As always, suss out the good from the bad on Settle on maybe three; generally, the companies that present quotes that fall in the middle window prices. This will show at the very least a sense of responsibility on the part of the company as it already shows they are not in the bait and switch business and their deposits aren’t unreasonable.

The next step would be to call the three and chat about the transport, get a feel for how they operate, and how well they answer your questions, and settle on one. Let them know your situation that you have a budget that you are trying to stick to and if they would start speaking to drivers in the vicinity to see what’s available.

This is where using one broker becomes imperative. Your vehicle will be presented to drivers on the national network as available at a cheaper than the quoted price. Any drivers that may be in the area will automatically register that your vehicle is available and will negotiate a price with a driver.

Having multiple brokers carry out this operation will present the exact same information with a different price which will reveal to the exact same drivers who saw the first broker’s posting that no company has a signed contract.

They will also suspect that because the customer has so many people working on her transport that a dispatch wouldn’t be a simple procedure as each company has yet to even register the customer’s pick up and delivery information on file.

More importantly, drivers know brokers have to bid against one another and will sit back and watch their carrier pay and your final price slowly rise; not at all ideal when you are trying to be economical about your transport. Be smart, leave it one, expect less notice for pick up and delivery as sometimes the cheapest transports are the last ones to be confirmed by drivers and often in a hurry and expect some flexibility with regards to dates.